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1 Almishaal, Ali A.Effects of Cochlear Compression and Efferent Feedback on Amplitude Modulation DetectionAmplitude modulation (AM) detection measures a listener's sensitivity to temporal envelope fluctuations. AM signals are ecologically relevant because the amplitude of speech fluctuates over time. The post-cochlear representation of AM may be influenced by processes that occur in the cochlea, where s...Audiology2017
2 Sharp, Ryan HughCareer Crescendo: A Mixed Methods Study on the Developmental Capacity of Psychological CapitalResearch surrounding psychological capital (PsyCap) continues to expand and develop as scholars and organizational leaders look to the strengths of positive psychology and integrate them into the workplace. While previous research has underscored connections between PsyCap and various organizational...Developmental psychology; Occupational psychology; Personality psychology; Organizational behavior2017
3 Smith, Alexander James BarkerImpact of Dietary Magnesium upon Insulin Sensitivity, Vascular Function, and Metabolic Complications During Development of Type 2 DiabetesBackground: Epidemiological data associates low magnesium (Mg) intake with greater risk of metabolic syndrome/diabetes, and Mg status is often compromised in diabetic patients. It remains unclear whether low Mg consumption may exacerbate the metabolic disruptions that occur during diabetes. Objecti...Endocrinology; Nutrition; Physiology; Epidemiology2017
4 McKown, Hayley B.The Effect of Physical Education Teacher Physical Appearance on Student Physical ActivityThe purpose of this study was to examine how perceptions of a physical educator's physical appearance affected student physical activity levels through the use of pedometers. It was hypothesized that students with a fit-appearing teacher would have higher step counts than students with an overweight...Physical education; Elementary education; Kinesiology2017
5 Graetzer, Daniel GuntherThermoregulatory, cardiovascular, and metabolic dynamics during prolonged cycling in normoconvective and hyperconvective environmentsTwelve competitive cyclists performed 90-minute cycling bouts at 70% Vo2max in normoconvestive (wind speed, <.2 mps) and hyperconvective (wind speed, 4.05 mps) environments with a controlled ambient temperature and humidity. Repeated measures ANOVA (R < .005) revealed that rectal temperature was hig...Cycling -- Physiological aspects1993
6 Walter, Christopher StevenPriming Error Detection to Augment Learning of an Upper Extremity Motor Task: A Proof-of-Principle StudyPreparing the nervous system prior to practicing a new task may be a viable way to augment motor learning. This approach, known as priming, attempts to make the nervous system more effective during practice by preparing it prior to practice. The development and adaptation of motor behavior occurs th...Neurosciences; Physical therapy; Experimental psychology; Physiology2017
7 Hagen-Lillevik, Synneva JeanLimited Postnatal Feeding Reduces the PPARy-Setd8-H4K20me-1_WNT Pathway in the Lung of Chronically Ventilated Preterm LambsPreterm neonates supported by invasive intermittent mechanical ventilation (IMV) often experience poor postnatal growth characterized by feeding intolerance and failure to thrive. One consequence of poor postnatal nutrition is reduced substrate availability such as essential fatty acids, and reduced...Nutrition; Developmental biology2015-05
8 Larson, Jessyka N.Fit 'n' Cool Kids: Children's Experiences and the Effects of Character Peer Modeling and Goal Setting on Children's Physical Activity and Fruit and Vegetable ConsumptionEfforts to decrease the risk of overweight and obesity from an early age should focus on children's physical activity (PA) and fruit and vegetable (FV) consumption. Within school-based interventions, there is insufficient evidence on the effectiveness of the use of peer modeling and goal setting to ...Public Health Education; Early childhood education; Physical education; Nutrition2017
9 Kraja, ArbenRecreation Suitability Mapping and Recreational Conflict Within the Wildland-Urban InterfaceThe Lake Mountains is the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) - Salt Lake Field Office's (SLFO) largest management area within the wildland-urban interface. According to Radeloff, Hammer, Stewart, Fried, Holcomb, and McKeefry, the wildland-urban interface (WUI) is "the area where houses meet or intermin...Natural Resource Management; Recreation2017
10 Hunt, Mercedes M.Employees' Perceptions of Sustainability Programs: A Multiple U.S. Convention Center Case StudySustainability programs are growing in importance to convention centers; however, development and the implementation of these programs is challenging. Some argue that employees are the linchpin to successful sustainability programs. This dissertation sought to understand employee perceptions of the ...Management; Sustainability2017
11 Heinemann, Angela M.Attitudes Towards Physical Education Activity of Parents Whose Children Are Homeschooled Versus Parents Whose Children Attend Public SchoolIn recent years, schools have been called upon to expand their efforts to increase physical activity related opportunities for children and adolescents. Although schools have been found to be a vital venue in obesity prevention, not all children and adolescents in the United States attend public sch...Health sciences; Kinesiology2017
12 Friske, Dana WeyburnEmergency preparedness in the PAC-12 conferenceNot all sports medicine programs have the recommended equipment and supplies that the National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA) has suggested in published position statements for appropriately managing emergency situations. Not all sports medicine programs have the recommended documentation of ...Medicine; Higher education2018
