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1 Lundquist, Jon PaulEnergy Anisotropies of Proton-Like Ultra-High Energy Cosmic RaysEvidence of a number of interrelated energy dependent intermediate-scale anisotropies have been found in the arrival directions of proton-like ultra-high energy cosmic rays (UHECR) using 7 years of Telescope Array (TA) data. These are found using analysis techniques that have been developed for this...Statistical physics; Astrophysics2017
2 Rangel, Alexandra EusebiaExpanding SELEX Technology to Engineer Functional Nucleic Acids Optimized for the Development of Small-molecule BiosensorsThe development of systematic evolution of ligands by exponential enrichment, or SELEX, in 1990 propelled interest in nucleic acid engineering. The ability of nucleic acids to undergo directed evolution has resulted in the widespread interest in the development of aptamers, or single stranded nuclei...Bioengineering; Biochemistry; Chemistry2018
3 Baxter, Eric ThomasFundamental Studies of Catalytic Dehydrogenation on Alumina-supported Size-selected Platinum Cluster Model CatalystsThe research presented in this dissertation focuses on the use of platinum-based catalysts to enhance endothermic fuel cooling. Chapter 1 gives a brief introduction to the motivation for this work. Chapter 2 presents fundamental studies on the catalytic dehydrogenation of ethylene by size-selected P...Physical chemistry2018
4 Raghuraman, ShrinivasanUsing Constellation Pharmacology to Assess Molecular Determinants of Cellular PhenotypesDifferent cell types have unique combinations of ion channels and receptors that define their physiological function. Combinations of ion channel and receptor isoforms may change in a cell-specific manner with disease progression. Thus, it is essential to design a general platform to investigate the...Neurosciences; Pharmacology; Physiology2017
5 Chynoweth, Mark WilliamEcology and Conservation of Large Carnivores in a Human-Dominated Landscape in Eastern AnatoliaConservation of biodiversity is rapidly changing as a result of increased impact of human activity on the natural world. At the beginning of a new epoch - the Anthropocene - the cumulative effect of population growth and natural resource consumption has left no corner of the planet unaffected by hum...Wildlife Conservation; Wildlife Management; Conservation biology; Middle Eastern Studies2017
6 Kanna Reddy, Hariprasada ReddyDevelopment of Selective Ribosome P-Site Inhibitors and Their Applications as New Antitubercular Agents and Efforts Toward Development of First-In-Class Antibiofilm Antibacterial AgentsThe fight against tuberculosis (TB), has been further complicated by both the emergence of multidrug resistant strains of the organism, along with its coinfection with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). Since current TB regimens reduce the efficacy of highly active antiretroviral therapies (HAART) ...Chemistry; Organic chemistry; Physiology; Microbiology; Medicine; Epidemiology; Public health2017
7 Saul, William EmmettA Descriptive catalogue of the trees and larger woody shrubs of Utah Based on the anatomy of the woodThere are several keys for the identification of the wood of commercial timbers of the United States, but non for the woody shrubs of any particular geographical area with the exception of one covering thirty-eight species from northern Utah (Saul 1952).Trees; Utah Shrubs; Utah1955
8 Myers, Drewfus Young Jr.Chemical reactions of some non-aromatic radical anions.The chemical behavior of some nonaromatic radical anions was investigated by optimizing their lifetimes using inverse metalammonia reduction techniques. By varying reaction conditions such as substrate concentration, proton source, reaction temperature, counter ion, and solvent it was possible to sh...Radicals (Chemistry)1974
9 Kotter, Bruce LamontAn ecological natural history of the white-faced ibis (P̲l̲e̲g̲a̲d̲i̲s̲ c̲h̲i̲h̲i̲) in northern Utah.The White-faced Lbis, Plegadis chihi, was studied from March, 1969 to October, 1969 at Farmington Bay, Utah. The study focused on the breeding biology of the species because little was known about this aspect of the birds' natural history.Ibises; Water birds; Birds; Eggs Birds; Nest1970
10 Graaff, Kent Marshall Van DeComparative osteology of the skunks of the world.The phylogeny of Mustelidae is not well known because of rapid adaptive radiation within the group and a poor fossil record because of their habitats in dense forests. Phylogenetic affinities and sequences must therefore be established from anatomical specializations and modifications of various mem...Skunks; Skeleton1969
11 Jensen, Steven LeroyThe may flies of Idaho (Ephemeroptera) V.2Of the more than 2,000 species of Ephemeroptera in the world, about 600 species are known from North America, north of Mexico. In those states where the mayfly fauna has been studied the number of species reported per state varied from 48 to 126.Mayflies -- Idaho1966
12 Jensen, Steven LeroyThe may flies of Idaho (Ephemeroptera) v.1Of the more than 2,000 species of Ephemeroptera in the world, about 600 species are known from North America, north of Mexico. In those states where the mayfly fauna has been studied the number of species reported per state varied from 48 to 126.Mayflies -- Idaho1966
13 Dotson, Richard AllenThe breeding biology and ethology of the green-tailed towheeThe ecology study pertained to the breeding biology and behavior of the Green-tailed Towhee (Chlorura chlorura). The species is a summer resident of the mountain shrub belt of the foothills and mountains of the western states. It winters in southern portions of California, Arizona, Texas, as well as...1971
