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1 Walton, AnnMarie LeeBehaviors Among Latino Migrant and Seasonal FarmworkersNursing (College of)2015-08
2 Cupello, Michael ScottLaw enforcement knowledge of elder laws and beliefs about agingAgeism; Aging; Beliefs; Eldery; Law enforcement; LawsGerontology2010
3 Keating, Ann, Sister, C.S.C.Study of two definitive methods of fetoscopic ausculationHeart Auscultation; Fetal Monitoring; Fetal Heart; Fetal DevelopmentNursing1969-08
4 Thomas, Donna Raye OjanenFever as a chief complaint in a pediatric emergency roomFever in childrenNursing1981-10
5 Towsley, Gail L.Quality care and financial viability of rural nursing homes.Quality Assurance, Health Care; NusingNursing2007-08
6 Patton, Rita Colicchia.Stress and symptoms of systemic lupus erythematosus.Utah; NursingNursing1980-06
7 Wood, Connie.Physiological responses of myocardial infarction patients to transfer from the coronary care unit.Arrhythmias; Oxygen ConsuptionNursing1978-06
8 Evans, Gail Crandall; Hasty, Jane ElizabethA Descriptive survey of maternal protein status and the course and outcome of pregnancy.Nutrition; NursingNursing1981-08
9 Jensen, Diane ElaineSpeech function as a measure of egocentrism in preschool childrenSocialization; Verbal BehaviorNursing1971-06
10 Swint, Kathleen Ann.Self-administered nutritional supplement nenadherence by prenatal patients.Patient Compliance; Self AdministrationNursing1976-06
11 Parkinson, Alice RichardsFamilies of hospitalized psychiatric patients : a descriptive study of attenders and nonattenders of a family support group.Psychotherapy; Demographic CharacteristicsNursing1985-06
12 Kang, Young Ja Lee.Teaching effectiveness of a cardiac rehabilitation program.Patient Education; RehabilitatonNursing1979-08
13 Tavernier, Susan SkinnerIndividualized Health-Related Quality of Life in Radiation OncologyCancer; Quality of LifeNursing2010
14 Nilson-Taylor, Diana GailPersonal death preparations of health professionals.Attitude to Death; Professional-Patient RelationsNursing1987-03
15 Forrest, JoAnn Pasquali.A Comparative study of attitudes and anxieties concerning death and dying.Nurses; Attitude (Psychology)Nursing1970-05
16 Broadbent, Laurie Anne.The use of suggestive relaxation and guided visual imagery to decrease distress behaviors exhibited by children with leukemia undergoing a medical procedure.Stress (Psychology) Leukemia; Child; NursingNursing1982-08
17 Bishop, Janet Kay Niemi.Life change units, internal-external locus of control, and ego strengths and weaknesses of patients participating in a comprehensive mental health center.Psychology; Out-PatientsNursing1975-06
18 Heriot, Cathy Summers.A descriptive analysis of experiences of personal meaning of life among older adults.Gerontogy; NursingNursing1991-12
19 Godschalx, Susan MariePolice officers' knowledge and attitudes toward people experiencing emotional difficulty: preeducational and posteducational seminar.Police; Attituds; Utah; MurrayNursing1981-08
20 Juretich, Merry SimkinsOutgoing helping behavior as a coping strategy during the first year of bereavement among the elderly: toward a model for nursing interventionGrief; Aged; NursingNursing1984-06
21 Latendresse, Gwen Amber; Scoville, Marcia AlleyMarketing research and strategy in nurse-midwifery: a promotional planNurse Midwives; Professional-Patient RelationsNursing1988-06
22 Lee-Lin, Frances Fen-FangMammography and pap testing screening among first generation Chinese AmericansRadiography; Breast Neoplasma; Hygiene; HealthNursing2006-08
23 Dyer, Jane MargaretPostpartum blood loss and hematocrit levels of Navajo womenNew Mexico; Navajo Indians; PuerperiumNursing1978-06
24 Emery, Gwyn M.Screening behaviors among African American women at high risk for breast cancer: do beliefs about God matter?Blacks; Medicine, Religious PhilosophiesNursing2000-08
25 Wujcik, Debra M.Predictors of delay in resolution after mammography and rescreening behaviors in a state cancer screening program.Breast Cancer; HealthNursing2007-08
1 - 25 of 760