13 Beckett, Lauren NicoleProfiling Speech and Language Outcomes of Children with Cleft Palate at 39 Months of Age: Examining Predictors and Identifying Speech and Language CharacteristicsThe purpose of this study was to examine the speech/language skills of children with cleft palate and their noncleft peers at 39 months, profile the speech/language outcomes of children with cleft palate at 39 months, and extend previous studies examining pre- and postsurgery speech/language skills ...Speech therapy; Public health; Surgery; Physiology2017
14 Zimmer, Thomas JosephToward a better understanding of intrinsic motivation among adolescent males on outdoor trips within a residential treatment programIntrinsic motivation is important for adolescents enrolled in residential treatment programs. According to Self-Determination Theory intrinsic motivation can be increased in environments that facilitate autonomy, competence, and relatedness. Residential treatment programs are frequently successful i...Social work; Kinesiology; Recreation2010
15 Magel, John SheltonThe Influence of Psychosocial Variables on Treatment Outcomes, Expectations and Costs in Acute Low Back PainLow back pain (LBP) is a common and costly problem. Among the top primary care research priorities are identifying prognostic subgroups of patients with LBP and identifying specific management strategies based on relevant subgroups. The Start Back Screening Tool (SBST) is a primary care decision to...2015-05
16 Mattson, Rose EliseThe Association of Physical Activity Knowledge, Nutrition Knowledge, and Physical Activity Enjoyment in Low Socioeconomic Elementary School ChildrenAccording to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 17% of children and adolescents ages 2-19 are obese. The prevalence of childhood obesity is higher in minority and low sociodemographic (SES) populations. Comprehensive nutrition and physical activity interventions have resulted in reductions in ch...Physical education; Nutrition2017
17 Ouellette, Kristen AnnAcute changes in physical activity postbariatric surgeryBariatric surgery has become a prevalent and effective method to reduce body weight and improve the health profiles of morbidly obese individuals. However, variability in the success of the procedure exists, yet few research studies have examined lifestyle changes that may enhance surgical outcomes....Public health; Kinesiology2017
18 Ditolla, Charles MichaelA phenomenological examination of peace officers' experience in the aftermath of the use of deadly forceThis dissertation is a phenomenological study presented in a three-article format. The dissertation is a phenomenological exploration of the lived experiences of peace officers following the use of deadly force. This is a qualitative study with quantitative data integrated for the purposes of provid...Public health; Occupational psychology; Criminology2016
19 Stewart, Kelly Louiseassociation of sugar intake and inflammation in newly diagnosed colorectal cancer patientsColorectal cancer (CRC) is a global health problem. In the United States, approximately 1 in 20 people will be diagnosed with CRC in their lifetime. Typically, CRC is associated with inflammation. Many factors influence CRC risk and development, most of which work through an inflammation connection....Nutrition2017
20 Maxwell, Justin D.Effects of the personal fitness merit badge on cardio-metabolic risk, health-related fitness, and physical activity in adolescent boysA growing number of adolescents are more sedentary and are having fewer formal opportunities, such as physical education, to participate in physical activity. With the mounting evidence that sedentary time has a negative impact on cardio-metabolic profiles, health-related fitness, and physical activ...Physical education2016
21 Bohman, Charles FrederickA study of the recreation program in veterans hospitalsDuring World Wars I and II recreation received important emphasis as an aid in shortening convalescent periods for the ailing. Most Army, Navy , and Veterans Administration hospitals have included recreation programs in their organizations as an important part of the welfare service to the patient.Recreational therapy; Veterans' hospitals -- United States1950
22 Booz, Jaime A.Perceived gender in clear and conversational speechAlthough many studies have examined acoustic and sociolinguistic differences between male and female speech, the relationship between talker speaking style and perceived gender has not yet been explored. The present study attempts to determine whether clear speech, a style adopted by talkers who per...Audiology; Speech Therapy; Gender Studies2016-12
23 Wehmanen, Kyle WilliamExercise intervention to improve glucose toleranceIn 2012 over 27 million Americans were suffering from Type II Diabetes (T2DM), which cost the U.S. $245 billion dollars in health care costs. Luckily, lifestyle changes and exercise can slow or prevent development of the disease. The purpose of our studyCLIX-IR; diabetes; exercise training; HbA1c; insulin resistance; single-leg cycling2014
24 Weavil, Joshua ClewellThe development of neuromuscular fatigue during exercise in healthy older individuals and patients with heart failure with a preserved ejection fractionThe purpose of this dissertation was to examine the development of neuromuscular fatigue during exercise and the excitability of the corticospinal motor pathway in healthy aging and in patients with heart failure and a preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF). In the first study, I examined the relations...Kinesiology; Physiology2017
25 Pearson, Kelsey AnnThe association of prepregnancy body mass index, gestational weight gain, and child birth weight with markers of metabolic dysfunction in obese children and adolescentsPrevious studies have reported that maternal prepregnancy body mass index (BMI), gestational weight gain (GWG), and child birth weight are positively associated with cardio-metabolic risk factors. Physical activity and dietary habits may play a role in reducing these risk factors. The purpose of thi...Health sciences; Nutrition2017
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