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1 Brown, Nancy NealeBody temperatures in older adults.The focus of this research was to investigate and define a range of body temperature values of an older adult population. Recent awareness of the increased incidence of hypothermia in the elderly posed the question of whether the body temperatures of older adults are different from the standard val...Aged; Physical Assessments1982-12
2 Sutherland, Kathryn Claire.The Influence of lower extremity hypothermia on the active phase of labor.An experimental study was conducted to examine the incidence of cold feet during labor, and to ascertain if a nursing intervention, applying socks, would be beneficial to parturient patients. Thirty subjects were alternately assigned to the control or experimental group. Demographic and descriptiv...Demographic; Temperatures1979-08
3 Tung, Wei-ChenExamination of the transtheoretical model and physical activity in family caregivers in Taiwan.The purposes of this descriptive, correlational, and cross-sectional study were to (a) determine whether constructs from the transtheoretical model (TTM) are applicable to Taiwanese family caregivers relative to regular physical activity and (b) explore the factors that affect constructs from the TT...Taiwan; Physical Activity; Family caregivers; Nursing; Public Health; Families and Family Life; Physical Fitness; Correlation Analysis2003-05
4 Khader, Joy Maxine.Factors which influence breastfeeding premature infants who require hospitalization in a neonatal intensive care unit.The purpose of this study was to identify factors which influence successful or unsuccessful lactation in mothers who deliver premature infants requiring a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. In addition, the study attempted to measure the effect of nursing intervention which consisted of information, in...Mother-Child Relations; Nursing1979-12
5 Sims, Sharon L.On choosing: tenure decision making in academic nursing.The purpose of this research was to describe tenure decision making within the context of a school of nursing. The sample consisted of 17 tenured and tenure-track faculty who were interviewed. Twenty tenure review files were also analyzed for differences between faculty granted tenure and faculty de...Decision Making; Higher Education
6 deMontigny-Korb, MariaAnorexia nervosa from a socially contextual perspective: variables of vulnerability in a university population.This study explored the vulnerability of university women who were symptomatic and asymptomatic of anorexia nervosa to cultural messages that encourage anorexic behavior. Women's perceived locus of control, satisfaction with their body shape, impressions of their mothers' lives, and body-image perce...Social Environment; Weight Perception; Women1991-08
7 Wilson, Ursula Maria Knoki.Blood loss at delivery and serum calcium levels of Navajo women.Serum calcium levels of Navajo women were obtained during the ante partum period to study their relationship to blood loss during the first 24 hours of the postpartum period. A total of 35 expectant mothers ranging in age from 17 to 36 years participated in the study. Blood specimens for serum cal...Blood; Childbirth; Navajo Indians1997-06
8 Stevenson-Brim, Audrey M.The Relationship between maternal fitness level and length of active labor, use of analgesics, and incidence of perineal laceration in primiparas.Thirty-five primiparas were tested for aerobic fitness levels and assigned to either a control or experimental group based on fitness level. The experimental group represented primiparas who engaged in regular, sustained, aerobic activity for 20 minutes, three times weekly from 28-36 weeks gestation...Physical Fitness; Obstetrical Nursing; Midwifery1990-06
9 Mulrooney, Tamsin.The lived experience of cognitive impairment in women treated with chemotherapy for breast cancer.A growing body of literature supports that a subgroup of women treated with chemotherapy for breast cancer may experience of cognitive impairment after therapy. Few studies have described the lived experience of cognitive impairment. The purpose of this dissertation study was to describe the lived...Psychological Aspects; Breast Cancer2007-12
10 Fewkes, Margaret SusanRelationship between birthday and deathday in the institutionalized elderly.To identify a facet of death prediction with the subsequent prevention of premature deaths was the underlying motivator of this study. Previous samples from the general population give credence to individuals for their will to live until a significant event occurs. One such event is the birthday w...Nursing; Statistics1982-08
11 Scheetz, Sandra LouiseRecent life stress and ego strength in hospitalized and non-hospitalized subjectsThe focus of this study was to measure and describe the variables of recent life changes or stresses, and a measure of ego strength in a group of hospitalized subjects and a non-hospitalized group. This focus seemed relevant in light of increasing evidence which has suggested that a cluster of rece...Stress; Psychology; Ego1974-06
12 Glasheen, Kathleen Th©r©se BakewellStudy of acquisition of content knowledge during a listening-and-responding-skills workshop for nursesThis study was conducted to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of a workshop as a method of teaching appropriate listening and responding skills to seventeen selected nurses. Knowledge of facts and principles in effective communication and their application were measured by a specially desi...Nurse and Patient; Workshops1974-12
