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1 Inagaki, Ryota T.; Raghuraman, Shrlnlvasan; Chase, Kevin; Steele, Theresa; Zornik, Erilk; Olivera, Baldomero; Yamaguchi, AyakoMolecular characterization of frog vocal neurons using pharmacological constellation.constellation pharmacology; motor programs; parabrachial nucleus; premotor neurons; vocalizations2020
2 Kelley, Darcy B.; Elliott, Taffeta M.; Evans, Ben J.; Evans, Ben J.; Hall, Ian C.; Rhodes, Heather J.; Yamaguchi, Ayako; Zornik, ErikProbing forebrain to hindbrain circuit functions in XenopusThe vertebrate hindbrain includes neural circuits that govern essential functions including breathing, blood pressure and heart rate. Hindbrain circuits also participate in generating rhythmic motor patterns for vocalization. In most tetrapods, sound production is powered by expiration and the circu...fictive respiration; vocalization; pattern generation2016
3 Lawton, Kristy J.Motor neurons tune premotor activity in a vertebrate central pattern generatorCentral patterns generators (CPGs) are neural circuits that drive rhythmic motor output without sensory feedback. Vertebrate CPGs are generally believed to operate in a top-down manner in which premotor interneurons activate motor neurons that in turn drive muscles. In contrast, the frog (Xenopus la...CPG; feed back; synchrony; vocal; vocalization; Xenopus2017
4 Yamaguchi, AyakoDevelopment of an acute method to deliver transgenes into the brains of adult Xenopus laevisThe central vocal pathway of the African clawed frog, Xenopus laevis, is a powerful vertebrate model to understand mechanisms underlying central pattern generation. However, fast and efficient methods of introducing exogenous genes into the neurons of adult X. laevis are currently not available. Her...viral vector; vesicular stomatitis virus; Xenopus laevis; transgene; neurons; vocalizations; central pattern generator; electroporation2018
5 Yamaguchi, AyakoCall initiation in African clawed frogsSociety for Neuroscience Meeting 2016vocalizations; Xenopus laevis2016
6 Yamaguchi, AyakoDevelopment of techniques to deliver transgenes into neurons of amphibiansSociety for Neuroscience Meeting 2017viral vector; Xenopus laevis; vocalizations2017
7 Yamaguchi, AyakoRhythm generation, coordination, and initiation in the vocal pathways of male African clawed frogscentral pattern generator; vocalization; parabrachial area; hindbrain; bilateral coordination; motor programs2016
8 Hughes, Kelly T.FliT selectively enhances proteolysis of FlhC Subunit in FlhD4C2 complex by an ATP-dependent protease, ClpXPWe previously reported that the ClpXP ATP-dependent pro-tease specifically recognizes and degrades the flagellar master transcriptional activator complex, FlhD 4C2, to negatively control flagellar biogenesis. The flagellum-related protein, FliT, isalso a negative regulator of flagellar regulon by in...2014-01-01
9 Olivera, Baldomero M.Combined proteomic and transcriptomic interrogation of the venom gland of conus geographus uncovers novel components and functional compartmentalizationCone snails are highly successful marine predators that use complex venoms to capture prey. At any given time, hundreds of toxins (conotoxins) are synthesized in the secretory epithelial cells of the venom gland, a long and convoluted organ that can measure 4 times the length of the snail's body. In...2014-01-01
10 Ehleringer, James R.Patterns of local and nonlocal water resource use across the western U.S. determined via stable isotope intercomparisonsIn the western U.S., the mismatch between public water demands and natural water availability necessitates large interbasin transfers of water as well as groundwater mining of fossil aquifers. Here we identify probable situations of nonlocal water use in both space and time based on isotopic compari...2014-01-01
11 Yamaguchi, AyakoCoding rate and duration of vocalizations of the frog , Xenopus laevisVocalizations involve complex rhythmic motor patterns, but the underlying temporal coding mechanisms in the nervous system are poorly understood. Using a recently developed whole-brain preparation from which "fictive" vocalizations are readily elicited in vitro, we investigated the cellular basis of...2012-08-29
12 Yamaguchi, AyakoNeurocircuitry underlying vocal production of the African clawed frog, Xenopus laevisThis poster describes how motor and premotor neurons are interconnected to each other using electrophysiological and pharmacological techniques.Vocalizations; Central pattern generator; Motor programs; Premotor neurons; Whole-cell patch-clamp recordings2014
13 Yamaguchi, AyakoBilateral coordination of vocal pathways in African clawed frogs, Xenopus laevisThis poster describes how bilateral coordination of motor programs are achieved in the central vocal pathways of African clawed frogs.Vocalizations; Central pattern generator; Motor programs; Bilateral coordination2014
