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2 Direct equivalence testingTesting embedded software is difficult. • Further complicated by presence of memory and type safety errors in software. • Compiler contain various known bugs. Developers are skeptical to upgrade the compilers. • Is your embedded software affected by memory safety and compilation erro...
3 A code size microbenchmark for CMotivation ? No compilers could always generate smaller code than others ? Hand-optimized code is often hard to understand ? Programmers tend to write readable code and trust compilers generate fast and compact code for them ? There is a plenty of room for improving compiler optimizations Our ...
4 A directional occlusion shading model for interactive direct volume renderingVolumetric rendering is widely used to examine 3D scalar fields Key aspect: provide perceptual cues to aid in understanding the data set Shading models with natural lighting conditions better convey depth information and spatial relationships Traditionally require considerable (pre)computatio...
5 Introduction to computer concepts
6 SWEL: hardware cache coherence protocols to map shared data onto shared cachesIn chip multiprocessors, replication of cache lines is allowed to reduce the latency each core has to access a cache line. Because of this replication, it is possible for one copy of data to become out of date if another copy of that data is modified. How a MESI protocol accomplishes this: ? K...
7 Gravity flow of bulk solidsThere is hardly an industry in existence which does not use solid materials in bulk form. Where the volume of the solids is substantial, gravity is usually relied upon to cause the solids to flow. Such materials as ores, coal, cement, flour, cocoa, soil, to which the general term of bulk solids is a...1961-10
8 Stress and velocity fields in gravity flow of bulk solidsThis paper is an extract from a Ph.D. thesis written by Johanson in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Utah; it follows earlier publications by Jenike [e.g. 1,5]. The purpose of the work has been to develop a mathematical theory of flow of bulk solids. Th...1962-05
9 Graphical man/machine communications: November 1966Semiannual progress report for period ending 30 November, 1966.1966-11
10 Graphical man/machine communications: May 1967Semiannual technical report for period ending 15 May, 1967.1967-05
11 Improving communication between man and computers: some recent developments1967-10-11
12 Radiative pair transitions in p-type ZnSe:Cu crystalsShallow levels with an ionization energy of 0.012 eV play an important role in the photoelectronic properties of p-type ZnSe:Cu crystals. These levels exhibit the characteristics of the higher-lying member of an imperfection pair involved in luminescence emission, as well as of a trap determining lo...Ionization energy; Luminescence emission; Crystals1968
13 A hidden line algorithm for halftone picture representationIn exploring applications in computer graphics, one finds quickly that the representation of three dimensional objects in picture form is both a desirable and necessary capability. Applications dealing with any form of spatial design or with visual environment simulation need the ability to represen...Halftone picture representation; Spatial design1968
14 Graphical man/machine communications: November 1968Semi-Annual Technical Report 1 June - 30 November 19681968
15 Graphical man/machine communications: February 1968Technical report No. RADC - TR - 68 - 90 for the period ending 30 November, 1967. Two classes of research activities are being conducted. One is research in information processsing system technology. The other is researach in application of interactive computing technology to the solution of severa...Fluid flow problems1968-02
16 Dislocations in GaAs17-xPxDislocations, their origins, and their effects on photoluminescence efficiency have been studied in GaAs1-xPx single crystals grown by vapor phase epitaxy. Dislocations were observed using etch pit, optical-transmission microscopy, and x-ray topography techniques. Two types of dislocations are grown...Photoluminescence efficiency; Growth mechanism; Optical transmission microscopy1969
17 Translation of Rl7 RNA fragmentsExamination of the events during infection of cells by RNA phages reveals phemonomena that are surprisingly complex for a virus that has only enough information to code for three to four proteins. The coat protein is synthesized at a rapid rate through most of the infectious cycle making it the pre...Electrophoresis; RNA, Messenger; Peptide Biosynthesis; Kinetics1969
18 Characterization of lysozyme messenger and lysozyme synthesized in vitroIn vitro systems for protein systhesis have been in wide use for about 10 years. In most of the early work protein synthesis was measured by following the incorporation of radioactive amino acids into acid precipitable material. This test cannot distinguish between the synthesis of complete, activ...Lysozyme Messenger; Lysozyme Synthesized; Protein Synthesis1969
19 Graphical man/machine communications: May 1969Semi-Annual Technical Report 1 December 1968 - 30 May 19691969-05
20 Graphical man/machine communications: November 1969Semi-Annual Technical Report 1 June 1969 - 30 November 19691969-11
21 Visible surface algorithms for quadric patchesThis paper describes two algorithms which find the visible portions of surfaces in a picture of a cluster of three-dimensional quadric patches. A quadric patch is a portion of quadric surface defined by a quadratic equation and by zero, one or several quadratic inequalities. The picture is cut by pa...surface algorithms; quadric patches1970
22 Master schedule building and the flexibly scheduled schoolThis paper contains a model of a technique for increasing the quality of educational and instructional opportunity for all students. This model is developed around the flexible or modularly scheduled secondary school. Also included is a procedure containing a computer program, with which the adminis...Flexible scheduling; Flexibly scheduled school; Modularly scheduled school1970
23 An experimental display programming language for the PDP-10 computerAn experimental language for display programming, called DIAL, has been developed for the PDP-10 and the UNIVAC 1559 display. It is experimental in the sense that it was originally conceived as a means of testing out some ideas, and the best way to test them seemed to be to produce a language that ...Display programming; DIAL; Display Algol1970
24 Scheduling multiprogammed computer systems: an analytical approachIn a multiprogrammed computer system, several jobs are using the facilities of the system at the same time. However, a given facility (or resource) is generally only allocated to one user at a time- But, while working, jobs generate requests for some facilities and liberate other facilities; thus, c...Multiprogrammed computer system1970
25 A programmer's guide to PDP-10 eulerThis manual describes the EULER language as implemented on the DEC PDP-10 computer. EULER is a block-structured language, similar to Algol-60 but simplified by omitting type declarations and by altering the way procedures are defined and called. PDP-10 EULER includes features for list-and array-mani...EULER language1970
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