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1 Heavy-light decay constants: conclusions from the Wilson actionWe report on the results of a MILC collaboration calculation of fB, fBs , fD, fDs and their ratios. We discuss the most important errors in more detail than we have elsewhere.Decay constants; Wilson action; Staggered quarks1999-03
2 Magnetic phase diagram of a molecule-based ferrimagnet: weak ferromagnetism and multiple dimensionality crossoversA detailed study of the magnetic behavior of the molecule-based magnet, [MnOEP][HCBD], (OEP=mesooctaethylporphyrinato, HCBD=hexacyanobutadiene) from 1.7 to 20 K was performed. The earlier reported magnetic transition at 19.6 K, ascribed to a crossover from a one-dimensional Heisenberg-like ferrimag...Transition; Temperature; Magnetization1997
3 Major histocompatibility complex-dependent susceptibility to Cryptococcus neoformans in miceTo evaluate the role of major histocompatibility complex (MHC) genes in the resistance to Cryptococcus neoformans, we conducted infection experiments in MHC-congenic strains of mice. Significant MHC-dependent susceptibility differences were found among homozygotes and heterozygotes. This study is th...MHC-congenic; Host resistance; Infection2003
4 The 3d?Ni(?F)3d10Cu???*? manifold of excited electronic states of NiCuDiatomic NiCu has been supersonically cooled in a molecular beam and investigated by resonant two-photon ionization spectroscopy. A total of nine band systems connecting the ground 3d?Ni3??Cu??, X 2?5/2 state to the 3d?Ni(3F)3d??Cu??*?? manifold of states have been found, and bands of eight of these...1992
5 Masses of high-redshift clusters via SZ effect observationsWe present Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect (SZE) observations of distant, highly X-ray luminous clusters of galaxies. We use the SZE data to constrain their total masses, independent of X-ray observations. To do this, we assume the clusters have the same gas mass fraction as that derived from SZE measure...Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect; X-rays; Redshift2002
6 Kinetic theory of shot noise in nondegenerate diffusive conductorsWe investigate current fluctuations in nondegenerate semiconductors, on length scales intermediate between the elastic and inelastic mean free paths. We present an exact solution of the nonlinear kinetic equations in the regime of space-charge limited conduction, without resorting to the drift app...Shot noise; Conductors; Boltzmann equation1999-08
7 New two-point calibration method for platinum resistance thermometers for the range 75-400KIn this paper we describe a new method for calibrating high quality platinum resistance thermometers to ±0.01 "C over the temperature range 75-400 K. This method requires resistance measurements at only two temperatures (liquid nitrogen and the ice point) in contrast to other methods which require ...Platinum; Resistance thermometers; Physics instruments1969
8 Rhythm generation, coordination, and initiation in the vocal pathways of male African clawed frogscentral pattern generator; vocalization; parabrachial area; hindbrain; bilateral coordination; motor programs2016
9 Tracing changes in ecosystem function under elevated carbon dioxide conditionsResponses of ecosystems to elevated levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) remain a critical uncertainty in global change research. Two key unknown factors are the fate of carbon newly incorporated by photosynthesis into various pools within the ecosystem and the extent to which elevated CO2 is...Elevated carbon dioxide; Stable isotopes; Radiocarbon; Global change; Terrestrial ecosystems2003
10 Extinction of antiferromagnetism by holes in CuO2The introduction of a sufficient number of holes into antiferromagnetic planes of Cu02 in La-Cu-O and Y-Ba-Cu-O causes antiferromagnetism to disappear at a critical density xc, beyond which superconductivity occurs. We investigate two competing tendencies, which determine the dependence of xc on the...Antiferromagnets1991-08
11 Characterizing efficiency of multi-Enzyme cascade-based biofuel cells by product analysisThe performance of biofuel cells with enzyme cascades have normally been characterized with open circuit potential, power density, and current density measurements. In this work, we demonstrate that with the method of quantitative product analysis by mass spectrometry, we can obtain other valuable i...2014-01-01
12 LIM proteins in actin cytoskeleton mechanoresponseThe actin cytoskeleton assembles into branched networks or bundles to generate mechanical force for critical cellular processes such as establishment of polarity, adhesion, and migration. Stress fibers are contractile, actomyosin structures that physically couple to the extracellular matrix through ...2014-01-01
13 Controlled placement of enzymes on carbon nanotubes using comb-branched DNAImmobilization is not only useful for preserving enzyme activity, but also to adhere an enzyme to a surface, such as an electrode, so that the enzyme does not leach into solution during testing. Current immobilization approaches do not readily allow for adjustments to the distance between the enzyme...2014-01-01
