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1 Carter, George W.Engineering factors relating to the production of smokeless fuel, oil and gas from Rocky Mountain coals, by low temperature carbonizationOne-hundred and forty-eight human souls in the small town of Winter Quarters near Omaha, set out on April 7, 1847 to find a new place under the sun where there would be no religious persecution. On July 24th, one-hundred and nine days after the arduous trek was begun, this hardy band of Mormon pione...Smoke prevention; Coal, carbonization1934
2 Gardner, Reed McArthurDynamic aortic diameter measurements in vivo using Roentgen videometryA technique for quantitation of the elastic characteristics of the aorta in vivo has been developed and tested in dogs and humans. The method depends upon angicardiographic data recorded with a video system to quantitative pulsatitel changes in vascular size. From such measurements of diameter and...Physiology1968-06
3 Weeks, Joseph KeithFluidized-bed processing of Utah tar sandsAn indirect thermal method for recovering bitumen from oil-impregnated rock or tar sand using a two-stage, fluidized-bed reactor is developed. Ground tar sand is fed into a coking bed with a screw conveyor, where the bitumen is cracked, releasing volatile hydrocarbons and coating the sand particles ...Oil sands, Utah1977
4 Davis, MarkFriction reduction in co-axial catheter systemsThe purpose of these experiments was to evaluate the effectiveness of treating manufactured catheters with radio-frequency induced plasma to obtain decreased static and dynamic friction between treated and non-treated catheters. This was accomplished by treating the catheters for 0, 5, 30, 120 and ...Silicone Elastomers; Silicone Rubber1983-12
5 Bareiss, Daman FModel-based collision avoidance for dynamic single- and multi-robot systems: theory and application in ground and aerial robotsThis dissertation solves the collision avoidance problem for single- and multi-robot systems where dynamic effects are significant. In many robotic systems (e.g., highly maneuverable and agile unmanned aerial vehicles) the dynamics cannot be ignored and collision avoidance schemes based on kinemati...Collision Avoidance; Mobile Robot; Motion Planning; Multi-Robot2016
6 Bishaw, Birhanu BogaleEffect of high strength materials on the seismic performance of reinforced concrete moment resisting framesThis research investigates the effect of using a combination of high strength concrete (HSC), high strength steel (HSS), and steel fibers on the seismic performance of moment resisting frames (MRFs). In the first part of the study, reinforced concrete components were tested in the laboratory under m...Beam-column; Concentrated plasticity; Deteriorating models; Fiber reinforced concrete; High strength concrete; High strength steel2016
7 Abdullah, Osama MahmoudInterrogating the origin and behavior of magnetic resonance diffusion tensor scalar parameters in the myocardiumMyocardial microstructure plays an important role in sustaining the orchestrated beating motion of the heart. Several microstructural components, including myocytes and auxiliary cells, extracellular space, and blood vessels provide the infrastructure for normal heart function, including excitation ...Diffusion; Heart Failure; heart growth; microcirculation; microstructure; MRI2016
8 Anderson, CollinNeural and behavioral responses to deep brain stimulation of the subthalamic nucleusParkinson's Disease (PD) motor symptoms, characterized most commonly by bradykinesia, akinesia, rigidity, and tremor, are brought about through the degeneration of dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra pars compacta, which leads to changes in electrophysiological activity throughout the basal...Deep Brain Stimulation; Information Theory; Parkinson's Disease2016
9 Cantu, PreciousPatterning via optical saturable transitionsFor the past 40 years, optical lithography has been the patterning workhorse for the semiconductor industry. However, as integrated circuits have become more and more complex, and as device geometries shrink, more innovative methods are required to meet these ...Diffraction; Lithography; Nanopatterning; Optical nanolithography; Optics; Photochromic2015-08
10 Angel, NathanCardiac structure and mechanisms of fibrillationFibrillation is defined as turbulent cardiac electrical activity and results in the inability of the myocardium to contract. When fibrillation occurs in the ventricles, it is known as ventricular fibrillation (VF). The consequence of VF is sudden death unless treated immediately. Fibrillation can al...Cardiac Electrophysiology; Cardiac Fibrillation2016
11 Aras, Kedar KirtikumarBioelectric source characterization of acute myocardial ischemiaDespite a century of research and practice, the clinical accuracy of the electrocardiogram (ECG) to detect and localize myocardial ischemia remains less than satisfactory. Myocardial ischemia occurs when the heart does not receive adequate oxygen-rich blood to keep up with its metabolic requirements...Cardiac Electrophysiology; Coronary Artery Disease; ECG; Heart Attack; Myocardial Ischemia; Physiology2015
12 Jamison, Ryan DaleAerothermoelastic modeling of hypersonic vehiclesOver the last few decades, aerothermoelasticity has become an ever increasingly important area of study. This has been most notably influenced by the development of hypersonic aircraft that surpass Mach 3. At such speeds, the elastic response of an aircraft to the aerodynamic heating and loading bec...Hypers; Fluid-structure interaction2008-12
13 Jia, YunluParticulate formation from pulverized coal under oxy-fuel combustion conditionsAerosol particulates are one of a variety of products generated by coal combustion. The objectives of this study were to elucidate ash particulate formation during oxy-fuel pulverized coal combustion compared to O2/N2 combustion. Oxy-fuel coal combustion conditions provide exhaust gas with a high co...Coal; Combustion; Oxy-fuel; Particulate formation2015-08