14 Osunbayo, Olaolu AbiolaMicrotubule Geometry and Thermal Modulation of Molecular Motors Tug-Of-WarThe majority of studies of intracellular transport have focused on cargos that move well over some distance. However, a significant percentage of intracellular cargos at any given time remain in a stalled or locally diffusive state. The goal of my graduate work was to study the processes that lead t...Biophysics; Physiology2017
15 Leonard, ChristopherChromosomal Inversions Facilitate the Accumulation of Divergence and Hybrid Incompatibilities Between SpeciesThe chromosomal inversions of D. persimilis and D. pseudoobscura have deeply influenced our understanding of the evolutionary forces that shape natural variation, speciation, and selfish chromosome dynamics. Here, we perform a comprehensive reconstruction of the evolutionary histories of the chromos...Genetics; Evolution & development2017
16 Kar, PayelHigh Mass X-ray Binaries at Extreme Energies with VeritasOut of the numerous high-mass X-ray binaries, only 6 are detected above 100 GeV, all of which host a massive Be/O type star and a compact star. The nature of the compact star in majority of these TeV binaries is unknown. The emission mechanisms in these systems may hold key information about their p...Astrophysics; Physics; Particle physics2017
17 Owens, Nicholas AndrewMethods for the Improved Detection of Tuberculosis Biomarkers with an Emphasis Towards Point-of-Need DiagnosticsThe effective diagnosis of infectious diseases, like tuberculosis (TB), through the detection of biomarkers indicative of active infection, continues to challenge the scientific community. Due to the consistently high burden of disease in low-income economies, there has been a renewed interest to tr...Bioengineering; Analytical chemistry; Biomedical engineering2017
18 Edwards, Anne VictoriaEfforts toward the synthesis of NA22598A1 and the investigation of its mechanism of actionNA22598A1 is a unique carbamoylated cyclic guanidine with a diol skipped diamine dipeptide. It was shown to have antimetastatic activity against DLD-1 colon cancer cells with an IC50 of 0.32 µM, but the absolute stereochemistry has yet to be confirmed. Guadinomine B is also a carbamoylated cyclic g...Chemistry; Organic chemistry2017
19 Diaz, Virginia M.Dissolvable Conductive Polymers for Electrochemical Energy StorageElectrochemical capacitors, or "supercapacitors", are an electrochemical energy storage technology with high-power density and long cycle life compared to batteries. Supercapacitors have many promising applications in electric vehicles, renewable energy storage, consumer electronics, environmental s...Mechanical engineering2017
20 Coates, Rebecca AnnStructural and Thermochemical Investigations of Multiply Charged Transition Metal Ion Complexes with Water and with Amino AcidsGuided ion beam tandem mass spectrometry is used to obtain the kinetic energy dependent cross sections for collision-induced dissociation of hydrated transition metal complexes of Ni2+(H2O) x, x = 4 - 11, Co2+(H2O) x, x = 5 - 11, and CoOH+(H2O) x, x = 1 - 4. The resulting cross sections obtained for...Physical chemistry2017
21 Bartlow, Andrew WilliamEcological Factors Influencing Community Structure of Parasites and Their HostsUnderstanding patterns and processes underlying the structure and assembly of ecological communities is a major goal of ecology. Community assembly involves a balance between dispersal events and interactions with biotic and abiotic elements that make up the local environment. Determining which proc...Biology; Ecology; Parasitology2017
22 Zhai, YaxinUltrafast Spectroscopy Study of Photoexcitations Dynamics in Organic-Inorganic Hybrid PerovskitesIn the last decade, the organic/inorganic hybrid perovskites have emerged as one of the most promising classes of contenders for low-cost solar cells, owing to extraordinary power conversion efficiencies of more than 22%, and convenient solution fabrication processes. Moreover, the hybrid perovskite...Condensed matter physics; Nanotechnology2017
23 Wee, Daniel Hyung JinThe Length Control Mechanisms of Type-III Secretion Systems in Salmonella entericaThe flagellum allows both Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria to swim towards favorable environments and colonize new sites. However, the injectisome is unique to Gram-negative pathogenic bacteria. Injectisomes are utilized to secrete effector proteins into host cells where they influence the c...Molecular biology; Genetics; Microbiology2017
24 Staudaher, Nicholas DanielReactivity of Nickel(0)-Bisphosphine Complexes and Nickel-π Complexes: Efforts Toward a Wittig Reaction on Carbon DioxideNi(COD)2 and Xantphos are known to form a bis-chelated (Xantphos)2Ni species, which was believed to be a thermodynamic sink and detrimental to catalysis. This species was found to react with nitriles to form a transient (Xantphos)Ni(nitrile) complex, which can be trapped by alkenes and alkynes for p...Inorganic chemistry; Organic chemistry2017
25 Sampson, ChristianMultiscale Models of Sea Ice PhenomenaSea ice can be viewed as a composite material over multiple scales. On the smallest scale, sea ice is viewed as a two-phase composite of ice and brine. On the mesoscale, one may consider pancake ice and slush as a viscoelastic composite. On the larger scale, one may consider the mix of ice floes and...Applied Mathematics2017
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