14 Yamaguchi, AyakoDistinct neural control of vocal phases in frog callsThis poster describes how the connections within the central vocal pathways of African clawed frogs are responsible for coordinating distinct part of their calls.Vocalizations; Central pattern generators, Motor programs2013
15 Borodai, Anastasia S.The effects of various metal ions on the folding of G-quadruplexesDivalent metal cations inhibit the folding of G-QuadruplexesG-Quadruplex; Divalent cations; Metal ions; Nucleic acids; Guanine; Tetrads2015-03-31
16 Minteer, Shelley D.In recognition of Adam Heller and his enduring contributions to electrochemistryRecent progress in diverse scientific fields ranging from bioelectrochemistry to battery technology to photoconversion has been deeply influenced by the contributions of Professor Adam Heller of the University of Texas at Austin to electrochemistry and materials science. This focus issue recognizes ...2014-01-01
17 Sekercioglu, CaganImportance of Ethiopian shade coffee farms for forest bird conservationCoffee is the most important tropical commodity and is grown in high-priority areas for biological conservation. There is abundant literature on the conservation value of coffee farms internationally, but there has been little research on this topic in Africa. Ethiopia is a diverse and little-studie...2014-01-01
18 Fleming Aaron M.Computational studies of electronic circular dichroism spectra predict absolute configuration assignments for the guanine oxidation product 5-carboxamido-5-formamido-2-iminohydantoinOxidation of the guanine heterocycle by two electrons can yield the chiral product 5-carboxamido-5-formamido-2-iminohydantoin (2Ih). The 2Ih free base enantiomers were synthesized from 2'-deoxyguanosine oxidized with a Cu(II)/H2O2 oxidant system followed by hydrolysis of the N-glycosidic bond. These...Guanine oxidation; 2-Iminohydantoin; Electronic circular dichroism; Time-dependent density functional theory2014-12-15
19 Cieri, RobertNew insight into the evolution of the vertebrate respiratory system and the discovery of unidirectional airflow in iguana lungsThe generally accepted framework for the evolution of a key feature of the avian respiratory system, unidirectional airflow, is that it is an adaptation for efficiency of gas exchange and expanded aerobic capacities, and therefore it has historically been viewed as important to the ability of birds ...2014-11-17
20 Hughes, Kelly T.Bacterial flagellin-specific chaperone FliS interacts with anti-sigma factor FlgMFlagella are extracellular organelles that propel bacteria. Each flagellum consists of a basal body, a hook, and a filament. The major protein of the filament is flagellin. To prevent premature polymerization of newly synthesized flagellin molecules, FliS, the flagellin-specific chaperone, binds fla...2014-01-01
21 Minteer, Shelley D.Photobioelectrochemistry: Solar energy conversion and biofuel production with photosynthetic catalystsPhotobioelectrochemical cells are devices which have been developed over the past few decades and use photosynthetic catalysts for solar energy conversion or biofuel production. In this paper, a critical review of reported photobioelectrochemical systems is presented. The systems discussed include s...2014-01-01
22 Minteer, Shelley D.Investigating the reversible inhibition model of laccase by hydrogen peroxide for bioelectrocatalytic applicationsThe reversible inhibition of laccase by H2O2 as a bioelectrocatalyst was studied in mediated- and direct electron transfer-based configurations to understand the differences in mechanism. The reversible inhibition of laccase follows a noncompetitive inhibition model when 2,2-azino-bis(3-ethylbenzoth...2014-01-01
23 Capecchi, Mario R.Modeling alveolar soft part sarcomagenesis in the mouse: a role for lactate in the tumor microenvironmentAlveolar soft part sarcoma (ASPS), a deadly soft tissue malignancy with a predilection for adolescents and young adults, associates consistently with t(X;17) translocations that generate the fusion gene ASPSCR1-TFE3. We proved the oncogenic capacity of this fusion gene by driving sarcomagenesis in m...2014-01-01
24 Sekercioglu, CaganKeystone species in seed dispersal networks are mainly determined by dietary specializationOne central issue in Ecology ecology has been the definition and identification of keystone species, i.e., species that are relatively more important than others for maintaining the structure of a community. Several keystone species concepts have been proposed, and network theory has been pointed o...2014-01-01
25 Hughes, Kelly T.ATPase-Independent Type-III Protein Secretion in Salmonella entericaType-III protein secretion systems are utilized by gram-negative pathogens to secrete building blocks of the bacterial flagellum, virulence effectors from the cytoplasm into host cells, and structural subunits of the needle complex. The flagellar type-III secretion apparatus utilizes both the energy...2014-01-01
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