14 Lodder, Michael AlanBiologically motivated predictions for dynamic power in VLSI circuitsAs Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) circuits continue to shrink in size and increase in complexity, device design is increasingly power constrained. Currently, engineers must design their chips and then perform lengthy simulations in order to generate accurate power estimates. Once power predictio...Integrated circuits2008-12
15 Orr, Joseph AllenAn Anesthesia alarm system based on neural networks.The alarms in most patient monitoring devices are threshold alarms that call attention to the value of a single measured parameter. These threshold alarms do not aid in diagnosis and tend to have high false alarm rates. This dissertation describes a neural network based anesthesia alarm system tha...Neural Networks (Computer); Respiration, Artificial; Signal Processing, Computer-Assisted1991-06
16 Crandall, Kyle L.Detecting slip in a vehicle perched on a dynamic perchThere has been much research on how to get unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to perch on many different types of surfaces and objects, including flat surfaces, ramps, tree branches, power lines, etc. Many of these surfaces are static and it is easy to detect falls using inertial sensors such as accele...Fall Detection; Sensing; Unmanned Aerial Vehicles2015
17 Craig, Seth LorenzoA study of fracturing and heat transfer in enhanced geothermal systemsEnhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) have the potential to tap vast amounts of energy. In order to improve EGS functionality, in depth experimental and computational studies of the heat transfer and fracture mechanics of bench top geothermal rock analogs were performed. These experiments contribute t...EGS; Experimentation; Heat Transfer; Hydraulic Fracturing; Raft River; Thermal Fracturing2016
18 Cox, James AllenSignificance of pH variance in predicting chemical reaction in hot mix asphaltHot Mix Asphalt (HMA) is a combination of siliceous, calcareous, or intermediate aggregates from selected sources, blended with asphalt binders from various asphalt binder producers. These components are modified by additional additives to enhance the bonding of the binders and aggregates. Concern o...Asphalt; Chemical; pH; Reaction; Significance; Variance2016
19 De bever, Joshua ThomasAdaptive model-predictive control and 3d acoustic radiation force imaging for the improvement of magnetic resonance-guided focused ultrasound therapiesFocused ultrasound (FUS) is a promising noninvasive and radiation-free cancer therapy that selectively delivers high-intensity acoustic energy to a small target volume. This dissertation presents original research that improves the speed, safety, and efficacy of FUS therapies under magnetic resonanc...Acoustic Radiation Force Imaging; Focused Ultrasound; Model-Predictive Control; MRI2015
20 Minck, Lindsay K.Design, deployment, and initial calibration of a tower for greenhouse gas measurementsGreenhouse gases (GHGs) within the atmosphere are increasing as a result of human activities, per the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and this being a factor in rising temperatures associated with global warming. The general objective of this thesis is detection of CO2 and CH4 by d...Carbon dioxide; Footprint; Greenhouse gases; Methane; Sonic anemometer; Tower2015-05
21 Minalga, EmileeA twenty-channel radio frequency coil for improved magnetic resonance imaging of the optic nerveThe purpose of this thesis was to design and construct a radio frequency (RF) coil array for imaging the optic nerve on a 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner. The goal of the work was to increase signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) from the eye orbits to the optic chiasm, compared to the SNR of...Magnetic resonance imaging; Optic nerve; Phased array; Rf coil2012-05
22 Myers, MaxwellControl of inverter-assisted single-phase induction generatorsThis thesis investigates the problem of producing power using a single-phase induction machine. Single-phase induction motors are typically nonsymmetric two-phase motors, also called split-phase motors, with a main winding and an auxiliary winding. We consider the control of power delivered by the m...control, induction machine, parameterization2012-12
23 Morrill, Michael RobertSingle particle model for in flight sorbent capture of mercuryMercury contamination in the planet's oceans and lakes presents a growing threat to human health and safety. The bioaccumulation of methyl mercury in fish and other aquatic life is rendering them increasingly unfit for human consumption. Accumulation of mercury in groundwater is also a growing ha...Mercury--Decontamination; Mercury--Environmental aspects2010-03-30
24 Moran, Patrick RyanCharacterization of the vitreoretinal interface and vitreous in the porcine eye as it changes with ageCases of child abuse, specifically abusive head trauma (AHT) or shaken-baby syndrome (SBS), have long been associated clinically with retinal hemorrhages (RH). Previous research has shown that the vast majority (~85%) of AHT cases present with some type of RH. Traumatic RH is initiated by an externa...Mechanics, Porcine, Vitreous2012-12
25 Musunuru, AnushaA reliability-based geometric design approach to freeway number of lanes decisionsFor more than twenty years, the introduction of reliability-based analysis into roadway geometric design has been investigated. This type of probabilistic geometric design analysis is well suited to explicitly address the level of variability and randomness associated with design inputs when compare...Annual average daily traffic; design hourly volume; Free flow speed, Level of service; Monte Carlo simulation; reliability2014-05
1 - 25 of 1,051