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1 A Candidate Gene Analysis of Vitamin B12 Deficiency in Elderly Women and the Nursing Implications of Personalized MedicineFunctional vitamin B12 (cobalamin) deficiency is a subtle, progressive clinical disorder affecting 6-23% of elderly adults. Its symptoms, including fatigue, mood disturbances, and decreased strength, are vague and erroneously attributed to aging. Detection of cobalamin deficiency in elderly adults i...2010-12
2 A Comparative study of assertiveness characteristics among female nursing graduate students and other female graduate students at the University of Utah.The purpose of this master's thesis research project was to compare the assertiveness scores of graduate nursing students with other women graduate students at The University of Utah to determine if there was any significant difference. The problem was to describe and define the difference, in any,...Utah; Graduate Srudents; University of Utah1980-12
3 A Comparative study of attitudes and anxieties concerning death and dying.Death is one of the most difficult areas with which a nurse must learn to cope as she must work with her own feelings about it before she can be of therapeutic value to the dying patient. This study was conduced to gain further understanding of the nurses' attitudes and anxieties about death and dy...Nurses; Attitude (Psychology)1970-05
4 A comparison of personal value patterns of medical-surgical nurses with the ratings given them by supervisors.The findings of this study were very similar to those of other studies in relation to a description of nurses with the Edwards Personal Preference Schedule. The sample of nurses used in this study showed many of the same value patters as did college women, but they also showed some marked variation...Nursing; Personality1963-06
5 A descriptive analysis of experiences of personal meaning of life among older adults.The purpose of this dissertation was to describe one aspect of the human spirit, older adults' experiences of personal meaning of life as it is lived. A qualitative mode of inquiry was chosen for its compatibility with the research purpose. Phenomenological methods were employed for their fit with t...Gerontogy; Nursing1991-12
6 A descriptive evaluation of the expanded-role nurse in high risk newborn care.The expanded-role nurse concept was implemented by one nurse in a newborn intensive care center. A comparative evaluation was then conducted to described and compare the quality of primary care provided by the nurse to a representative group of high risk newborns with the primary care provided to s...Infants (Newborn); Pediataric Nursing1974-06
7 A Descriptive study of faculty productivity in schools of nursing.The purpose of this research was: to describe the perceptions faculty held regarding the importance of nine aspects of the faculty role to them and to their employing institution; to determine if a discrepancy exists between the value faculty attach to each of nine role functions and the perceived v...Nursing; Schools; Professional Practice1986-08
8 A Descriptive Study of Pesticide Protective Behaviors Among Latino Migrant and Seasonal FarmworkersExposure to pesticides presents health risks for farmworkers. Pesticide protective behaviors (PPBs), including clothing and washing behaviors, reduce exposures. The Worker Protection Standard (WPS) mandates that PPBs be taught to farmworkers. PPB adherence and barriers must be understood to shape me...2015-08
9 A Descriptive Survey of Maternal Protein Status and the Course and Outcome of PregnancyA descriptive survey of the Nutritional status of 27 pregnant women was conducted at Hill Air Force Base Hospital. Socioeconomic survey, three day diet history and laboratory assessment of blood and urine parameters of protein were used to determine Nutritional status and were related to maternal a...1981-08
10 A Multiple Method Analysis of Peer Health in the Diabetes Online CommunityDiabetes is a complex condition that can significantly affect quality of life and economic burden. New approaches to promoting diabetes knowledge and support to enhance diabetes management are necessary. Peer health is occurring within the diabetes online community (DOC), although very little is kno...2015-05
11 A Study in nursing morale.The onward march of medical science, as it charts a better way of life for mankind, would be seriously impeded without the service of the registered nurse. In the modern hospital, the nurse fills an indispensable role. Her skill in giving nursing care strengthens the arm of the physician; her trad...Job Stress; Salaries:1964-06
12 A Study of attitudes of eight year old children toward aging and the elderly.Researchers have shown that it is not uncommon for young adults, middle-age adults and the elderly to have negative and stereotyped attitudes toward aging and the elderly people. Only a limited number of studies have examined the attitudes of children towards aging and elderly people and there is a...Aging; Children and Adults; Psychological Aspects1981-03
