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1 Yu, ZhouHeterogeneity and dynamics in China's emerging housing marketChina's emerging housing market, as a critical element of ongoing economic reforms, has drawn increasing attention. The complete abandonment of the socialist housing allocation system in the late 1990s has led to profound changes in housing distribution and consumption in urban China. This article, ...Housing distribution; Housing reform; Chinese Census; Beijing; Shanghai; Tianjin; Chongqing
2 Smith, Ken R.Allied health manpower strategies: estimates of the potential gains from efficient task delegationThis study analyzes the potential impact of physician extenders on the productivity of primary care practices and considers the consequent implication for future health manpower requirements. A number of previous investigations have evaluated a variety of extenders in experimental settings. This stu...1973
3 McDaniel, SusanReported attitudes of Edmonton women towards abortionAbortion is a topic that many Canadians feel strongly about and one that has attracted a lot of public attention and debate in the past few years. Much of this attention can be attributed to the reactions of various people and organizations to the new amendments to the Canadian criminal code passed ...1976
4 McDaniel, SusanEstimates of the rate of illegal abortion and the effects of eliminating therapeutic abortion, Alberta 1973-74*In the current controversy surrounding abortion, rates of illegal abortion, being difficult to ascertain, seldom inform the debate. We utilize a relatively new survey tool, the randomized response technique (RRT), to estimate rates of illegal abortion in Edmonton, Alberta. A comparison of results o...Birth; Health; RRT; Fertility1979
5 McDaniel, SusanEstimates of the rate of illegal abortion and the effects of eliminating therapeutic abortion, Alberta 1973-74*In the current controversy surrounding abortion, rates of illegal abortion, being difficult to ascertain, seldom inform the debate. We utilize a relatively new survey tool, the randomized response technique (RRT), to estimate rates of illegal abortion in Edmonton, Alberta. A comparison of results o...Birth; Health; RRT; Fertility1979
6 Smith, Ken R.Biased estimation in policy research: an illustrative example of ridge regression in a health system modelThe paper develops an argument for the necessity of examining individual coefficients in policy models. As a result of this need, it is posited that something other than OLS estimators should be used since they are inflated and have extremely large variances when multicollinearity is present. Furthe...Policy models; Health systems; Ridge regression1980
7 McDaniel, SusanSocial bases of neonatal and postneonatal mortality: an ecological analysis of Alberta, CanadaCanada's steady downward trend in mortality in the twentieth century has not been matched by a similar decline in infant mortality. This paper examines, by reference to census divisions in Alberta, the degree to which neonatal and postneonatal mortality are related to environmental factors. Although...Death; Exogeneous; Rates1981
8 McDaniel, SusanAdoption in Canada: A neglected area of data collection and researchFor some decades there has been in Canada, as in the United States, recurrent public interest in adoption. At various times this interest has been kindled by professional concern about unauthorized child placement and by the plight of children made homeless by war and other calamities. More recently...Canada; Adoption; Statistics1981
9 McDaniel, SusanAdoption policy in Great Britain and North AmericaThis paper has two purposes. First, to explore what existing adoption legislation may indicate about the meaning and function of adoption practices in North America and Great Britain. Second, to consider some possible policy implications revealed by clearer understanding of the social meaning of exi...Adoption law; Family; North America1984
10 McDaniel, SusanExplaining Canadian fertility: some remaining challengesCanada is in an advantageous position to study the social context of human reproduction and childbearing. Canadian contributions to the fertility literature have thus far been impressive. In spite of the obvious solid base of fertility research in Canada, some challenges remain. Among these are cap...Economic; Canada; Research1984
11 Brown, Barbara B.Residential territories: cues to burglary vulnerabilityNewman's work on defensible space and Altman's work on territoriality were used to formulate a hypothesis that certain design elements enhance or reflect residential territoriality and thereby influence burglars' target selections. Specifically, evidence on the links from real and symbolic barriers...Burglary; Residences; Territoriality; Homes1985
12 Zick, Cathleen D.Does the teaching of home economics skills have an economic payoff? The case of clothing constructionIn recent years secondary schools have begun to view their home economics programs as an increasing marginal portion of their overall curricula. Because no payments are made for goods produced at home, gauging the economic value of taking a home economics class has been difficult for students, paren...Nonmarket activities; Clothing construction; Home sewing; Valuation1986
