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1 Barnett, Jack ArnoldGround-water hydrology of Emigration Canyon, Salt Lake County, UtahEmigration Canyon is situated in the portion of the Wasatch Mountains that are in the eastern part of Salt Lake County in north central Utah. A significant amount of ground-water development has taken place in the canyon in recent years to satisfy domestic water needs. This hydrologic investigation ...Groundwater; Utah; Salt Lake County1966
2 Alnaser, HusainMechanical Properties Investigation of Additive Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V Cellular StructureTi-6Al-4V is an alloy that has been developed to be used in medical implants due to its compatibility with the human body. Additive manufacturing technology has also become useful in constructing human bone design (marrow) from Ti-6Al-4V, imitating bone function. This research focuses on studying me...Materials science2018
3 Faddies, Thomas BlairBrecciation in the Ontario mine, east flank ore bodies, Park City district, Utah.A study of the brecciation in the Ontario Mine, East Flank Ore Bodies indicates a variety of structural types of brecciation are present. These are; (1) tectonic breccias, (2) bedded or stratiform breccias, (3) breccia pipes, (4) pebble dikes, and (5) igneous contact breccias. Multiple ages of brecc...Mines and mineral resources -- Utah -- Park City District Ore deposits -- Utah -- Park City district Brecote1973
4 Phillips, William RevellA crystal chemical classification of the chlorite mineralsThe chlorites are common minerals in many metamorphic ricks and in hydrothermal depostits where they are frequently associated with minerals of economic importance. As such, they represent a potential source of information about the minerals with which they are associated. Such use of the chlorites ...1954
5 Vadlamani, Bhaskar SravanNeutron Diffraction Study of Phase Transitions in Microporous-Columnar Si Electrodes for Li-Ion Batteries Using In-Situ Electrochemical Cell2017
6 Stika, MilanActinide Concentration Monitoring and Extraction from Molten Fluoride and Chloride SaltsThe electrochemical properties of actinides in molten salt are of importance in the nuclear pyrochemical material processing. Specifically, the ability to perform fast (real-time) concentration monitoring in such environments is of great importance (and currently not developed). This dissertation ai...Chemistry; Chemical engineering; Nuclear chemistry2017
7 Potter, Stephen AustinCharacterizing Background Seismicity in the Region Surrounding Milford, UtahA proposed site for the Department of Energy's Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy (FORGE) is located in southwestern Utah, in the Milford Basin, west of the Mineral Mountains. This site is at the intersection of the Intermountain Seismic Belt and the Pahranagat Shear Zone. This a...Geology; Geophysics2017
8 Mascio, Jeana RoseUsing an Optimal Estimation Algorithm to Describe the Mass-Dimensional Properties of Ice CloudsInterpretations of remote sensing measurements collected in sample volumes containing ice-phase hydrometeors are very sensitive to assumptions regarding the distributions of mass with ice crystal dimension, otherwise known as mass-dimensional (m-D) relationships. The uncertainties from these assumpt...Atmospheric sciences; Remote sensing2018
9 McCorkle, Taylor AlexandriaAn Evaluation of the Experimental High-resolution Rapid Refresh - Alaska Modeling System During Winter 2017The High-Resolution Rapid Refresh - Alaska (HRRR-AK) modeling system has been developed to provide high spatial (3 km horizontal) and temporal (0-36 hourly forecasts) guidance for weather conditions over Alaska. This study evaluated the experimental version of the HRRR-AK system available during the...Atmospheric sciences2017
10 Lin, WeiGEMTIP Modeling of Heterogeneous Rock Samples Using the Genetic Algorithms2017
11 Gowan, Thomas MichaelValidation of Mountain Precipitation Forecasts from the NCAR Convection-permitting Ensemble and Operational Forecast Systems over the Western United StatesConvection-permitting ensembles (CPEs) can capture the large spatial variability and quantify the inherent uncertainty of precipitation forecasts in areas of complex terrain; however, such systems remain largely untested over the western U.S. In this study, we assess the capabilities of deterministi...Atmospheric sciences2017
12 Bagri, PrashantMeasurement of Thermodynamic Properties of Rare Earth Chlorides in Molten LiCl-KCl Eutectic Salt for Waste Minimization from Pyrochemical Processing of Spent Nuclear FuelThe thermodynamic and electrochemical properties of rare earth chlorides in molten salt solutions are of interest from the standpoint of both pyrochemical processing of spent nuclear fuel and for the development of Generation IV nuclear reactors. Knowledge of key properties like activity coefficient...Chemistry; Nuclear engineering; Materials science2017
13 Adams, Shannon LaureenAnalysis of Process Monitoring to Support Safety and Safeguards Requirements for a Spent Nuclear Fuel ElectrorefinerDuring normal operations, the only deposition on a spent nuclear fuel electrorefiner cathode consists of uranium. A computer model, Enhanced REFIN with Anodic Dissolution (ERAD), was used to simulate conditions under which the electrorefiner salt was progressively contaminated from spent nuclear fue...Chemical engineering; Nuclear engineering; High Temperature Physics2017
