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1 McDaniel, TylerUtah's Pathways to Higher Education: a Critical, Quantitative AnalysisThis work uses linear and nonlinear models in order to predict student success and pathways in higher education in the state of Utah. Postsecondary Grade Point Average is used as a metric for success in higher education. Pathways are identified using clustering analyses, which group observations a...Higher education and state - Utah; Higher education and state - United States; Low-income students - United States
2 Kent, AlexandraDNA split aptamers as a biosensing platform for the detection of small drug moleculesPrescription drug overdose and abuse is a leading cause of death in the United States. It is a serious issue and has become increasingly problematic as opioids are being prescribed with a higher frequency. For this reason, fast, accurate detection of small drug molecules is crucial. The current stan...Drug testing; Biosensors; DNA split aptamers
3 Jensen, Trey W.Spectral evolution in high redshift quasars from the final boss sampleWe report on a study of the spectral variations in a sample of 102,150 quasars from the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (BOSS) of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS-III). After mitigating selection effects and Malmquist bias over the redshift range 2:1 □ z □ 3:5, we create high...Quasars -- Spectra; Red shift -- Observations; Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey; Sloan Digital Sky Survey; Redshift evolution
4 Green, AustinMeasuring occupancy and occurrence of medium and large mammals in Red Butte Canyon Research Natural Area using motion-activated camera trapsWith expanding urbanization and development, human encroachment on wilderness areas continues to increase. In Utah, much of the once pristine and untouched mountain ecosystems of the Wasatch Front have been developed for recreation and other human use, and this increasing human-wildlife interaction...Red Butte Canyon (Salt Lake County, Utah); Wilderness area monitoring - United States; Wildlife conservation - Utah
5 Yang, KevinThe Soluble (PRO) Renin Receptor does not Influence Lithium-Induced Diabetes Insipidus but does Provoke Beigning of White Adipose Tissue in MiceEarlier we reported that the recombinant soluble (pro) renin receptor sPRR-His upregulates renal aquoporin-2 (AQP2) expression, and attenuates polyuria associated with nephrogenic diabetes insipidus (NDI) induced by vasopressin type 2 receptor (V2R) antagonism. Patients that receive lithium therapy ...
6 Guernsey, MichaelMclr is not solely responsible for pigmentation variation among domestic pigeonsFeather pigmentation in the domesticated rock pigeon, Columba livia, is stunningly diverse. Plumage pigmentation in this, and other, columbid (pigeon and dove) species plays an important role in mate choice and thus is a driving factor in the process of sexual selection. To study the genetic basis o...2012
7 Fox, ZachThe physical effects of solvent in molecule-based magnetsMolecule-based magnets are being studied in order to expand the utility of magnets in modern devices. Advantages of molecule-based magnets include less energy intensive synthesis and greater versatility through changes to organic components of the structure. This class of materials is studied to ena...Magnets - Experiments2012-05
8 German, MassiellA genetic analysis of VSX2 function in the mouse eyeVsx2 is a homeodomain-containing transcription factor essential for maintenance of neuroretinal identity and neurogenesis. Vsx2 is believed to function via mechanisms that are strictly cell-intrinsic. However, recent research reveals evidence for involvement of Vsx2-mediated cell non-autonomous mech...Neurogenesis - physiology2012-05
9 Gregersen, DylanSearching for extragalactic stars among candidate halo moving clustersWe seek to identify stars accreted into the Milky Way which are remnants of its merging with smaller galaxies or star clusters. In our approach, we selected stars from candidate moving clusters in the Milky Way's Halo. These stars were grouped by similar stellar characteristics: orbital energy, orbi...Halo stars; Extragalactic origins; Milky Way2012-05
10 Johnson, KariAnne RencherIdentification of PASK substrates and/or interacting proteinsPAS kinase (PASK) is an evolutionary conserved serine/threonine kinase that appears to have a role in the regulation of cellular energy metabolism. It has previously been shown that mice lacking PASK (PASK"/_ mice) are resistant to the development of hepatic steatosis (lipid accumulation in the live...Biology2012-05
11 Peterson, Joseph RyanDeflagration and detonation modeling of heterogeneous condensed phase explosivesA modeling approach to the deflagration and detonation phenomena is employed to study a variety of explosive scenarios. An engineering model for macroscale reaction of energetic materials over the wide range of explosive reaction from deflagration to detonation is developed based upon solid foundati...Deflagration phenomena; Detonation phenomena; mesoscale model2012-05
12 Pham, John V.The function of the protein VCP/CDC48-associated mitochondrial stress-responsive 1 in mammalsAlthough mitochondrial dysfunction has been linked to many human diseases, mitochondrial interacting proteins and protein quality controls are just beginning to be understood. The objective of our study was to characterize the function of the VMS1 protein in mammals. We determined the role of Vms1 o...Mitochondrial disorders; Mitochondrial diseases - genetics; VMS12012-05
