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1 Daniel Yongwon LeeCell Surface Engineering and Its Applications in Cancer TherapyRemodeling of cell surface to install new features has continuously attracted attention for cell therapy. This dissertation focuses on a method of cell surface engineering using bioactive molecules to transiently award distinct functions to ordinary cells. Spontaneous incorporation of lipid-conjugat...Cellular biology; Biomedical engineering; Pharmaceutical sciences2017
2 Tianero, Ma. Diarey B.Symbiosis Driven Variation and Supply of Natural ProductsDrug discovery and development from marine invertebrates has been fraught with two key problems, namely, the variability of occurrence and limited supply. Bacteria in symbiosis with marine invertebrates have been shown to produce most bioactive natural products isolated from these organisms, and thu...2015-12
3 Robertson, Jam,es C.Molecular Dynamics Simulations of DNA: Force Field Evaluation and Backbone Substate Dynamics in Free and Protein-Bound DNAComputer simulations of biomolecules can provide insight into biological structure and dynamics at the atomic level. For simulations to be accurate and reliable, the underlying force eld that describes that system has to tested and assessed against experimental values. Evaluating the latest AMBER n...2016-05
4 Jiao, TianzeInvestigation of the Optimal Timing of Treatment Change to Maximize the Delay of Onset Mucoid Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Pulmonary Infection in Pediatric Cystic Fibrosis PatientsCystic Fibrosis (CF) is the most common life-shortening autosomal recessive disorder. Those patients who have CF suffer from multiple comorbidities. Nearly 85% of the deaths related to CF are caused by lung disease. CF lung disease begins early in life with inflammation, impaired mucociliary clearan...Pharmaceutical sciences; Epidemiology; Biostatistics2017
5 Cook, Sarah FogleyPopulation Pharmacokinetics of Intravenous Acetaminophen (Paracetamol) and Its Metabolites in NeonatesPain management is a critical component of neonatal intensive care, not only for ethical reasons, but also because the failure to provide adequate analgesia during early life has been associated with poor outcomes. Intravenous acetaminophen is an attractive option for treatment of neonatal pain; how...2015-12
6 Hwang, Hee SookStimuli-Responsive Polymers and Their Applications in Gene DeliveryPolymeric gene delivery is introducing specific genes to enhance or silence gene expression using synthesized polymers which have low immunogenicity and good biocompatibility. This dissertations specifically focused on the synthesis and characterization of stimuli-responsive polymers for gene delive...2015-12
7 Kuo, Kuan-LingCharacteristics and Optimal Combination Pharmacotherapy for Newly-Treated Patients with Diabetic Painful NeuropathyTo compare patient characteristics and healthcare costs between newly-treated DPN patients receiving mono-pharmacotherapy and those receiving combination pharmacotherapy. A patient cohort was identified diagnosed with DPN during 2006-2013 in Inovalon's MORE2® registry, a healthcare data warehouse w...2015-12
8 Deka, RishirajBenzodiazepines, Health Services Utilization, and Suicide in Veterans with Posttraumatic Stress DisorderPosttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a trauma and stressor-related disorder that occurs after exposure to a traumatic event. Veterans are at the greatest risk of developing PTSD. Although benzodiazepines are not recommended for the treatment of PTSD, they are still commonly prescribed to veterans...Public health; Epidemiology2017
9 Theisen, Emily RoseReversible Inhibition of Lysine-Specific Demethylase 1 is a Novel Therapeutic Strategy for Solid TumorsCancer is a genomic disease driven by interplay between genetic and epigenetic factors. While genetic mutations are irreversible events, epigenetic regulation is dynamic and reversible, and small molecule blockade of the epigenetic machinery has shown clinical benefit in hematological malignancies. ...2015-05
10 Ye, ZhenDevelopment of Safe and Effective Magnetic Resonance Contrast Agents for Blood Pool Imaging and Cancer DiagnosisThe current commercialized Gd(III)-based magnetic resonance (MR) contrast agents are small molecules characterized with short blood half-life and nonspecific tissue distribution. The accuracy of MR diagnosis involving clinical contrast agents is often hindered because of a short diagnostic window an...2016-05
11 Stockmann, ChrisPharmacometric Benchmarking: Quantitative Methods to Assess the Predictive Performance of Population Pharmacokinetic Modeling ProgramsThroughout much of history, safe and effective drug doses have been discovered through trial-and-error and validated via anecdote. Such approaches are limited in their ability to define how a drug's safety and effectiveness are influenced by the addition of other co-administered medications and the ...2016-05
12 Kakule, Thomas ButanazibaEngineering Combinatorial Biosynthesis of Polyketide Synthase-Pepide Synthetase Products Using Novel Fungal Genetic ToolsFungal polyketides are a complex class of natural products with diverse scaffolds. The biosynthesis of these molecules involves the iterative condensation of acetate units using a minimal set of domains on a single polypeptide. The different levels of reduction at each iterative step generates the s...2015-05
13 Chen, YizheAbrogation of Liver Cancer with Thermal Ablation and Targeted Heat Shock InhibitionThermal ablation is widely used, first line local-regional therapy for unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Although high temperature delivered by thermal energy results in efficient coagulation necrosis in tumor cells, various factors including tumor size, shape, location, and cirrhosis can...2015-05