13 Martin, Sandra Elizabeth WebsterIsolation of the secretory component of immunoglobulin A and production of a specific antiserumThis study was the initial step in a long range investigation of the local immune system of the urinary tract. The presence of secretory immunoglobulin A in external secretions exercises broad spectrum antimicrobial activity; the high incidence of chronic urinary tract infections, particularly among...Analysis; Colostrum; Antibodies1975-03
14 Chatelain, Janice ElizabethCurrent opinions toward the utilization of nurse-midwifery in the state of UtahThe purpose of this study was 1) to survey physicians' opinions toward the ability of the nurse-midwife to deliver normal obstetric care, and 2) to examine the relationship between their attitudes and other experience factors. From the more specific attitudes a general trend was identified regarding...Utah; Psychology; Maternity Nursing1972-06
15 Darlington, Ann Elizabeth; Lloyd, Thomas WalterPostpartum hemorrhage and its relationship to anemia and oxytocin stimulation among Navajo womenThe purpose of this study was to determine if relationships existed between iron deficiency anemia (diagnosed at labor onset) and postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) and between oxytocin stimulation during labor and PPH among a select group of Navajo women. Data from the medical records of 563 Navajo Women...Childbirth; Navajo Indians; Mothers; Hemorrhage1981-06
16 Anderson, ArnetteFather-infant relationship becoming connectedThe purpose of this study was to describe and provide a theoretical analysis of 14 first-time fathers' experiences in developing a relationship with their infants during the infants' first 2 months of life. With the use of tape-recorded, semistructured interviews, fathers described perceptions of t...Father and Child; Psychological; Social Support1994-06
17 Minaga, Karie LynnHyperglycemia and periventricular-intraventricular hemorrhage in the preterm infantPeriventricular-intraventricular hemorrhage (PV-IVH) is a serious from of neonatal intracranial hemorrhage. This research was undertaken to determine the relationship between PV-IVH and hyperglycemia. Medical records of 57 preterm infants from the University of Utah Medical Center were examined. ...Cerebral Hemorrhage; Nursing1984-03
18 Chien, Hsiu-ChuanPostnatal growth patterns of parenterally fed very-low-birth-weight infantsThe purpose of this study was to examine the postnatal growth pattern of very-low-birth-weight (VLBW) infants who were fed parenterally. A retrospective design was implemented. Chart review was the data collection method. A total of 166 VLBW infants without major genetic/chromosomal anomalies, marke...University of Utah; Primary Children's Hospital; Low Birth Weight1997-12
19 Dahlman, SuzanneThe influence of a birth film on attitudes toward labor and deliveryThis study was an attempt to determine the influence of viewing a birth film upon attitudes of expectant parents toward labor and delivery when the film was seen within the context of established prenatal classes. The data shows that neither the birth film nor the parents' own childbirth experience...Childbirth; Parents1970-06
20 Hunter, Tana WalchEffect of diabetic control on glycosylated hemoglobin and high-density lipoprotein levelsThis study investigated the relationship between diabetic control and heart disease risk in diabetic subjects. Glycosylated hemoglobin (Hb Alc) and high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels were used as control and risk indicators. The purpose of the study was to describe the relationship between indi...Atherosclerosis; Heart Disease1982-03
21 Shun, Shiow-ChingPsychometric testing of three fatigue instruments with cancer outpatients in TaiwanThe main purposes of this descriptive, repeated measures methodological study were to (a) examine the psychometric properties (reliabilities and validities) of the Chinese versions of the Cancer Fatigue Scale (C-CFS), the Fatigue Symptom Inventory (C-FSI), and the Schwartz Cancer Fatigue Scale-revis...Fatigue; Cancer Patients; Nursing2005-12
22 McKay, Mary AnnDepression among older divorced peopleThis ex post facto, descriptive, correlational study was designed to examine the degree of depression of 106 currently-divorced individuals over 50 years of age who had been married at least 15 years, separated not more than 4 years, divorced 3 years or less and living in Salt Lake County, Utah. Mea...Single Person; Social Environment; Utah1988-03
23 Lauderdale, Jana L.The unbroken cord: the experience of infant relinquishment through adoption.This descriptive, exploratory study was designed to develop an understanding of women's experiences with infant relinquishment through adoption. Twelve women participated in the study. In this society, the single pregnant woman considering adoption has two acceptable alternatives: (a) closed adoptio...Field Research; Birthmother1992-06
24 Foster, Terrel Ann.The relationship of life stress in preschool children and their mothers.Health care professionals are increasingly concerned as they recognize the influence of life stress upon the health of those within contemporary society. Research supports this concern by substantiating the hypothesis that life stress can evoke a wide variety of physiological and psychological chan...Stress; Parent and Child; Psychology1977-12
25 Von der Ahe, Laurie; Weeks, LaurieLow versus high fluid therapy in infants with respiratory distress.Two hundred and two neonates, ranging from 24 to 38 weeks gestation, were retrospectively studied to determine the relationship between volumes of fluid delivered and associated morbidity and mortality. Fluid intakes were calculated on a cc/kg/day basis for the first 5 days of life. Descriptive st...Parenteral Nutrition; Infant, Newborn1985-08
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