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1 Franklin, Jeremy DavidRacial battle fatigue and coping in a "postracial" era for african american and mexican american students: implications for higher education institutions and studentsThis study investigates how racial battle fatigue manifests itself for African American and Mexican American students and investigates the most utilized coping strategies students employ to combat racial battle fatigue. The study uses structural equation modeling (SEM) to investigate the differences...Education; Higher Education; Racial Battle Fatigue; Racial Microaggressions; Racism; Sociology2015
2 Call, ChristyEvery least thing: reading Cormac McCarthy's literary ecologies for a practice of thinking ethicsCormac McCarthy’s novel The Crossing presents an ecocentric cosmology that diverges radically from the traditional anthropocentric model, which centralizes the primacy of humans. McCarthy’s vision of “joinery” reformats the place of humanity to a position of equality with ...Agency; Cormac McCarthy; Eco-Pedagogy; Ethics; Network Theory; Ontology2015
3 Huynh, CindyI've got a bird's eye view: portraits of asian american women educators practicing hip-hop pedagogyExisting research on Asian American educators is typically limited to a few select areas of inquiry including the absence of Asian American educators, Asian Americans as honorary “Whites” and model minorities, and racial microaggressions experienced by Asian American teachers and faculty...Asian American Education; Asian American Studies; Asian American Women; Critical Pedagogy; Hip-Hop Pedagogy; Womanism2017
4 Fierros, Cindy O.Chican@ scholars: narratives of spiritual activismThis study examines the spiritual activism of seven Chicana@ higher education faculty through a Chicana feminist epistemological framework. Through this framework, spirituality is identified as an epistemological source that grounds the professors’ scholar activism. This work is in response t...Activist Pedagogy; Chicana Feminisms; Chicana/o Studies; Chicanx Educators; Feminist Pedagogy; Spiritual Activism2017
5 Spencer-christy, Kathleen ECourageous journeys: developing equity mindsetsThe passion for this study is grounded in my hope for assuring an excellent and equitable education for all students. Under current school conditions, we can have a better chance of achieving this when we focus our attention on transforming school culture by promoting social justice and mindset shif...Courageous Conversations about Race; Urban Education2016
6 Huante-tzintzun, NancyThe problematics of method: decolonial strategies in education and chicana/latina testimonio/platicaAtravesada: the traveler, the scholar inside and outside research, inside and outside the academy; an identity taken up to survive the contradictions associated with research. Drawing from Chicana/Latina feminist, anticolonial, and queer of color thought, this study examines the testimonios/pláti...Chicana Feminist; Decolonial research methods; Research Methods in Education2016
7 Vázquez, Andrea Del carmenNecessary disidentifications: queer students of color in discourses of intersections and assemblagesThinking through queer of color critique, this work explores current debates about intersectionality specifically focusing on how theories of intersectionality impact lived experiences of queer students of color. Utilizing vignettes and personal reflections on dialogues carried out by a university Q...Assemblages; Disidentification; Futurity; Intersectionality; Queer Students of Color; Queer Youth2016
8 Kirby, Bobbie R.Teacher to teacher: white culturally relevant educators’ attempts to foster their white colleagues towards critical consciousness of raceWe can no longer walk away from discussions about race. We need to confront the elephant in the room. We need to recognize race and the impact it has on students’ learning and teachers’ pedagogical practices. We need to ask ourselves whose language is valued? Whose heroes and holidays ...Critical consciousness; Culturally relevant pedagogy; Equity; Equity coaches; Race and education; Teacher race2016
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