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1 Vázquez, Andrea Del carmenNecessary disidentifications: queer students of color in discourses of intersections and assemblagesAssemblages; Disidentification; Futurity; Intersectionality; Queer Students of Color; Queer YouthEducation, Culture & Society2016
2 Fierros, Cindy O.Chican@ scholars: narratives of spiritual activismActivist Pedagogy; Chicana Feminisms; Chicana/o Studies; Chicanx Educators; Feminist Pedagogy; Spiritual ActivismEducation, Culture & Society2017
3 Kirby, Bobbie R.Teacher to teacher: white culturally relevant educators’ attempts to foster their white colleagues towards critical consciousness of raceCritical consciousness; Culturally relevant pedagogy; Equity; Equity coaches; Race and education; Teacher raceEducation, Culture & Society2016
4 Huante-tzintzun, NancyThe problematics of method: decolonial strategies in education and chicana/latina testimonio/platicaChicana Feminist; Decolonial research methods; Research Methods in EducationEducation, Culture & Society2016
5 Franklin, Jeremy DavidRacial battle fatigue and coping in a "postracial" era for african american and mexican american students: implications for higher education institutions and studentsEducation; Higher Education; Racial Battle Fatigue; Racial Microaggressions; Racism; SociologyEducation, Culture & Society2015
6 Spencer-christy, Kathleen ECourageous journeys: developing equity mindsetsCourageous Conversations about Race; Urban EducationEducation, Culture & Society2016
7 Huynh, CindyI've got a bird's eye view: portraits of asian american women educators practicing hip-hop pedagogyAsian American Education; Asian American Studies; Asian American Women; Critical Pedagogy; Hip-Hop Pedagogy; WomanismEducation, Culture & Society2017
8 Call, ChristyEvery least thing: reading Cormac McCarthy's literary ecologies for a practice of thinking ethicsAgency; Cormac McCarthy; Eco-Pedagogy; Ethics; Network Theory; OntologyEducation, Culture & Society2015
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