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1 Brown, Barbara Jones"Enemies at home": race, citizenship, and the roots of Japanese American internment policyOn February 19, 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, authorizing the mass incarceration of some 110,000 Japanese Americans and aliens from the West Coast, southern Arizona, and Hawaii. About two-thirds of those interned were American citizens; most of the others were lo...Internment; Japanese American; Policy; "Race"; World War II2012-08
2 Lehnardt, Anna Samantha"I Shall Never Be Cited as a Bad Example": Religious Idealization and Humanity in Crusader Figures in the Chanson de Roland and RolandsliedThis text comparatively examines the tensions at play in the figural representations of Roland and Charlemagne/Karl in the Chanson de Roland and the Rolandslied, moving away from nationalist critiques of both works. It is primarily concerned with the juxtaposition between the idealized representatio...Comparative literature; French literature; German literature2018
3 Mcintire, Earl Henry"Raised money by hook and crook, got my paper out": Sunshine and shadow in the life seasons of editor and physician Dr. Elihu S. McIntire (1832-1899)Dr. Elihu S. McIntire (1832â€"1899) grew up on farms in Ohio and Indiana and was a physician who served as an assistant surgeon with the 78th Illinois Infantry Regiment during the Civil War. He practiced briefly in Dallas City, Illinois, and Grantsburg, Crawford County, Indiana, before settling i...Biography; Cultural History; Diary; Framing; Journalism History; Textual Silences2017
4 Gardett, Marie Isabel"Sometimes there are differences of opinion as to what the data mean": bureaucracy and facticity in the face of inconclusive scienceBureaucratic rhetorics have been largely overlooked in rhetorical scholarship, in part because of an assumed synonymy between bureaucratic approaches, purposes, and language uses and political ones. This dissertation applies rhetorical analysis to a case study of bureaucratic rhetoric-the 2011 U.S. ...FDA; Medicine; Philosophy of science; Rhetoric; Science; Technical writing2013-08
5 Block, Heidi Marie"Superheroes social skills": an initial study examining an evidence-based program for elementary-aged students with autism spectrum disorders in a school settingThe current study evaluated the effectiveness of a multimedia social skills program in increasing the social engagement skills of 4 elementary-aged students with an autism spectrum disorder. The Superheroes Social Skills for Children with Autism program incorporates several evidence-based practices ...Autism spectrum disorders; Generalization; Peer-mediated; Self-management; Social skills; Video-modeling2012-05
6 Lahr, Kelsey Elaine"This is what I've seen": climate change communication and the articulation of local and scientific knowledge in Yosemite National ParkClimate change is predicted to have profound effects on ecosystems around the globe. Yet meaningful policy to address climate change has yet to be enacted, and American publics are perceived as disinterested and unconcerned about the issue. Public lands have the potential to act as valuable sites of...climate change; environment; national parks; rhetoric2017
7 Laird, Katie"Wolves guarding sheep": how women police in London and Cape Town brokered a deal to protect and control women, 1914-1918At the outbreak of World War I, women in Britain and South Africa formed groups of volunteer police women who patrolled the streets for indecent behavior, found homes for runaway children, and encouraged moral behavior of young women and girls. Despite their success at penetrating one of the most ma...Police; Women Police; Policewomen; Women's movement; Suffrage; Britain; Social purists2016
8 Siska, Amanda Friz"You have to be your own doctor": neoliberal reconfigurations of expertise on thebump.comExpertise is increasingly relied upon in the making of decisions, particularly decisions pertaining to health and pregnancy. And yet, recent interactions between scientists and the American public have highlighted the fact that scientific expertise has become a contested, if not rejected, form of kn...authenticity; expertise; neoliberalism; online communities; pregnancy; rhetoric2013
9 Painter, Stephanie M.'This is not a marriage': husbandly virtue on trial in Qing dynasty lawThis master's thesis examines two visions of male failure during the Qing dynasty (1644 to 1912): husband suicide and husband killing. The adjudication of these cases created a gap between narrative rhetoric and judicial logic that complicated the clear-cut ideology of the Qing Code. I examine this ...CHASTITY; CHINA; GENDER; MARRIAGE; MASCULINITY; SUICIDE2016
10 Cox, Carl JonathanA 'two-fisted, three-party state': Utah's 1992 U.S. senate raceIn the 1992 United States Senate election, Utah continued its strong trend toward conservatism. Since the 1960s, Utahns identified themselves predominantly with the Republican Party. This ideological transformation occurred in conjunction with a significant population shift from urban areas to subur...Elections2011-08
11 Fazzi, Vincent PeterA Comparison of Public Education in the Philippines and Puerto Rico during American RuleThe purpose of this thesis is to provide a comparative study of American public education strategies in two of its colonial possessions at the beginning of the 20th century. The United States defeated the Spanish in 1899 and took over the Philippines and Puerto Rico, both of which shared a long hist...History; World history; Education history; Spanish-American War2018
12 Rogers, ChristopherA comparative grammar of XinkanThis dissertation is a comparative grammar of the four known Xinkan languages of southeastern Guatemala (Guazacapán, Chiquimulilla, Jumaytepeque, and Yupiltepeque). The goal of this grammar is twofold: to provide a thorough description of the Xinkan languages and to reconstruct Proto-Xinkan from wh...Endangered languages; Grammar; Language documentation; Mesoamerica; Xinkan; Xinca2010-08