13 Rou, JanvidaMonte-Carlo simulation of stellar intensity interferometryStellar intensity interferometers will allow for achieving stellar imaging with a tenth of a milli-arcsecond resolution in the optical band by taking advantage of the large light collecting area and broad range of inter-telescope distances offered by future gamma-ray Air Cherenkov Telescope (ACT) ar...Monte Carlo simulation2012-05
14 Sanders, SaraDevelopment of a novel, coumarin-europium sensor for reactive oxidizing speciesThe synthetic framework has been developed for two fluorescent probes of Reactive Oxidizing Species (RoxS) based on a coumarin-europium fluorescence pair. The coumarin moiety's selectivity for hydrogen peroxide coupled with 620 nm shifted emission of the europium will make these novel sensors biolog...Reactive Oxygen Species - analysis2012-05
15 Kim, Bum JunDoes ceramide contribute to vascular dysfunction in mice with type 1 diabetes?Approximately 2 million individuals have type 1 diabetes (T1D) in the United States. Cardiovascular disease is 2-4-fold more prevalent in these patients but the mechanism(s) is unclear. Recently, we showed that the sphingolipid ceramide contributes to arterial dysfunction and hypertension in mice wi...Ceramide - Research; Type 1 Diabetes; Mice as laboratory animals2012-05
16 Judd, David PaulTelomere proteins of Drosophila melanogaster: HipHop and MSK81DNA molecules encoding two proteins, HipHop and MSK81, were cloned into bacteria so as to make large amounts of these proteins that bind to telomeres of Drosophila (fruit fly) chromosomes. The goal was to determine whether known DNA binding motifs are present in HipHop and MSK81. Understanding how t...Biology2012-05
17 Fan, HuijunExamination of Y-Deterium isotope effects for the solvolysis of model isoprenoid compoundsModel isoprenoid compounds can undergo two distinct pathways, dissociative or associative nucleophilic substitution depending on the conditions used. The dissociative pathway consists of two steps, involving a carbocation intermediate where the formation of that carbocation is rate determining. The ...Isopentenoids; Solvolysis; Deuterium - Isotopes2012-05
18 Alexander, AmandaParental conflict with adult childrenParental conflict with adult children is something that is well known anecdotally, but has rarely been studied in light of other, more serious conflicts between parents and their children. However, parental conflict with adult children (adult being defined as between the ages of 18 and 25) is someth...Adult children - Family relationships; Adult children - Psychology2012-05
19 Auduong, PriscillaSpinal muscular atrophy modeled in drosophila melanogasterSpinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) is the most commonly inherited cause of death in children (Park, Kariya, & Monani, 2010 for review). This disease is characterized by a loss of motor neurons which leads to muscle degeneration, paralysis, and eventual death by respiratory failure (Monani, 2005 for revie...Spinal muscular atrophy - Research; Drosophila melanogaster - Researcher2012-05
20 Au, AlexanderImpact of population density of left atrial remodeling in patients with atrial fibrillationAtrial fibrillation (AF), the most common cardiac arrhythmia and a leading cause of stroke, is characterized by structural changes, or remodeling, in tissues of the left atrium (LA). Late Gadolinium-Enhancement Magnetic Resonance Imaging (LGE-MRI) can noninvasively detect remodeling in the LA, allow...Atrial fibrillation Treatment2012-05
21 Bell, Anthony W.The expansion of pinyon-juniper woodland and the appearance of peromyscus truel in the Toiyabe range of central NevadaIn the early twentieth century field biologists from the University of California Museum of Vertebrate Zoology conducted vertebrate faunal surveys throughout the Great Basin region. Over the past several years we have been conducting resurveys of many of the localities visited by MVZ scientists. Our...Piñon mouse -- Nevada -- Toiyabe Range; Piñon mouse -- Habitat -- Nevada -- Toiyabe Range; Piñon mouse -- Climatic factors -- Nevada -- Toiyabe Range2012-05
22 Johnston, Jessica FaithFrom nanoscience to astrophysics: using high-resolution microscopy and spectroscopy of carbonaceous chondrites to understand planet formationIn the field of astrophysics, there currently exists an outstanding gap of knowledge in understanding planet formation dynamics. At the formation scale ranging from millimeters to meters, astrophysicists debate as to how solar nebulae form larger masses-planets and other kilometer-sized bodies-from ...Physics & Astronomy2012-05
23 Shapiro, DarienActivation of transient receptor potential ankyrin-1 by wood smoke particulate materialExposure to wood smoke particulate matter (WSPM) has been linked to exacerbation of pre-existing respiratory conditions such as asthma, development of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and premature deaths. While it is clear that WSPM exposure is hazardous to human health, the molecular ...Smoke - Physiological effect2012-05
24 Scott, IsabelleTropical analog to the log canonical thresholdIn algebraic geometry, the log canonical threshold is a property of singularities of planar curves. While singularities have multiplicities, the log canonical threshold can be a more telling invariant. It helps to classify curves beyond what the multiplicity indicates by examining how quickly the in...Geometry, Algebraic2013-04
25 Trakhimets, AlesiaPre-clinical trials of anti-neoplastic drugs using zebrafish with T-cell cancerNote: To agree with NCBI nomenclature guidelines, human gene abbreviations are italicized and capitalized; human protein abbreviations are non-italicized and capitalized, and zebrafish gene abbreviations are italicized in lowercase. T lymphocytes, or T-cells, are blood cells that normally fight vira...Antineoplastic agents - Testing; Zebra danio2013-04
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