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1 Two of Saariaho's Harmonic Principles and Their Influences on Formal Design and A Selection of General Zhang's Limericks for Baritone, Men's Choir and Chamber OrchestraThis dissertation contains two parts. Part I is a theoretical study of the harmonic character of Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho's music. In the process of examining 13 of her compositions, two major harmonic principles, the use of a signature set and the use of interval classes 1 and 2, are discuss...Musical composition2018
2 Chester, NJ" for full orchestra and electronics, and, The chromatic scale and other iterative loops in Beat Furrer's Konzert fuer Klavier and OrchesterChester, NJ is a composition for electronics and full orchestra that explores the relationship between the propensity for artificiality inherent in electronic music and the richly human experience of performing orchestral music. The work unfolds in four distinct sections, outlining a slow moving sym...Music2016
3 Teamwork" : a study in sculpture of football playersA work of sculpture is basically ornamental in its true sense-- which is to render honor and recognition. It may be beautiful or grotesque, colossal or small, but the primary purpose of its existence is to enhance and give meaning and significance to some particular location. The statue, bust, or re...Subjects Sculpture; American; Utah; Salt Lake City1951
4 Translation and adaptation to english of the french plays "Marius " and "Fanny" by Marcel PagnolFrench playwrights are not satisfied in pleasing the public only. There is usually an attempt to breathe life into an idea.French drama -- Translations into English1953
5 An analysis of Anton Bruckner's symphony number seven in E majorThe purpose of this thesis concerning Anton Bruckner's Seventh Symphony is to present a detailed analysis of the composition and to make it of value to anyone interested in the work of Bruckner. An intensive written analysis is given and the formal structure and tonal relationships are shown by diag...Bruckner, Aton, 1824-1896. Symphony no. 7, E major1972
6 Analysis of Schubert symphony no.8 in B minorThis thesis contains four chapters. Chapter I discusses pertinent information concerning the writing, first performances, and success of Schubert's Symphony No. 8 in B minor, known as the Unfinished Symphony. Chapter II describes in detail the form of each of the movements. Chapter III is composed o...Schubert; Franz; 1797-1828. Symphonies; D. 759, B minor1955
7 Human Sterilization in UtahApplied eugenics attempts to improve the human racial stock from two angles,--the positive and the negative. Positive eugenics is interested in the increase in birth-rate of physically and mentally superior individuals; negative eugenics is concerned with the restriction of the reproduction of the h...Involuntary sterilization; Utah1933
8 A personal philosophy: its basis and implicationsA consciousness of past art history that was based on a superficial understanding of the nature of reality in which painting remained tied to an ideal of scientific representation has led me to make an account about the expansion of man's reality in art. This is a philosophic activity that I have in...Art; Philosophy1970
9 Authorship and architectural influences on the Salt Lake TempleThe question of ultimate architectural origins for the Salt Lake Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a problem that cannot be easily solved as a number of factors enter into the process of initial concept; design, and construction of the building. The solution lies with a co...Salt Lake Temple Church architecture; Designs and plans Mormon temples; Utah; Salt Lake City1972
10 We gender: and so can you!The following writing is a collection of thoughts and explanations of my choreographic thesis project, which was a practice in combining two unique art forms: Drag and modern dance. In this process, I was asked, "Do you have a point of view beyond ‘Drag is good?'" My ideas revolving around my proj...Dance; Gender studies2017
11 Salad Days: work, Covenant, and the childThis thesis has become an intermingling conversation between two threads. On one hand, I write in-depth reflections concerning my creative work, Salad Days, completed in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Master of Fine Arts in Modern Dance. At the same, this is a personal manifesto. I si...Dance2017
12 Performativity and identity in the illuminated photographs of the Countess de CastiglioneThe illuminated photographs of the Countess de Castiglione are unique in the way they demonstrate identity and performativity both through documentation and through fictionality. By combining photography and painting, the Countess created new personas for herself that interrogated the feminine roles...Art history2013
13 Are you my boyfriend? exploring a choreographic narrative2010
14 A study in correlations between discriminative abilities, hard opposites and class standingIn the study of the transfer of training or formal discipline; and in the attempt to standardize a series of mental and physical tests for the determining of the general intelligence of individuals, practically all the tests used have brought out the importance of the sensory discriminative ability ...Intelligence tests1916
