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1 Lacasse, Cheryl LynnComorbidity and Symptom Measurement in Oncology Scale: Development and Pilot Results in Older Adult Cancer SurvivorsMore than two thirds of all cancers are diagnosed in older adults and the diagnosis often co-occurs with normal and pathological changes of aging, which include chronic diseases and related symptoms. The purpose of this measurement study was to conduct initial psychometric testing of a newly develop...Gerontology; Nursing; Oncology2017
2 Alderden, JennyPressure Injury Risk Among Critical-Care PatientsHospital-acquired pressure injuries (PI) are localized areas of damage to the skin, underlying tissue, or both, as a result of pressure. Critical-care patients represent a highly specialized patient population, and currently available risk-assessment scales, such as the Braden scale, tend to identif...Health sciences2017
3 Hofmann, Linda CarolThe Career Paths of Female Nurses: Decisions Associated with Intention to Leave Direct Patient CareThis study was designed in two sequential phases; 1) to describe the career paths of experienced nurses related to the intention to leave direct patient care and decisions associated with changing or advancing their education, and 2) to explore how pregnancy, childbirth, and mothering young children...Nursing2017
4 Blaz, Jacquelyn W.Out of Their Minds and Onto the Page: The Production and Use of Nurses' Paper "Brains" in a Medical Oncology UnitStandardizing hando#11;s is recommended to improve communication, with electronic tools as the primary approach. However, nurses continue to rely on paper tools they call \brains." Therefore, the purpose of this dissertation is to develop a deep understanding of nurses brains in the context of a med...2015-05
5 Bloom, Rosaleen DugganPatients' and Caregivers' Experience of Social Support on CaringBridgeFamily caregivers to cancer patients face stresses and burdens that may be buffered by receiving social support, and social media may provide a forum to receive support. Little research has examined how caregivers share their experiences on social media, however, and how this disclosure affects the ...Nursing; Web Studies; Oncology2017
6 Hellem, Tracy LynnOpen Label Trial of Creatine as a Treatment Option for Methamphetamine Using FemalesMethamphetamine (MA) is a powerful drug that results in short- and long-term consequences for users. Study findings suggest that female MA users have higher rates of comorbid depression and anxiety than male MA users. Further, neuroimaging studies have found that female MA users have lower levels of...2015-05
7 Hawkins, Sara ForsythNurses' Work in the Context of Medication Administration, Errors, and Organizational SafetyThe cost of medication errors is burdensome to patients, institutions, and frontline providers. Nurses are accountable for and vulnerable to institutional safe medication practices and make this responsibility their highest priority; yet, contextual factors relevant to nurses' work encompassing medi...Occupational safety; Nursing; Health care management2017
8 Chaplik, SuzanneFactors Influencing Antihypertensive Medication Adherence in Veternas With Hypertension and Veterans with Hypertension and Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderHypertension is a common diagnosis for American veterans. Despite years of research investigating how to improve antihypertensive medication adherence, suboptimal adherence still results in uncontrolled blood pressure leading to hospitalizations and complications. Connelly's model of Self-Care in Ch...Nursing2014-12
9 Kapsandoy, Seraphine ChepkemoiFeasibility and Psychometric Evaluation of the Studio Alterazioni Cutanee Stomali (SACS™) Instrument for Assessment of Peristomal Skin Lesions in ChildrenPeristomal skin lesions are common following stoma surgery. However, there is wide variability in how those lesions are documented. The purpose of this study was to evaluate psychometric properties and feasibility of use for the Studio Alterazioni Cutanee Stomali (SACS™) instrument. Content validi...2015-05
10 Martz, Camille (Kimi)Bereaved Family Members' and Hospice Nurses' Perspectives of Transitions to and Between Residential Facilities for the Dying ElderlyCare transitions for elderly family members enrolled in hospice care to and between home, Assisted Living Facilities (ALF), and Nursing Homes (NH) are fraught with distressing emotions and suffering for both the elderly persons and their families. The purpose of this study was to explore how bereave...2014-12
11 Pierotti, DanielleHospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers in Oncology Units: Risk, Prevalence, and Nurse VariablesHospitals acquired pressure ulcers (HAPUs), a nationally recognized indicator of hospital and nursing quality, pose a notable risk to hospitalized patients for pain, debility and death. Oncology patients represent a large portion of hospitalized patients. Numerous common cancer symptoms and complica...2015-05
12 Beamer, Laura CurrQuality of Life Among Women With Radiation-Induced Dermatitis of the BreastPrimary breast carcinoma is the most common type of cancer among women and radiodermatitis a frequent complication of treatment. The study aims were to examine the feasibility of measurements of radiodermatitis and gain a better understanding of quality of life (QOL) among 40 women with grade 0-III ...2016-05
