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1 A History of Park City, 1869 to 18981971
2 Labor at the beginning of the 20th Centuryt: the carbon county, Utah Coal Fields 1900 to 19051972
3 The Western Federation of Miners1972
4 Nobility in BrazilThe new world has generally been quite hostile to the institution of nobility. During colonial times, titles and honors were usually restricted to governmental administration who rarely entered the mainstream of American life. With independence, nobility was generally rejected. Brazil, however, pres...1968
5 A Rhetorical analysis of the Rhetoric emerging from the Mormon-Black controversyThe general purpose of this research has been to explore and critically analyze the public rhetoric evolving fro the Mormon-black conflict. Three specific groups were delineated for this analysis: (1) the Church structure supporting and defending the present position of the Church; (2) selected indi...1973
6 Three Renaissance Episodes : the new World, the Armada, the Gunpowder plotThe discovery of the New World, the coming of the Spanish Armada, and the uncovering of the gunpowder Plot were three Renaissance episodes that influenced the attitude of Englishmen toward each other and toward other European countries, particularly Spain. When the Spanish followed Columbus to the N...1970
7 Al-Idrisi's Descriftion of SicilyThis thesis was started by a study and literal translation of al-ldrisi's description of the island of Sicily where he had lived for a considerable period of his life. This constitutes the Second Section of the Fourth Clime of his monumental geographical work entitled Nuzhat al-Mushtaq fi Ikhtiraq a...1977
8 Before EscalanteThe Ut0-Aztecan Family is a distinguished one and contains members that are culturally as diverse as the Maya and the "Digger Indians" of Nevada. It is similarities in language and not in culture traits that cause anthropologists to classify Indian tribes in families, and then to divide these large ...1952
9 Joseph L. Rawlins Father of Utah StatehoodTo call Joseph Rawlins the "Father of Utah" as did the Tribune in his obituary is perhaps giving him too much credit; to call him the Father of Utah Statehood is not, for he did as much as any man to bring Utah into the Union. It was while studying law that Rawlins first had thoughts about reforming...1973
10 The 1847 Mormon MigrationEach July the citizens of the State of Utah celebrate the "Days of 47," recognizing the Mormon Pioneers who traveled to the State in `1847. The culmination of this celebration takes place each year on July 24th, the day Brigham Young and others entered the Salt Lake Valley. It is Appropriate that th...1977
11 The Slave Trade of European Women to the Middle East and Asia from Antiquity to the Ninth CenturyIn the mid-ninth century, an Abbasid intelligence officer, Ibn Khurdadhbih, wrote a geography book, the extant sections of which describe the existing trade routes, products, and two major trade networks of the early Abbasid Empire. The Rus or Norse traders brought furs and swords from north to sout...Middle Eastern history; Womens studies; World History2016
12 Mapping the World in Medieval and Early Modern Western and Arabic Travel AccountsThis dissertation explores the construction of cultural knowledge of the world in both medieval and early modern Western and Arabic travel accounts, which have been until this present study largely examined separately. It argues that each culture conceptualizes the world according to a foundational ...Comparative literature; Medieval literature; Literature; Borrowing; Culture; Arabic language; Rituals; Maps; Metaphor; Conversation2017
13 Theorizing Socio-Mediated Scandals: Comparing Scandal Discourse in Traditional and Digital Media EnvironmentsPolitical scandals are a conspicuous characteristic of American democracy but have received little theorization that might nuance our understanding of their form and meaning. Drawing insights from previous literature on digital technology, participatory journalism, and the incorporation of social me...Communication; Political science2018
14 Thioredoxin-Interacting Protein Acts as a Metabolic Checkpoint for Coordinated Cell GrowthMetabolism is a fundamental process of all living organisms. Nutrient acquisition and utilization are tightly controlled for coordinated cell growth and execution of physiological function. However, cancer cells reprogram their metabolism to meet the increased bioenergetic, biosynthetic, and redox d...Molecular biology; Oncology2018
15 Out of the West: John M. Bernhisel, Washington, and the Mormon FrontierThis work examines the influence of the frontier on the rise and fall of Mormon Nationalism as seen through the eyes of Dr. John Milton Bernhisel. It argues that the failings of the social, political, and economic institutions of antebellum America prompted the Latter-day Saints to attempt to carve ...American history; Ancient history; Political science; Religious history2018
16 Young Women in Mormon Homelands, 1975-2000: An Oral History Project2018
17 The Communicative Constitution of Reproduction and Reproductive Genetic Testing for Sex and Gender Minorities: A Queer Standpoint ApproachAs sex and gender minorities face discrimination and substantial health disparities in facets of their health care, scholarly research has been undervalued in cultivating and assessing lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer experiences. In particular, assisted reproductive technologies and r...Communication; Genetics; LGBTQ studies2018
18 CenotaphThe poems collected in Cenotaph have as their genesis my deployments to Iraq for the U.S. Army in 2003 and 2005. The book expresses the contradiction, paradox, loss, and horrifically strange beauty of contemporary warfare. Written and revised over the course of eleven years, from 2003-2014, the poem...American literature2018
19 The L2 acquisition of phonemes and allophones under various exposure conditionsOne of the biggest challenges facing adult language learners is acquiring the sound system of the second language. While it has been shown that adults can acquire novel phones in their second language, the relevant features of the input available for use remain to be determined. Two proposed feature...2018
20 The growing mission of deliverance and judgement in the New England literary mind, 1834-1860Many New Englanders in 1861 eagerly greeted the outbreak of the American Civil War. Although they had had very little direct experience with the South, they strongly believed in a divine duty to rescue the slaves and inflict God's judgement on the Southern whites. The purpose of this paper is to tra...American literature -- 19th century -- History and criticism Slaves -- Emancipation -- United States1972
21 Articulate wisdom : rhetorical technique in John Donne's satiresThis study tries to account for the differences between Donne's and the other satires of the 1590's. It analyzes the five satires from the point of view of rhetorical technique, and finds that the poems use predominantly the devices of teaching. They at least pretend to be didactic discourse. Elizab...Donne, John, 1572-16311977
22 Pioneering physicians in Utah, 1847-1900"Pioneering Physicians in Utah, 1847-1900" is an attempt to give the reader perspective on the development of professional medicine in Utah between the time of its settlement in 1847 until the turn of the century. The paper begins with an introductory chapter on the part played by medicine and early...Physicians -- Utah -- History1976
23 The exodus of the Mormon colonists from Mexico, 1912Under the administration of Porfirio Diaz . foreign interests were welcomed into Mexico in order to ass ist in developing the country. In the northern states of Chihuahua and Sonora, Mormons from the western United States were welcomed and in 1885 their first colonies were founded. Following several...Mormons -- Mexico -- History1967
24 American diplomacy and the Indian nations : a brief study on Cherokee Indian removalThe study of American diplomacy is normally ,confined to analysis of the relations conducted between our sovereign nation and those nations defined by our Constitution as "foreign nations," or the territories and/or colonies under the purview of a sovereign power.Cherokee Indians -- Government relations1976
25 Corinne : a study of a freight transfer point in the Montana trade, 1869-1878Purpose of the thesis The purpose of this paper is to present an historical study of the economies life of a community in Utah.Corinne (Utah) -- History1951
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