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1 Quittner, Clifford JamesPromised valley: a design thesisTheatre design; Outdoor theatre; Salt Lake City; UtahTheatre1970-06
2 Derington, Krista TreuUsing rudolf laban's effort system as an inroad to choreographyArts-based research; Choreography; Dreams; Effort; LMA; Rudolf LabanModern Dance2015-05
3 Mielke, Benjamin AllenDance training as mechanism for overcoming the technologization of the bodyDigital realities; Interpersonal communication; Modern dance; Sociology; Technology; TimeModern Dance2013-08
4 Myers, Jamie MichelleStage peacocking: the amplified self in performanceAuthenticity in performance; Performance methods; Performance studies; Performance techniques; Performing dance; Self in performanceModern Dance2013-08
5 Niu, Li-ShaThe me of yours and the me of mine: an investigation of subjective self and objective self in danceChoreography; Dance; Objective self; Performance; Subjective selfModern Dance2011-08
6 Peng, Shih-YaAn exploration of vulnerability through creative process and performanceCreative process; Performance; VulnerabilityModern Dance2012-08
7 Katz, SamStockham: the father of digital audio recordingFilm and media arts; Digital audio recordingFilm & Media Arts2015-04
8 Lyver Harris, Emily RosePerforming the document in Francis Alys's re-enactments (2001)Francis Alys; Mexico City; Re-enactmentsArt/Art History2013-12
9 Jacobs, David KentThree creative projects in directing: an original play, a scripted film, a documentary filmCollege and school drama; Theater -- Production and direction; Documentary films -- Utah -- Salt Lake City; Mormon Church -- Welfare program, History -- 20th centuryTheatre1974-12
10 Bruce, Kelly M.Nothing but me: a study of identity through choreography, performance, and educationChoreography; DanceModern Dance2015-08
11 Hurtado, Laura AllredMotherhood and representation at the Sackler Center for Feminist Art: Judy Chicago, Catherine Opie, Canan SenolBreastfeeding; Catherine opie; Feminism; Judy Chicago; Motherhood; Sackler center for feminist artArt & Art History2011-08
12 Maksym, RebeccaCreolite and cultural cannibalism: reconstructing Cuban identity in the work of Marta Maria Perez Bravo and Maria Magdalena Campos-PonsAfrican diaspora; Créolité; Cuban contemporary art; Cultural cannibalism; Gender; IdentityArt/Art History2012-12
13 Sailer, Kathryn PatriciaEmbodied spectacle: an exploration of three-dimensional performanceChoreography; Installation; Modern dance; Postmodern; Site-specific; Three-dimensionalModern Dance2012-05
14 Moore, Amanda JaneMotion picturesArt/Art History2006-05
15 Carter, Nancy SimpsonBecoming large enough: encompassing subjective and objective perspectives in one wholeChoreography; Integration; Objective; Paradox; Somatics; Subjective; MovementModern Dance2010-08
16 Claudio, Juan CarlosReflections of self: male-male relationships as a source for choreographyModern dance; Masculinity; Gender identity in danceModern Dance2009-05-06
17 Hill, ScottiThe artist is not present: Andy Warhol's 1967 Utah "hoax" as performance and self-portraiturePerformance; Self-portraitureArt & Art History2011-08
18 Empey, Erin DoreanA collaboration: dance and theatreAudience; Collaboration; Dance; Performance; TheatreModern Dance2011-05
19 Habel, Shana LHistory of the modern dance program at the University of Utah 1968-1989Dance education; Dance history; Elizabeth R. Hayes; Higher education; Modern dance; University of UtahModern Dance2010-07
20 Hane, Julianna GaillardStruggle for flight: the process of making aerial dancesAerial dance; Modern danceModern Dance2010-08
21 Hardwig, George ScottDance hacking: digital technology and the performing bodyDance; Digital; Performance; Screendance; TechnologyModern Dance2014-08
22 Maguire, PatrickTerminal structures: Ant Farm's Cadillac Ranch, 1974Ant farm; Cadillac ranch; Land art; Minimalism; Monument; SculptureArt/Art History2014-08
23 Martin, Eliza AbigailBodily transfer and sacrificial gestures: rethinking the Hungry Tigress Jataka in Mogao Cave 254Buddhist art; Chinese art; Jataka; karma; Sinicization; StupaArt/Art History2014-08
24 Ramos, AlysiaEmbodying eclecticism from potential to actualizationChoreography; Composition; Dance; Eclecticism; Embodiment; Nomadic theoryModern Dance2014-08
25 Bagley, Claire ValeneEditing in the choreographic process: "I am a work of fiction"Creative process; Dance; Film editing; Graphic novel; Montage; Pina BauschModern Dance2013-08
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