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1 Gilbert, JohnA novel tool to capture neural activity across an entire brain using C-FOS as an indicatorImmunohistochemical staining for the expression of the immediate early gene c-Fos is a powerful tool to measure neuronal activation of neurons across an entire brain. The results of c-Fos immunostaining are often quantified by counting the number of immunolabeled cells in a region of interest (ROI) ...Brain - Localization of functions - Research; Brain - Physiology - Research; Brain mapping - Research; Memory - Research; Mice as laboratory animals - Research; Brain activity; Immunohistochemical staining2016-05
2 Hodgson, Keeton R.Accelerating DNA Sequence AlignmentPrecision medicine can provide breakthroughs in current medical technology and treatment. The ability to prescribe a speci c cure to a speci c disease for a spe- ci c person can greatly reduce the cost of medical treatments, reduce mistakes in the medical eld, and increase the e ectiveness of medic...2018
3 Loftus, Patrick D.Agonist binding of herg K+ channels inhibits epithelial cell extrusion but not apoptosis in MDCK monolayers; providing possibilities to cancer metastasis regulationMetastasis is commonly referred to as cancerous cell movement from an original site to one or more sites elsewhere in the body. When these moving cancerous cells are malignant, an individual's chance of survival is decreased. In order for epithelial cells to move they are detached from the epitheliu...Biomedical Engineering2012-01
4 Sharma, KapilAnalyzing the relationship between PDM2 and B-catenin proteins in human cancersTumorigenesis is promoted by the manipulation of several co-factors and pathways, in which PKM2 and P-catenin proteins play a significant role in a variety of cancers. New research states that these two hegemonic cancer proteins directly bind with each other and may provide a new angle for cance...Pyruvate kinase - Research; Tumorigensis - Research2016-04
5 Jensen, Sierra A.Assessing Utah's 90th Percentile storm to understand bioretention design and cost to meet Utah's Modified stormwater mangeement rulehis research dissects and improves understanding of the implications of Utah's modified stormwater permit rule. By analyzing the 90th percentile (90th-P) storm depth calculation and modeling an urban watershed on the foothills of Salt Lake City, Utah; this project provides initial guidance to local ...2018
6 Anjewierden, ScottAutomated kinematic analysis of pre-pluse inhibition in larval zebrafishAnimals differentially ignore or attend to sensory information depending on their immediate environment. A significant example of this phenomenon is audiomotorpre-pulse inhibition (PPI), in which the startle response to a loud noise is suppressed by a preceding stimulus of lower intensity. This a...Zebra danio - Development; Kinematics - Research; Kinematic parameters; Swim kinematics; Pre-pulse inhibition2014-12
7 Bekeris, Michael JosephBlock Copolymers and Nanosphere Lithography as a Bottom-up Fabrication Tool for Facilitating Deterministic Lateral DisplacementWith the capability to separate red blood cells and exosomes, deterministic lateral deisplacement (DLD) has established itself as a great utility in biological sparation applications on both the microscale and nonoscale. Current methods of employing DLD on the nonoscale require electron beam lithogr...2020
8 Peterson, EzekielCalibration of Low-Cost Ozone Detectors to Measure a Key-Indicator of Summertime air Quality in the Salt Lake ValleyThe air quality measurement boards developed by the University of Utah department of electrical engineering and evaluated by the department of chemical engineering were calibrated for the measurement of ozone. The redox sensors in these boards had a strong inverse response to increases in ozone conc...2018
9 Sowards, SteffanComputational fluid dynamics modeling for Respiratory airflow patterns of python regiusThe phylogenetic distribution and mechanisms underpinning unidirectional pulmonary airflow, in which gases pass through a portion of the lung in an identical direction during both aspiration and expiration, are poorly understood. Until recently, it was thought this pattern of flow required unique fe...2018
10 Gilbert, AndrewComputational modeling of the rat hippocampus for improving neural stimulationNeural prostheses are used to restore some level of function to tissue damaged by disease. It is important to model and correctly identify the relationship between electrical stimulation and neural response to provide a framework for prosthetic stimulation. This work will show a struc...Neural stimulation - Research; Hippocampus (Brain) - Research; Memory - Research; Rats as laboratory animals - Research; Neural prosthetic2016-05
11 Gibbons, Michael E.CuO-SiO2 Particle Development and Experimental Apparatus for Chemical Looping with Oxygen Uncoupling (CLOU)Chemical looping combustion (CLC) is a clean coal technology. It allows a nearly pure CO2 exhaust from a carbon based fuel burning power plant, which allows for more cost effective carbon sequestration. Chemical Looping with Oxygen Uncoupling (CLOU) is a subset of CLC that specialized in the transfe...2018
12 Kennedy, AshleyDesign of Optimal Carbonaceous Material from Carbon Capture for Use in Lithium-Ion BatteriesThe utilization of carbon nanofiber obtained from carbon capture as a potential anodic material in lithium-ion batteries was investigated in this project. The carbon nanofiber obtained from the carbon capture process was designed to be optimal for use in lithium-ion batteries. Its suitability as an ...2018
13 Hopkins, JacobDesign of a novel pediatric adaptive skiing systemAdaptive sports and recreational rehabilitation provide patients with experiences that cannot be achieved in a hospital or clinic. Of the many forms of adaptive equipment designed for children, only a few adaptive skiing systems are available and none are specifically designed for convenient adjusta...Skiing for people with disabilities - Research; Adaptive skiing technology; Adaptive sports; recreational rehabilitation2016-05
