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1 Buenos, TalThe Power of "Genocide": International Law as a Dialectical Progression of Hard Power Through Soft Power Toward Legal PowerIn the existing academic literature on "genocide" there is an emphasis on moralistic arguments toward public acceptance of using the term genocide popularly in relation to specific events. This practice is unaccompanied by a recognition that the created genocide discourse is the product of a biased ...International Relations; Political science; International law2017
2 Kirkham, John SpencerA study of negro housing in Salt Lake County1968
3 Hall, Henry JohnsonDiet and disease at Clyde's Cavern, Utah : as revealed Via PaleoscatologyTwenty coprolites recovered from the excavation of Clyde's Cavern, Utah, were examined for dietary components, dietary change through time, and evidence of parasites. The samples are representative of possibly three prehistoric cultures of Utah; Late Archaic (ca. 1120 B.C.-ca. A.D. 1, Levels 1 and 2...1972
4 Berry, Michael SabineThe evans mound: cultural adaptation in Southwestern UtahThe information resultant from three years of excavation at the Evans Mound (42In40) are used to derive a prehistoric subsistence model for southwestern Utah. The model is based on paleobotanical, palynclogical,. and settlement data, and augmented by limited recourse to ethnographic analogy. The imp...1974
5 Hickman, Martin BerkeleyUtah constitutional lawUtah -- Constitutional law Utah -- Constitutional history1954
6 Johnson, Eric ScottRelative contributions of precipitation-induced melt feedbacks to regional glacier mass balance in High Mountain AsiaDue to their high sensitivity to changes in climate, alpine glaciers are one of the best natural indicators of climate change. Despite this, some of the underlying processes that control glacier response to climate change are not well understood. One potentially important set of such processes are f...Geography; Climate Change2017
7 Rith, Kendrick AllenDirect and Indirect Minority Stress Experiences of Parents with Gay, Lesbian, or Bisexual ChildrenThe present study investigated how parental experiences of direct and indirect minority stress are linked to mental health outcomes of the parent and LGB child, parenting styles, and other parental behaviors. A total of 223 parents with at least one LGB child participated in the study. Results showe...Sexuality; Social psychology2017
8 Christensen, James BoydA social survey of the negro population of Salt Lake City, UtahPrior to world War II the average oitizen in Salt Lake City was not conscious of the Negroes. From the time they arrived in the Great Salt Lake Basin with the original company of Mormon colonizers in 1847 until 1941 they constituted an average of .25% of the total population of Utah.1948
9 Davis, Andrea NicoleChildhood Undernutrition within the Dry Zone of Myanamr: Does Geographic Location Influence Health Outcomes?Food security is dependent on ecological conditions and alterations to local environments, including impacts from climate change. Myanmar is experiencing the second highest rate of extreme weather events in the world and a high level of food insecurity, which threatens the nutritional supply for its...Southeast Asian studies; Geography; Nutrition2017
10 Wenrich, Erika AnnQuantifying Drought-induced Changes in Green Vegetation Fraction and Classification Accuracy Using Hyperspectral Data for the Central Sierra Nevada, CaliforniaPersistent drought conditions and associated vegetation mortality in the central Sierra Nevada of California were analyzed from 2013-2015 using a combination of field-derived polygons and AVIRIS hyperspectral data. Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA) was used to classify hyperspectral data into five ...Geography; Forestry; Remote sensing2017
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