15 University of Utah charities and correctionsIn order to establish a working basis for my thesis on Charities and Corrections, I have given a brief historical survey of charity, and a general summary of methods of relief employed in a number of European Countries-France, Germany, and England, as well as examples of relief work in various state...Charities -- Utah; Social problems -- Utah1915-07
16 The hopefuls: growing sideways in the choreographic processContemporary American cultural hegemony often dictates notions of innocence and imposes them onto children. When we are not able to locate the child figure as queer, we may reinforce institutionalized heteronormative standards of binary thinking. Simultaneously, we limit the identity space from whic...Children's Studies; Innocence; Modern Dance; Queer; Queer Theory; Romanticism2017
17 "Living with our toxic legacy": parafictional practice and the national toxic land/labor conservation serviceThe way in which land is used and developed by the United States government has recently, over the past decade, become a topic of interest to individual artists and collectives. The National Toxic Land/Labor Conservation Service (NTLCS) is one such collective that tracks government funded greenwashi...contemporary art; greenwashing; national wildlife refuge; parafiction; performance art; toxicity2017
18 Antonio Henrique Amaral's Battlefield paintings (1973-1974) and the Brazilian military dictatorshipMy thesis explores how Brazilian artist Antônio Henrique Amaral grappled with the censorship and oppression of the military regime (1964-1985) in his series of oil paintings entitled Campos de batalha (Battlefields, 1973-1974). In these works, he included various representations of bananas that are...Antonio Henrique Amaral; Banana; Brazil; Dictatorship; Human Rights' Abuses; Painting2017
19 Exploring personal truth: staging a theatre of the bodyThis thesis explores the performer's idiosyncrasy as a source of inspiration to (re)create a theatre of bodily experience. Conducting my own research in performing arts, I often experienced a theatre that was lacking physicality. On the contrary, dance theatre captivated me by allowing the body of t...abscence; biography; body; dance-theatre; experience; presence2017
20 Army of self: dance democracyThis thesis is an analysis of the creative work that brings to life a concept that I am developing called army of self. This concept addresses the idea that, at any given time, we embody different versions of our past or present self. These variations emerge through daily life and creative expressio...Comfort Women; Dance Choreography; Democracy; Modern Dance; Sleep No More; Taiwanese History2017
21 The language of fibers: how movement emerges from space harmony theory and architectureFrom the perspective of a choreographic artist, 'The Language of Fibers: How Movement Emerges from Space Harmony Theory and Architecture' discusses the creative process through the lens of two theoretical frameworks. Rudolf Laban’s Space Harmony Theory examines the relationship between the hum...Architecture; dance; Laban; Space Harmony2016
22 From tremor to movement: a choreographic process with fitzmaurice voiceworkThis thesis examines the process of using Fitzmaurice Voicework (FV) in a choreographed dance. I hypothesized that using FV would generate a different choreographic process beyond habitual movement patterns, and investigated these questions: Through the breaking down of habitual technique patterns, ...choreography; Fitzmaurice; improvisation; technique; tremor; Voicework2016
23 The stage of the early restoration from contemporaneous literatureThe material concerning the playhouses of the early Restoration is very scarce and rather obscure. Pepys' Diary is one of the chief sources and in it are used different names indiscriminately. This much, however, is obvious: during this period, there were two important theatres, which were used by...Theater - England - London - History1909-06-02
24 Race, sexuality, and power in Ivens Machado's video performance Escravizador-Escravo (1974)Brazilian artist Ivens Olinto Machado's experimental video, Escravizador-Escravo (1974), deploys the body to elucidate a violent power struggle between the artist and an Afro-Brazilian man. The video constructs clear hierarchal relationship between the two actors while also introducing a homoerotic ...Brazilian Video Art; Escravizador-Escravo; Gilberto Freyre; Homosexual Relations; Ivens Machado; Racial Democracy2016
25 Metamorphosis: radically imagining the body through collage and the grotesqueThis thesis focuses on metamorphosis, defined as a dynamic state of in-betweens, the meeting point of the paradoxical and absurd, a junction where extreme opposites may coexist. It is a constant collage of isolated and alienated parts that have been ripped, cut, and torn and then reorganized into a ...art; body; choreography; dance; grotesque; paradox2016
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