14 Spaulding, Russel DaleThe use of subject matter experts to assess the intervention effectiveness of health and safety risk management systems in a cohort of United States minesIn the United States mining industry, fatality statistics from 2004 to 2015 have revealed that the reduction of mining fatalities has become stagnant. To improve safety beyond the levels obtained, safety and health risk management systems (SHRMSs) are being investigated by industry and academia. In ...Occupational health; Mining engineering; Systems science2017
15 Nielsen, Gregory BarryRegional correlation of diagenetic coloration facies and analysis of iron oxide cementation processes, Jurassic Navajo Sandstone, southwestern UtahThe effects of iron chemistry dominate the visual landscape of southwestern Utah, producing not only the well-known red rock scenery, but also a broad variety of other colorful features. Diagenetic coloration is perhaps best displayed in the magnificent cliffs of the Jurassic Navajo Sandstone, where...Geology; Geochemistry2010
16 Xue, YanweiLeast squares datuming and surface waves prediction with interferometryThe theories for least squares interferometric datuming from vertical seismic profile (VSP) to horizontal single well profile (SWP), the least squares interferometric VSP to surface seismic profile (SSP) transform and interferometric prediction and subtraction of surface waves are presented and appl...Geophysics2010
17 Gall, Ryan D.Highly Seasonal and Perennial Fluvial Facies: Implications for Climatic Control on the Douglas Creek and Parachute Creek Members, Green River Formation, Southeastern Uinta Basin, UtahThe early to middle Eocene Green River Formation consists of continental strata deposited in Laramide ponded basins in Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming. This study (1) documents fluvial and lacustrine strata from the Douglas Creek and Parachute Creek Members of the middle Green River Formation, southeast...Geology; Geophysics2017
18 Johnson, Cory JamesCoastal Margin Reservoir Quality: Subsurface Analysis of the Late Cretaceous John Henry Member, Kaiparowits Plateau, Southern UtahCore and outcrop exposures of the late Cretaceous John Henry Member (JHM) of the Straight Cliffs Formation, located in the Kaiparowits Plateau of southern Utah, offer an excellent opportunity to evaluate reservoir quality of paralic deposits. Paralic deposits are inherently complex due to multiple a...Geology2017
19 Coopman, QuentinModification of Arctic clouds by long-range aerosol transportThe Arctic region is warming particularly rapidly. Aerosol impacts on cloud microphysical parameters are still poorly understood. Aerosol-cloud interactions (ACI) play an important role for cloud radiative properties and climate change. A challenge in the study of ACI is the use of independent datas...Atmospheric sciences2017
20 Clow, Gary D.The Use of Borehole Temperature Measurements to Infer Climatic Changes in Arctic AlaskaPeriodic temperature measurements in the DOI/GTN-P Deep Borehole Array on the western Arctic Slope of Alaska have shown a strong near-surface permafrost warming over the last 40 years, particularly since ∼ 1990. Due to the manner in which these deep wells were drilled, the portion of the observed ...Geophysics; Paleoclimate Science2017
21 Zhu, YueJoint inversion of potential field and electromagnetic data using gramian constraintsOne of the major challenges in the interpretation of geophysical data remains the ability to jointly invert multiple geophysical datasets for self-consistent three-dimensional (3D) earth models of different physical properties. This dissertation develops a method of joint inversion of potential fiel...Geophysics; Electromagnetics2017
22 Kim, YounghwanAnalysis of the biomarkers detectable titanium dioxide nanotubes based sensing platformsTitanium dioxide nanotubes (TiO2-NTs) is such an attractive material because of photocatalysis, semiconductivity, biocompatibility, self-organization, and extremely large surface area. This thesis introduces several structural characteristics of TiO2-NTs synthesized by the electrochemical method. Al...Biomedical Engineering; Nanoscience; Nanotechnology2013
23 Young, O. E.The precipitation of Zinc from sulfate solutionsThe work of this thesis was carried on in the Metallurgical Research laboratories of the University of Utah,; in connection with the U. S. Bureau of Mines. The work was under the direct supervision of O. C. Ralstonn, who; is Metallurgist at the Salt Lake Station.Zinc -- Metallurgy, Calcium sulfate1917
24 Frith, C. W.A process for the treatment of oxidized zinc oresThe following experiments were performed by C. W. Frith under the supervision of M. Oliver C. Ralston, mettallurgist of the United States Bureau of Mines, at Salt Lake City, Utah. The operations were carried on in the metallurgical Laboratories of the University of Utah, Professor R. H. Bradford, Di...Zinc -- Metallurgy1917
25 Paddison, L. F.A plumb pneumatic jig experimentThe purpose of the Experiment is to determine to what extent the Plumb Pneumatic Jig would eliminate the quartz content and increase the zinc content in Zinc Concentrate Pile No.8.Mining engineering1917
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