13 McDaniel, SusanSocial reconstruction of sexual assault by women victims: a comparison of therapeutic experiencesIn this study, the conventionally accepted view of sexual violence against women as manifested by traditional therapy is contrasted with the feminist perspective represented by feminist therapy and feminist self-help groups for victims of sexual assault. The focus of the research is on the ways in ...Sexual violence; Feminist self-help; Feminist counselling1986
14 McDaniel, SusanWomen, work and health: some challenges to health promotionWith greater proportions of women spending more of their working' lives outside the home, the worksite may be an excellent place for health education and promotion among women. Building' opportunities into the work day for information and counselling sessions, education about worksite health hazard...Housewives; Working women; Health risk1987
15 McDaniel, SusanCulture of gender: socialization, spirituality and sexualityIn this presentation, I hope to take you on a journey through the social landscape which teaches us about spirituality and sexuality. Like any journey, this one will have its ups and downs and in this case both ups and downs come from the same source. That source is the recognition that what we can...1987
16 McDaniel, SusanChallenges to health promotion among older working womenThe work site, has, been a place of successful health promotion among; certain groups, most notably men in management. The potential of work site health promotion among women, particularly among' older working women, remains unexplored.. Given women's greater longevity and women's likelihood of spen...Workers; Longevity; Aging1988
17 McDaniel, SusanMedical culture and health politics: the Ontario debateThe 1986 doctors' strike in Ontario brought into stark relief many of the issues that have been latent in Canadian health politics for several decades. In this paper, an analysis from a sociological perspective is offered of the issues involved in the 1986 doctors' strike. Issues are discussed i...1988
18 McDaniel, SusanWomen's roles and reproduction: the changing picture in Canada in the 1980'sThe social roles of women have always been affected by their reproductive roles. Recently in Canada, as well as elsewhere, several challenges to traditional thinking about women's roles and reproduction have emerged. These challenges have called into question the models typically used to analyze wom...Childbearing; Motherhood; Childcare1988
19 McDaniel, SusanOlder women: their quest for justice and peaceMyths, misconceptions and stereotypes about women and about older people combine in ways that prevent us from noticing some promising new developments in the quest for justice and peace. A popular stereotype sees the person working toward peace and justice as youthful, and significantly, often male....Women; Peace; Justice1988
20 McDaniel, SusanLes femmes dans un Canada en voie de vieillissement: une approche f√©ministeLe vieillessement de la population est un des thèmes majeurs de discussion en cette fin de XXe siècle, tous les pays développés étant engagés dans le processus. Certains redoutent l'insuffisance des ressources requises pour le bien-être des personnes âgées; d'autres considèrent le vieilli...1989
21 McDaniel, SusanWomen inventors in Canada: research and interventionWhat is an inventor or an invention? In this essay, we use the definition of the Canadian Patent Act, which considers a patentable invention to be a new or improved product or process or a new application of an existing product or process. An invention must be technically feasible - it must -"work" ...Patent; Inventions; Creativity1989
22 McDaniel, SusanReconceptualizing the nuptiality/fertility relationship in Canada in a new ageFirst comes love; then comes marriage; along comes Joanie with a baby carriage. This straightforward temporal sequence so long taken for granted in North America may no longer be valid. With marriage rates declining, birth rates at an historic low, births occurring outside legal marriage, and dramat...Marriage; Family; Feminist1989
23 McDaniel, SusanNew stork rising? Women's roles and reproductive changesAnyone who has not been living in a remote cave will know that reproduction in the past decade has been changing rather dramatically. These changes have occurred on several fronts. Writing as a sociologist, I shall emphasize the social aspects of these changes, looking first at some of the changes ...In vitro; Birth rate; Artificial insemination1989
24 McDaniel, SusanBecoming inventors: women who aspire to inventDespite growing awareness of women's contributions to technological advances in the past, almost nothing is known about contemporary women inventors and the challenges they face. Although greater attention has been given recently to women's contributions to technology and innovation, understanding...Inventions; Inventing; Technology1990
25 McDaniel, SusanSexual harassment in Canadian academe: explorations of power and privilegeSexual harassment is one of the ways in which women in academe experience inequities. Knowledge about and understanding of sexual harassment is increasing, perhaps even dramatically. Empirical research on sexual harassment in Canada, and particularly in the universities, is an important contributor...Intimidation; Authority; Powerlessness1991
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