14 Thorson, Megan KathleenNovel Hydrogen Sulfide Detection Methods and Their Biological and Industrial ApplicationHydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a toxic gas with a distinct rotten-egg odor. While the detrimental affects of H2S on human health have been known for hundreds of years, it has recently become apparent that low levels of endogenously produced hydrogen sulfide are cytoprotective. In fact hydrogen sulfide is...2014-12
15 Bruno, Benjamin JamesModified coiled-coil proteins for the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemiaChronic myeloid leukemia (CML) is caused by the constitutive tyrosine kinase activity of the oncoprotein Bcr-Abl. This aberrant kinase activity activates a multitude of oncogenic signaling pathways resulting in myeloid cell proliferation. In the early 2000s, the development of tyrosine kinase inhibi...Pharmaceutical sciences; Physiology2017
16 Sardar, DebosmitaThe cyanobactin biosynthetic machinery: Promiscuity, modularity and unique chemistry from the oceansCyanobactins are peptide natural products that fall under the broad class of the ribosomally synthesized and posttranslationally modified peptides (RiPPs). Since they are synthesized by the ribosome, the biosynthesis of these peptides is genetically encoded. A precursor peptide gene carries the prim...Biochemistry2016
17 Zhou, YanCombination Nanomedicine Targeting Cancer Stem Cells and Bulk Tumor Cells for Treatment of Prostate CancerProstate cancer is the most common malignancy and second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in men in the United States. Despite improved management of patients with early stage prostate cancer, the mortality rate is still high due to frequent relapse, progression and metastasis following curren...2014-08
18 Bevans, Tatjana S.Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Implications of Inhaled Ester-Based Anesthetic AgentsThe goal of this study was to investigate the bioavailability, efficacy, and safety of inhaled remifentanil, inhaled remimazolam, and combinations of both drugs in mouse, rat, and pig models. Anesthesiology could benefit from efficacious, noninvasively delivered, short acting, and thereby easily tit...2016-08
19 Okal, AboodBypassing Transdominant Inhibition with Chimeric p53 for Cancer Gene TherapyIt is well documented that more than 50% of all human cancers have a mutated p53 gene status, rendering it inactive. The resulting tumor-derived p53 variants, similar to wild-type (wt) p53, retain their ability to oligomerize via the tetramerization domain. Upon hetero-oligomerization, mutant p53 en...2014-08
20 Peng, Zheng-Hong (Joseph)Stimuli-Responsive Targeted Therapeutics for Treatment of Primary and Metastatic Prostate CancerProstate cancer is the most common malignant cancer and the second leading cause of cancer-related death among men in the United States. The major aim of this dissertation was to develop stimuli-responsive, targeted therapeutics for prostate cancer treatment. In the first part, 2-[3-(1,3-dicarboxypr...Oncology2014-08
21 Price, Robert AndrewMatrix Metalloproteinase Responsive Silk-Elastinlike Protein Polymers for Cancer Gene TherapyTreatment methodologies employed in the management of head and neck cancer must be carefully chosen and matched to each patient. Currently, surgical resection with adjuvant chemotherapy and radiation are the standard of care; however, these often cause disfigurement and scarring in addition to the t...2015-05
22 Miller, Geoffrey D.Inhibition of Native and Mutant BCR-ABL Using a Rationally Designed Coiled-CoilChronic myeloid leukemia (CML) is caused by the constitutive kinase activity of the fusion oncoprotein BCR-ABL. Conventional therapy in CML utilizes tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs), small molecules that target the ATP-binding pocket in the BCR-ABL kinase domain. Despite their success in treating t...2015-05
23 Hymas, Richard ValTransport of a highly lipophilic weak acid molecule (capric acid) across a lipophilic membrane between two aqueous phases in the presence of a carrier (cyclodextrins)There has been a continuing need for a better quantitative understanding of the gastrointestinal absorption of highly lipophilic drugs. With this aim in mind, the present study describes a physical model approach applicable to understanding the transport of lipophilic, ionizable drugs across a lipop...Pharmacy sciences2010
24 Sadat Hayatshahi, Sayyed HamedThe effect of atomistic interactions on RNA conformational distributions, folding and ligand binding via molecular dynamics simulations and dockingAdvances in molecular dynamics (MD) simulation methodologies have enabled researchers to explore the conformational spaces of biological macromolecules more efficiently and quickly. Specifically, the development of enhanced sampling techniques has provided researchers with well-converged conformatio...2016
25 Wang, WeijiaOutcomes evaluatiuon of statin treatment in primary prevention for cardiovascular disease with time-dependent LDI-C goal attainmentCardiovascular disease (CVD) is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality for adults in the United States and has caused a significant amount of spending in healthcare. The guidelines issued by the National Cholesterol Education Program Adult Panel III emphasized the importance of low-density lipop...Biostatistics; Pharmacy sciences; Epidemiology2017
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