13 A study of bladder impedance measurements and cystometry.Tetrapolar impedance is a non-invasive method of measuring urine volume in the bladder. Changes in the urine volume can be measured by alterations in the impedance measurements. Impedance measurements are obtained by using a tetrapolar impedance converter with four electrodes placed on the subject'...Bladder; Exmination; Cytometry1981-12
14 A study of caring within an institutional culture.Caring is central to the profession of nursing, and cross-cultural caring is central to the sub-field of transcultural nursing. This study is an analysis of the meaning of caring expressions and behavior, principally those which are related to nurses within a hospital culture in the United States. C...Care of the sick; Communication1981-08
15 A study of circadian rhythmicity in urinary volume excretion.This research investigated the presence of circadian rhythmicity in urinary volume excretion. A retrospective study medical record was completed to investigate the occurrence of rhythmic variation. Twenty-five subjects were utilized to gather urinary volume data, collected at either four- or six-h...Excretion; Nursing1982-12
16 A study of nursing personnel perceptions of hostile patient behavior.This study of differences in perceptions of one type of behavior of mentally-ill patients has revealed many significant differences in the perceptions of the nursing personnel studied. Undoubtedly the way in which the nursing personnel perceived patient behavior influences their relationships with ...Hostilty; Psychology1960-08
17 A Survey of methods used by nurse-midwives to facilitate delivery over an intact perineum.The purpose of this study was to determine the attitudes of nurse-midwives concerning delivery over an intact perineum, their techniques utilized to facilitate delivery over an intact perineum, and the effectiveness of these techniques. Questionnaires were mailed to 175 C.N.M.s. One hundred and thi...Perineum; Attitudes1979-06
18 A Systems approach to mild essential hypertension: educational lifestyle adjustments versus biobehavioral techniques.Two nonpharmacological interventions--education for lifestyle adjustments and biobehavioral techniques--were tested on medicated and nonmedicated patients with mild essential hypertension. Blood pressure reductions and relationships between blood pressure responses and concomitant variables (changes...Biofeedback (Psychology); Life Style1986-08
19 A tool to measure perceptions of school nurse functions.The purpose of this study was to develop a tool to measure adults' and adolescents' perceptions of school nurse function. Two major steps were involved in the formulation of the questionnaire, Perceptions of School Nurse Functions. The initial step involved the formation of the 71 items, a review ...Questionnaire; Statistics1973-08
20 The ability of a select group of nurses to assess drug-induced movement disorder in an elderly person: a pilot study.The purpose of this pilot study was to demonstrate the effectiveness of preparing long-term care nurses without previous education in movement disorder assessment to make reliable assessments. A nurse practitioner-led educational intervention was utilized. A balanced pretest-posttest design was use...Tardive dyskinesia; Mental Health1995-12
21 Accuracy of nurses assessing patients using American Psychiatric Association criteriaThis descriptive study investigated the accuracy of nurses in assessing Axis I and Axis II disorders using criteria of the American Psychiatric Association. The diagnosis given by the nursing staff on the psychiatric unit of a regional medical center was compared to the Millon Clinical Multiaxial In...Diagnosis1998-06
22 Addressing Breast Cancer Risk for Women in Families with Indeterminate Negative BRCA1 and BRCA2 Genetic Test ResultsThe purpose of this research was to describe calculated risk, risk perceptions of future breast cancer, and accuracy of risk perceptions of relatives (sisters or daughters) of women who have breast cancer and received genetic counseling regarding indeterminate negative BRCA1/2 test results. A second...2014-08
23 Adherence to protocols by members in the Nurse Practitioner Pilot ProjectThe Nurse Practitioner Pilot Project (Senate Bill 198) was initiated in June 1980 in Utah. Senate Bill 198 legalized prescriptive practice for specific nurse practitioners for a three-year period. Protocols selected for guidelines in practice were required for use by pilot project members. Two ev...Utah; Nurse Practioners1984-08
24 Adjusting to living in a nursing home: toward a nursing intervention model.The purpose of this study was to describe phases in adjustment of older adults living in a nursing home during the first 6-8 months; describe residents' perceptions of the nursing home environment; and develop a nursing model to help older adults adjust to living in a nursing home. This was a longit...Gerontology; Older People; Phychological Adaptation1987-08
25 Adolescent and adult primiparous information needs and concerns regarding infant care.Traditionally postpartum infant care classes have been structured to meet the educational needs of the adult mother. Due to the increasing number of pregnant adolescents, the educational needs of the adolescent mother must be assessed. With this information postpartum infant care classes can then ...Nursing; Teenage Mothers1981-08
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