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1 Employment and population analysis and projections Ogden Metropolitan Area, Utah and the United StatesThomas A. McLean and M r s . Connie P„ F a u l k n e r , graduate s t u d e n t s , and David L . Sutton, a senior student, in the Department of Economics, r e n d e r e d very valuable a s s i s t a n c e in the p r e p a r a t i o n of this r e p o r t. The Utah Department of Employment Se...1963-07
2 Economic, demographic and fiscal impacts of closing Hill Air Force Base: a statewide and regional analysisThe upcoming round of Defense Base Closure and Realignment (BRAC) is threatening the existence of Hill Air Force Base (Hill AFB). The Department of Defense is aggressively approaching this round of BRAC in its attempt to eliminate 20% to 25% of current capacity. The purpose of this study is to asses...2004-04
3 Central Utah planning region manpower survey: a rural area report June, 19671967-06
4 The economic & demographic impacts of the intermountain power projectThis report presents economic and demographic projections for the two-county (Millard and Juab) area to be impacted by the Intermountain Power Project located in western Millard County, Utah. The intermountain Power Agency has been planning the construction of the IPP project for quite some time.1982-04
5 An industrial development information system for Utah1969-12
6 Multi-county regions in UtahThe publication of this report was made possible through the financial assistance of the Four Corners Regional Commission with coordination by the State Planning Coordinator's Office, State of Utah. The statements, findings, conclusions, recommendations, and other data in this report are solely thos...1970-03
7 State of Utah economic and demographic projections: an analysis of the accuracy of UPED's historical projection work2001-04-01
8 Age and sex population projection for Utah counties: 1975-2010 (High medium Projection)2010
9 Population characteristics of the Salt Lake Metropolitan AreaThis study could not have been undertaken without the assistance of many. An expression of gratitude is due Dr. Osmond L. Harline, Director of the Bureau of Economic and Business Research, and Dr. Clyde N. Randall, Dean of the College of Business, of the University of Utah, who responded to the orig...1964-01
10 Procedure for using the matrix inversion routinethe spint modity programs allow the used to modity a spint matrix. It also, copies information at the beginning and end of a life which allows it to process impact files, etc.
11 UPED79 Report on revisions of the Utah process economic and demographic impact model (UPED)This report describes the Utah Process Economic and Demographic Impact Simulation Model (UPED) and the computer soft ware that implements it as they have been developed and refined as of February, 1980. The acronym UPED79 refers explicitly to the refinements to the model and its software which were ...1980-01
12 1984 baseline projections executive summary1984-09
13 Critical issues in Utah's future: volume II1977-02
14 Uped model revision report on completion of work item I contract for servicesThis report is submitted in completion of Work Item I of the referenced contract between the State Planning Coordinator's Office (SPCO) and the Bureau of Economic and Business Research, University of Utah (BEBR). The report is in two sections: The first section presents the narrative discussion of t...1978-10-05
15 Recreation in Utah a profile of the demand for outdoor recreation by out-of-state travelers to UtahA recurring problem when planning for economic and industrial development is the lack of sufficient basic data on which sound planning decisions can be based. One of the industry areas in which this lack of basic data has been conspicuous is the area of the out-of-state visitors' demand for Utah's o...1967-12
16 An analysis of land use in the Salt Lake, Ogden and Utah Valley Area transportation studies 1960 1970, and 1995In early 1971, the Center for Business and Economic Research contracted with the Utah State Department of Highways to develop and apply a methodology for forecasting employment, population, dwelling units and various land use categories for the Salt Lake Area Transportation Study (SLATS), the Ogden ...1972-12
17 Recreation in Utah a profile of the demand for outdoor recreation by Utah residentsAre recurring problem in planning for economic and industrial development is the lack of sufficient basic data upon which sound planning decisions may be made. One of the industry areas in which the lack of basic data for planning is conspicuous by its scarcity is outdoor recreation. Yet the outdoor...1966-01
18 Abridged life tables for males and females: Utah and its planning districts, 19801985-10
19 Employment and population analysis and projections Provo metropolitan area, Utah and the United StatesThis is the third and final report analyzing and projecting the employment profile and estimating the future population of Utah's three Metropolitan Areas Salt Lake, Ogden, and Provo--as part of a transportation study of each area by the Utah State Highway Department and local government agencies ...1964-09
20 Age and sex population projections for Utah counties: 1975-20101978-06
21 1987 baseline projections1987-04
22 Baseline scenario 19981998-02
23 Methodology for forecasting and allocating population, employment and land use along the Wasatch FrontThe report which follows presents a methodology for forecasting population, employment and land use patterns along the Wasatch Front. The methodology combines and mathematical model with a mapping analysis. Both are flexible and can be applied to transportation areas, counties, census tracts and tra...1970-09
24 Barriers to industrial development in Utah's portion of the four corners regionUtah's portion of the Four Corners area is composed of the 21 counties which are south and/or east of Salt Lake County. The Utah Four Corners area covers 65,000 square miles which is approximately 80 percent of the state. The are a has a population of 274,500 dispersed throughout the region in a ver...1970-06-01
25 Salt Lake City census 2000 atlasThis volume presents the basic demographic characteristics of residents of Salt Lake City as recorded in the 2000 Census of Population and Housing. Every ten years these federal governm ent counts of people are the basis of congressional apportionment and political redistricting. Data in this volume...Demographics; Salt Lake City; Utah; Census2011-03
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