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1 Bagley, Claire ValeneEditing in the choreographic process: "I am a work of fiction"Creative process; Dance; Film editing; Graphic novel; Montage; Pina BauschModern Dance2013-08
2 Baggs, BelleBeyond words: an embodied empathetic processChoreography; Empathy; Movement; RelationshipsModern Dance2011-08
3 Barker, Emmy PaiserA thousand steps around me: a study of discovering metaphor through manipulating repetition in danceMetaphor; Modern dance; RepetitionModern Dance2011-08
4 Nelson, Matthew APlease feel free: sensation, awareness, and choreographyChoreography; Mind and bodyModern Dance2008-05
5 Cappelletti, CorinneDance as a place-making device: examining environmental psychology and place-identity through choreography and performanceDance; Place identity; Place attachmentModern Dance2009-05
6 Airth, Paula SueBelongings: a material lineageArt/Art History2007-12
7 Beardsley, Amanda KayThis is the place: site-specificity in Ernesto Pujol's Awaiting (2010)Awaiting; Ernesto Pujol; Performance art; Place; Site-specificity; SituationismArt & Art History2011-08
8 Byrne Cranny, LouiseSituating Helen Frankenthaler's Wizard1963; FrankenthalerArt/Art History2014-05
9 Garcia, Efren CoradoWriting love on my arm: finding the voice of consciousness in the creative processChoreography; Consciousness; Creative process; Dance; Research; TherapyModern Dance2011-08
10 Campbell, MonicaTabula Rasa: let's begin again modern dance and social activismPolitics in dance; Social issues in danceModern Dance2009-05-14
11 Gray, Winston GrantDance theatre of Alwin NikolaisModern DanceTheatre1905-05-20
12 Tolman, Alyssa SuzanneThe search for individuality in the choreographic processChoreography; Individuality; Laban movement analysisModern Dance2014-08
13 Vance, Shannon NoelleSurfacing: finding an individual voice by living the honest language of the danceChoreography; Creative impulse; Creative process; Honesty; Individual voice; Movement languageModern Dance2010-08
14 Beaumont, Jennifer AnnDancing from within: the role of intuitionModern dance, Psychological aspects; Choreography, Psychological aspects; IntuitionModern Dance2008-08
15 Womack, Jessica SaraEmbodying tourism and performance: a new look at landscapeModern dance; Tourism and the artsModern Dance2008-08
16 Kim, Bo yeonA comparative study of selected secondary school preservice music teacher education programs in the republic of korea and the united statesKorea; Music Education; Music Teacher; Preservice Music Teacher Education; Teacher Education; The United StatesSchool of Music2015-12
17 Hawks, Aubrey MarieTania candiani's bordadora (2012): the intersecting histories of religion and women's labor in mexicoconfession; Contemporary art; Mexico; technology; women's laborArt & Art History2016
18 Bowman, MarcelThe human versus the supernatural: intervallic, motivic, and harmonic connections in stravinsky's the firebirdFirebird; Harmonic; Human; Princesses; Stravinsky; SupernaturalSchool of Music2015-08
19 Womack, EricaRunning from conscience: the compliant individualModern danceModern Dance2011-08
20 Davis, David EyerSlingshot out of the valley contemporary relevance of the local in the local art sceneArt & Art History2009
21 Decker, Donald JosephAre you my boyfriend? exploring a choreographic narrativeChoreography; Context;; Familiarity; Meaning; Narrative; SurpriseModern Dance2010-08
22 Fifer, Emily ScottMoving together: dance as an inroad to relationship and self-discoveryDance--Psychological aspects; Contact improvisationModern Dance2009-12-14
23 Ramos, AlysiaEmbodying eclecticism from potential to actualizationChoreography; Composition; Dance; Eclecticism; Embodiment; Nomadic theoryModern Dance2014-08
24 Quittner, Clifford JamesPromised valley: a design thesisTheatre design; Outdoor theatre; Salt Lake City; UtahTheatre1970-06
25 Derington, Krista TreuUsing rudolf laban's effort system as an inroad to choreographyArts-based research; Choreography; Dreams; Effort; LMA; Rudolf LabanModern Dance2015-05
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