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1 Avula, Mahender nathHydrogel based multianalyte microsensor arrays for metabolic monitoringBiosensor; Continuous glucose monitoring; Hydrogel; Multianalyte microsensor arrays; Metabolic monitoringMechanical Engineering2010-08
2 Baker, James BrandonDetermining specular, diffuse, and ambient color material properties of industrial plant primitivesAutomation; Computer aided design; Computer vision; Industrial plants; Material properties; Numerical inversionElectrical & Computer Engineering2014-05
3 Barnes, Owen R.A wearable underactuated kinesthetic device for inducing arm swing during gait rehabilitationMechanical Engineering2015-05
4 Baker, Justin JeffreyDexterous finger movements: decoding neuro- and myoelectric signals and properties of finger-related neurons in motor cortexBrain-computer interface; Decode; Finger; Motor cortex; Neuroprosthetics; Myoelectric prosthesis; Myoelectric signals; Implantable MyoElectric Sensors; IMESBioengineering2010-08
5 Bates, JeffreypH-Responsive hydrogel-based chemomechanical sensors designed for disposable dioreactor applicationsCharacterization; Chemical sensors; Chemomechanical sensors; Hydrogel; Optimization; pH SensorsMaterials Science & Engineering2013-12
6 Batchu, SatishAutomatic extraction of behavioral models from simulations of analog/mixed-signal (AMS) circuitsAMS; Analog/mixed-signal; Modeling; Petri-net; Simulation; VerificationElectrical & Computer Engineering2011-05
7 Kim, Hyun ChanDynamic traveler response model for seismic risk analysis of transportation systemsRoads; Transportation; Earthquake hazard analysisCivil & Environmental Engineering2009-05
8 Kwak, SeokhwanHydrotreating heavy oils over a commercial hydrodemetallation catalystHydrotreating heavy oils; Heavy oils; Commercial hydrodemetallation catalyst; Uinta Basin; BitumenChemical and Fuels Engineering1994-08
9 Lin, Liang ChingThe kinetics of the pyrolysis of tar sands and of the combustion of coked sandsTar sands; Coked sands; Pyrolysis; Uinta Basin; UtahFuels Engineering1988-12
10 Venkatesan, Valadi N.Fluid bed thermal recovery of synthetic crude from bituminous sands of UtahFluid bed thermal recovery; Synthetic crude; Bituminous sandsMining and Fuels Engineering1980-03
11 Chu, Kuang-ShingEffect of bitumen-derived coke on deactivation of hydrodemetallation catalyst (Abstract)Hydrodemetallation catalyst; Bitumen-derived coke; Chemical and fuels engineeringChemical and Fuels Engineering1995-06
12 Deshpande, Deepak AnantApplication of three phase ebullited bed reactors to petroleum upgradingThree phase ebullieted bed reactors; Petroleum; BitumenFuels Engineering1992-08
13 Hwang, JongsicApplication of dynamic supercritical fluid extraction to the recovery and upgrading of complex hydrocarbon mixturesFluid extraction; Hexadecane; Crude oil; Hydrocarbon mixturesChemical and Fuels Engineering1993-03
14 Subramanian, MurugesanSupercritical fluid extraction of oil sand bitumens from the Uinta Basin, UtahSupercritical fluid extraction; Uinta Basin; BitumensChemical and Fuels Engineering1996-12
15 Tang, HOng QingCombustion of carbonaceous residues on spent oil sands in a transport reactor (Abstract)Carbonaceous residues; Spent oil sands; Transport reactorChemical and Fuels Engineering1995-08
16 Anderson, Grant SeamanIntegrated low noise, low power amplifiers, and control for the recording of electrocorticogramsBrain-computer interfacesElectrical & Computer Engineering2009-08-05
17 Abaya, Tanya Vanessa F.Implantable light delivery interfaces for optical neural stimulationInfrared neural stimulation; Neural array; Optical stimulation; Optogenetics; Optrodes; WaveguidesElectrical & Computer Engineering2013-12
18 Abraham, Jacob Isaac KalunakaaheleFeasibility study of a natural gas storage prospect reservoir using decline curve and hysteresis analysisDecline; Deliverability; Engineering; Hysteresis; Reservoir; StorageChemical Engineering2015-05
19 Adams, Bryan KeithInterrater reliability of the Utah ergo analyzerHuman engineering; Overuse injuriesMechanical Engineering2009-03-10
20 Adjei, Christian AmeviMCNP5 and GEANT4 comparisons for preliminary fast neutron pencil beam design at the University of Utah TRIGA systemCivil & Environmental Engineering2012-12
21 Agrawal, PiyushIncorporating link correlations in models and algorithms for localization in wireless sensor networksKernel methods for localization; Localization; Network distance estimation; Shadowing; Correlations; Statistical channel modeling; Wireless sensor ad hoc networks; Linkers (Computer programs); Wireless sensor networksElectrical & Computer Engineering2012-05
22 Beeman, Michael GDesign and evaluation of an advanced adiabatic compressed air energy storage system at the Michigan-Utah mineAdiabatic; Advanced; Air; Compressed; Energy; StorageMechanical Engineering2010
23 Beh, DavidCorrosion resistant concrete using corrosion resistant steelConcrete; CorrosionCivil & Environmental Engineering2013-08
24 Bhatia, AshishLaser annealing and defect study of chalcogenide photovoltaic materialsChalcogen; Laser annealing; Photovoltaic; Semicondcutor defectsMaterials Science & Engineering2013-08
25 Besser, Brandon TylerPrecast lightweight concrete panels reinforced with glass fiber reinforced polymer barsBridges; Decks; Fiber reinforced polymer; Lightweight concrete; Normal weight concrete; Shear resistanceCivil & Environmental Engineering2011-05
1 - 25 of 993