14 Matheson, KristofferDesign of a novel x-ray CT in situ experiment for imaging 3D deformation of aluminum foam materialsOpen-cell metallic foams show excellent potential for lightweight load-bearing structural applications, electrodes in energy-storage devices, biomedical implants, and heat exchangers, to name a few. A key aspect in efficient and streamlined deployment of aluminum foams for these applications lie...Foamed materials - Testing; Tomography - Research; Lightweight materials - Research; X-ray computed tomography; Aluminum foam materials; Load frame2016-04
15 Gajiwala, SnehalDetermining the variability of depressive brain circuitry among healthy subjects for deep brain stimulationDeep Brain Stimulation (DBS) is being evaluated to treat Treatment-Resistant Depression, though it has shown mixed results. We believe that variability within the fiber tracts of the brain may account for these outcome differences. In this study, we attempt to characterize this potential variation....Brain stimulation - Therapeutic use - Research; Depression, Mental - Treatment - Research; Deep brain stimulation; Depressive brain circuitry; Fiber tracts; Tractography2016-05
16 Radhakrishnan, SridharanDevelopment of Low-Cost system for Myoelectric Prosthesis ControlThe upper limb prosthetics field has advanced to where artificial hands can mimic human motions based on electrical signals emitted from muscular activation and can even open and close proportionate to the amplitude of signal they receive. However, these prostheses are very expensive, with some cost...2020
17 Gilbert, HenryDevelopment of a Power over Ethernet (POE) Airu SensorPoor air quality has been linked to both health and economic concerns, and is a growing research topic in Salt Lake City. The AQ&U program at the University of Utah strives to develop a large network of low-cost air quality sensors (AirU's) to study air pollution throughout the Salt Lake valley. Man...2020
18 Luo, ShirleyDevelopment of a bioabsorbalbe active release antimicrobial coating for orthopedic implantsOrthopedic implantations often create an opportunity for biofilm-related infections to arise. Patients infected with biofilm must often undergo additional surgeries for repair or replacement, which puts them at a greater risk of osteomyelitis, sepsis, and other complications including death [17]. T...Orthopedic implants - Research; Anti-infective agents - Research; Staphyloccoccal infections - Prevention and control - Research; Antimicrobial coating; Staphylococcus aureus2016-05
19 Sedley, AndrewEgocentric Navigation in a Morris Water Maze for Testing Memory Formation in MiceMouse models are crucial to understanding not only sensory and cognitive neurological processes, but also diseases, disabilities, and responses to pharmacological or surgical treatments. Behavioral tests are essential assets in the description of these models. The Morris Water Maze is a common behav...2018
20 Sriram, AnanyaElectrochemical Impedance Analysis of Gold-Polyurethane NanocompositeNeural prosthetic devices are used to record and transmit electrical signals to modulate neural tissue functionality. Electrodes in the devices are currently made using traditional electronic materials. These materials are generally not biocompatible and those that are, can be stiff, triggering an i...2020
21 Ruan, TingEndogenous ceramide contributes to cardiovascular complications in Type II diabetes by decreasing the association between PP2A and I2PP2ACardiovascular complications are the leading cause of death in individuals with conditions associated with insulin resistance, e.g. type 2 diabetes, diet-induced obesity. In patients with type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular complications are 2-4 times more prevalent. One common cardiovascular complicati...Ceramides - Physiological effect; Diabetic angiopathies2014
22 Flach, BrianExamining the effects of whisker trimming on mouse brain cell growthHoxb8 microglia are a particular breed of scavenger cells in the brain which have been related to obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)-like behavior among other behavioral disorders. These cells have been found to reach full maturity during a period of neurological development known as the critical ...Obsessive-compulsive disorder - Research; Microglia - Research; Mice as laboratory animals - Research; Whiskers; Scavenger cells; Hoxb8 microglia2016-04
23 Waller, Rosalie G.Exome sequence comparison of seventy-seven multiple myeloma cases identifies potential risk allelesMultiple Myeloma (MM) is a heritable cancer of plasma cells with poor prognosis. Although a few genomic risk-loci have been identified for MM, no risk variants have been published that explain MM heritability. We hypothesize MM heritability is due to rare germ-line variants that can be discovered th...Multiple myeloma -- Genetic aspects; Exomes; Exome sequence; Risk alleles2015-05
24 Fluckiger, Kylee ReneeFlexible Sensing for Pressure Ulcer Detection and PreventionPressure ulcers are a common and harmful ailment among those who use a wheelchair for extended lengths of time. Periodic pressure relief actions performed by the wheelchair user have been shown to reduce the occurrence of pressure ulcers, but these actions may not be completed correctly or regularly...2020
25 Santos, Jean Paul DytiocoFlight control systems with optimal effector allocation accounting for load constraintsThis paper describes the development of quadratic optimization algorithms to be used in flight control systems; such optimization algorithms aid in distributing control efforts among available actuators to produce forces to keep aircraft stable and in flight. With the advancement of computing power,...Flight control; Algorithms2013-05
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