13 Hill, Brent D.Automated Pictograph Enhancement of Discharge Instructions: Impact on Recall and SatisfactionHospital discharge instructions are critical for a patient's posthospitalization recovery. When patients are discharged to home they frequently have to manage wound/incision care, change dressings, take medications, modify activities, follow specialized diets and recognize signs or symptoms that req...2014-12
14 Friddle, KathrynRetinopathy of Prematurity: The Effects of Oxygen Saturation Targets in At-Risk Neonates2014-12
15 Carpenter, Joan GlebaFollow-Through of Palliative Care After Nursing Home AdmissionClinical practice guidelines and accrediting agencies emphasize the need for palliative care in nursing homes and care coordination between the hospital and nursing home. However, it is unclear how care is managed for patients discharged to nursing homes after a hospital-based palliative care consul...2016-08
16 Shell, Lynn PeboleWellness within illness and the capacity for happiness in people with Alzheimer's disease: Using photo-elicitation method to compare the perspectives of people with Alzheimer's disease and their caregiversQuality of life for people with dementia is a topic of great concern and study, due in part to the growing number of people diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. Happiness is an important aspect of well-being and quality of life, yet the subjective experience of happiness in dement...Mental health; Gerontology; Nursing2013
17 Perri, Seneca I.Using electronic decision support to enhance provider-caretaker communication for treatment of children under five in TanzaniaOne out of every six children in sub-Saharan Africa dies from treatable diseases before reaching age 5. Millions of these deaths could be averted if health care providers followed evidence-based protocols, such as the Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses (IMCI), to provide care. IMCI assists...African Studies; Communication; Information Technology; Health care management2014
18 Walton, AnnMarie LeeA descriptive study of pesticide protective behaviors among Latino migrant and seasonal farmworkersExposure to pesticides presents health risks for farmworkers. Pesticide protective behaviors (PPBs), including clothing and washing behaviors, reduce exposures. The Worker Protection Standard (WPS) mandates that PPBs be taught to farmworkers. PPB adherence and barriers must be understood to shape me...Nursing; Public health2015
19 Vann-Ward, TerriePreserving Self: The Challenging and Strategic Processes for People with ParkinsonismThe purpose of this constructivist grounded theory study was to identify and examine challenges and strategies used by people with parkinsonism to maintain identity. These concerns were explored within the context of daily life, vital relationships, and familiar roles. The setting was three Midweste...2016-08
20 Himes, Deborah O.Addressing Breast Cancer Risk for Women in Families with Indeterminate Negative BRCA1 and BRCA2 Genetic Test ResultsThe purpose of this research was to describe calculated risk, risk perceptions of future breast cancer, and accuracy of risk perceptions of relatives (sisters or daughters) of women who have breast cancer and received genetic counseling regarding indeterminate negative BRCA1/2 test results. A second...2014-08
21 Jacobs, VictoriaHealth Outcomes of Adults with Atrial Fibrillation and Falls, Frailty, and/or Dementia Treated for the Prevention of ThromboembolismAtrial fibrillation (AF) is the most common clinical arrhythmia, posing a major risk for occurrence of ischemic stroke. Oral anticoagulation and antiplatelet agents are used to prevent stroke. One major complication related to these therapies is the development of a hemorrhage. Providers are faced w...2016-08
22 Henry, MaureenToward a New Approach to Addressing Decision-Making Needs of Older Adults Representing a Range of Cognitive FunctionIncreasingly, law, ethics, and policy recognize the right of individuals with impaired decisional abilities, including older adults with dementia, to be involved in medical treatment decisions. These shifts are in tension with current practice addressing the decision-making needs of individuals with...2015-05
23 Iribarren, SarahEvaluation of a text messaging intervention for patients with tuberculosis in ArgentinaTreatment adherence remains a major challenge in tuberculosis (TB) control. Mobile phone text messaging is a promising tool to support TB treatment adherence. The purpose of this study was to develop a text messaging intervention to promote TB treatment adherence, assess feasibility and acceptabilit...Nursing; Public health2013
24 Eaton, Jacqueline LeeAn Arts-Based Intervention into Perceptions of Late Life Potential for Nursing Students and Older AdultsThe rapidly aging US population, including many with chronic debilitating illnesses, creates increased demand for health care professionals with geriatric training. One barrier to meeting this demand is the limited desire of nursing students to work with older adults. The purpose of this mixed metho...2014-08
25 Olausson, Jill M.The experience of developing new-onset diabetes after cancer treatments in middle age and older adultsDue to the tremendous progress of modern medicine, more people are surviving cancer. A cancer diagnosis no longer connotes the end of life, but instead, a change in life. Recently, middle age and older adults with hematological cancer have become eligible for treatment with allogeneic hematopoietic ...Health sciences; Nursing2016
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