13 Liu, YanqinA constructionist perspective on human rights tension between china and the u.s.Human rights are a controversial topic between U.S. and China. Although both countries embrace the concept of human rights, they have different understandings of what constitutes human rights. These differences derive from a variety of factors, including historical, cultural, and social contexts. Th...Human Rights; Social Construction; U.S.-China Communication2013
14 Silva, Wilson de LimaA descriptive grammar of DesanoThis dissertation provides a linguistic description and analysis of Desano, an endangered Tukanoan language of the Vaupes region of Brazil. Much valuable knowledge would be lost if this language were to become extinct without documentation. Several of the Tukanoan languages in the upper Amazon are h...Desano; Description; Documentation; Grammar; Morphosyntax; Tukanoan2012-08
15 A descriptive grammar of Koho-Sre: a Mon-Khmer languageKơho, a Mon-Khmer (Austroasiatic) language, is spoken by an indigenous population of more than 207,000 people located in Lâm Đồng province in the highland region of Vietnam. There are also several thousand additional members of this ethnic group who live in France and the United States (primari...Austroasiatic languages; Grammar; Mon-Khmer languages; North Carolina; Vietnam2014-12
16 Banks, JohnA document history of the Morrisites in UtahIn conformity with my belief that no historian should ever attempt to prove a thesis, I have satisfied myself with collecting testimony, document t and datum. With these before me I am able to form my own opinions respecting the Morrisite movement , and I have no tear but that the reader will be equ...Church of the First Born (Morrisites)1909
17 Altizer, Roger Alan Jr.A grounded legal study of the breakdown of modders' relationships with game companies or legal threats shake moral bedsThis dissertation utilizes law and society research, as well as communication advocacy, to frame analysis and offer an extra-legal solution to conflicts between modders, fans who create new content from existing videogames, and game companies. It utilizes grounded theory and the traditional legal ad...cease and desist; chilling effect; grounded theory; modding; participatory culture; video games2013-05
18 Jorgensen, John L.A history of Castle Valley to 1890There is perhaps no town, township, county or geographic region in the United states which could not be taken as a concrete subject for a study of local history.1955
19 Gillies, Richard E.A history of Lincoln County, Nevada, 1776-1874Local history has the tendency to become vague and colored with incredulity when not recorded. Certainly there is much to be written concerning any area. When a mining region is studied with all its fortune and misfortune, we find most individuals anxious to recall the colorful or the odd occurrence...Lincoln County (Nev.); History1959
20 Knell, Ellen ShipleyA longitudinal study of early English; immersion and literacy in Xi'an, ChinaThe present study investigated the efficacy of early English; immersion in the Shi Da Fu Elementary School in Xi'an, China. Three hundred and fifty one students were tested in Grades 1-6. There were two main purposes that motivated this longitudinal and cross-sectional study. The first goal was to ...English; as a foreign language (EFL); English; language teaching; English; oral language proficiency; Immersion programs; Second language (L2) literacy; Second language (L2) reading comprehension2010-12
21 Wallace, Catherine Eliza FrewA matter of moral agency: the religious impetus behind Woodrow Wilson's decision for unilateral belligerency in World War IWhy did President Woodrow Wilson not take advantage of the opportunity U.S. entrance into World War I afforded to extract promises from Allied leaders to commit to his postwar world vision? Wilson could have obligated the Allied governments to a postwar "peace without victory" settlement on his term...World War, 1914-19182012-05
22 Zamir, ChelseyA pigeon with two nests: a case of first- and second-generation iraniansFollowing the Iranian Revolution of 1979, Iranians migrated to the United States in substantial numbers. Ever since this large-scale migration to the United States, first-generation Iranian immigrants have struggled to adapt to every-day life in America while retaining their culture and identities. ...Culture; First-Generation Iranians; Identity; Immigration; Second-Generation Iranians2016
23 Hudgins, Charles GordonA relational approach to the moral value of privacyThis dissertation constructs a theoretical approach to understanding the moral value of personal privacy. In its current state, the philosophical literature on the moral value of privacy is fractured in that there are several differing approaches, each emphasizing different aspects of the problem. S...Autonomy; Internet; Privacy; Relational autonomy2013-08
24 Pischnotte, Zebulon AaronA sociolinguistic study of bitburger platt germanBitburger Platt, spoken in the Eifel region of western Germany, exhibits a merger of the Standard German (d) and (t) sounds, the reflexes of West Germanic *6 and *d, respectively. A chain shift yielded the modern Standard German variants. Biburger Platt, however, did not follow through ...German; Phonetics; Sociolinguistics2015-05
25 Schmitt, Casey SylviaA tale of two port cities: contraband trade, the asiento contract, and conflict in the early modern CaribbeanThe long and lucrative history of smuggling in the early modern period receives the attention of colonial scholars only as it relates to their isolated geographic field of study, ignoring the broader history that linked imperial economies in a mercantilist age. This thesis addresses the history of e...Asiento contract; Caribbean; Cartagena; Contraband trade; Jamaica; South sea company2011-05
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