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1 Rommel, Casey A.The Integration of a Clinical Prognostic Calculator for Traumatic Brain Injury within an Electronic Health Record2018
2 Thapa, BijayaAdvancement in Biomedical Magnetic Resonance Imaging and SpectroscopyThis dissertation comprises two separate studies: 1) efficacy of an anabolic steroid, oxandrolone, on the energy utilization of the heart of a lamb born with single ventricle (SV) physiology using 31P MR spectroscopy (MRS) and 2) signal behavior of ultra-high-b radial diffusion weighted imaging (UHb...Medical imaging; Physics; Physiology2017
3 Nielson, Jason RayIntramolecular interactions and lipid signaling regulate mitochondrial translocation of VMS1Mitochondria fulfill essential roles in a variety of cellular processes, including ATP generation, Fe-S cluster biogenesis, amino acid metabolism, lipid metabolism, and various signaling pathways. Consistent with their contributions to various processes, mitochondrial dysfunction leads to a wide ran...Genetics; Cellular biology; Biochemistry2016
4 Henrie, Brandon W.Analysis of endosomal sorting complex required for transport-iii protein functions in the abscission step of cytokinesisThe mammalian Endosomal Sorting Complex Required for Transport (ESCRT) pathway mediates the final membrane fission step of cytokinesis, known as abscission. Prior to abscission, the ESCRT machinery is recruited to the intercellular bridge that connects nascent daughter cells. Once there, subunits of...Biochemistry2013
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