14 Ecological processes dominate the 13C land disequilibrium in a Rocky Mountain subalpine forestFossil fuel combustion has increased atmospheric CO2 by ≈ 115 μmol mol1 since 1750 and decreased its carbon isotope composition (δ13C) by 1.7-2‰(the 13C Suess effect). Because carbon is stored in the terrestrial biosphere for decades and longer, the δ13C of CO2 released by terrestrial ecosyst...2014-01-01
15 ATPase-Independent Type-III Protein Secretion in Salmonella entericaType-III protein secretion systems are utilized by gram-negative pathogens to secrete building blocks of the bacterial flagellum, virulence effectors from the cytoplasm into host cells, and structural subunits of the needle complex. The flagellar type-III secretion apparatus utilizes both the energy...2014-01-01
16 Decamethylnickelocenium hydrogen-7,7,8,8-tetracyanoperfluoro-p-quinodimethandiide: isolation of the protonated weak base [HTCNQF4]-Unprecedently stable hydrogen-7,7,8,8- tetracyanoperfluoro-p-quinodimethandiide, [HTCNQF4]-, is isolated and crystallographically characterized.Structure; Electron; Transfer1996
17 Observation of molecular vibrations in real timeIn a recent Letter Rosker, Wise, and Tang1 have reported ultrafast optical measurements on two large dye molecules, malachite green and nile blue 690. Using the transmission-correlation technique with 40-fs light pulses, they measured photoinduced changes in optical transmission and found a resp...Molecular vibrations; Nile blue 690; Dyes1986
18 Resonant two-photon ionization spectroscopy of jet-cooled PdCThe first optical investigation of the spectra of diatomic PdC has revealed that the ground state has ?=0+, with a bond length of r0=1.712?. The Hund?s case (a) nature of this state could not be unambiguously determined from the experimental data, but dispersed fluorescence studies to be reported in...1999
19 Origin and destiny of adenovirus proteinsLytic infection of human cells by adenovirus proceeds by a temporal expression of genes. Classically two phases have been defined: an early phase, which includes events occurring before the onset of DNA synthesis (8 hours), and a late phase, including events whose existence depends on the onset of...Protein Biosynthesis; DNA, Viral; Adenoviridae; RNA, Viral; Time Factors1975
20 Structure of CrIIF(NCMe)2BF4. Rietveld refinement of a component of a physical mixture of unknown compositionThe reaction of CrII(NCMe)4(BF4)2 and [NBun 4][TCNE] (TCNE ¼ tetracyanoethylene) in CH2Cl2 forms a solid that is a mixture of an amorphous reduced-TCNE containing phase(s) and a crystalline component. Rietveld refinement of the high-resolution, synchrotron X-ray powder pattern enabled the determi...Organic-based magnets; Powder X-ray diffraction; Tetracyanoethylene2008
21 Tunneling and the spectrum of the Potts modelThe three-dimensional, three-state Potts model is studied as a paradigm for high-temperature quantum chromodynamics. In a high-statistics numerical simulation using a Swendson-Wang algorithm, we study cubic lattices of dimension as larger as 643 and measure correlation functions on long lattices of ...Potts model; Tunneling; Transfer matrix; Phase transitions1993-05
22 Illumination-induced metastable polaron-supporting state in poly(p-phenylene vinylene) filmsWe found an illumination-induced metastable polaron-supporting state in films of a soluble derivative of poly-p-phenylene vinylene (MEH-PPV). Pristine, nonilluminated MEH-PPV polymer films do not show longlived photogenerated polarons. Prolonged UV illumination, however, is found to induce a revers...Metastable polaron-supporting state; Poly(p-phenylene vinylene); PPV; MEH-PPV; Excitons2007-07
23 Resonant Raman scattering from amplitude modes in trans-(CH)x and -(CD)xThe three resonantly enhanced Raman vibrations in trans-(CK)x and ~(CD)X are described in terms of amplitude modes associated with the Peierls gap. The dispersion in the Raman-line profiles is explained by inhomogeneity. A narrow distribution of the effective electron-phonon coupling constant is re...Peierls gap1983-12
24 Annual modulation of dark matter in the presence of streamsIn addition to a smooth component of weakly interacting massive particle (WIMP) dark matter in galaxies, there may be streams of material; the effects of WIMP streams on direct detection experiments is examined in this paper. The contribution to the count rate due to the stream cuts off at some char...WIMP streams; Weakly interacting massive particles; Cutoff energy; Halo models; Sagittarius dwarf galaxy; Recoil energy; Sgr stream2006-08
25 Divergent defensive strategies of young leaves in two species of IngaIn the recently radiated genus Inga (Fabaceae), few nucleotide substitutions have accumulated among species, yet large divergences have occurred in defensive phenotypes, suggesting strong selection by herbivores. We compared herbivory and defenses of young leaves for I. goldmanii, a more derived spe...Bioassays; Flavanoids; Heliothis virescens; Herbivory; Inga goldmanii; Inga umbellifera; Leaf development; Non-protein amino acids; Phoebis philea2005
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