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1 Jovanovic, Dejan4500 South (300 West to State Street) closure: the evaluation of users' impactsUtah Department of Transportation (UDOT) identified the part of 4500 South (from 300 West to State Street) in Murray City, Utah as a bottleneck. UDOT decided to add an additional lane in each direction (on previously a two-lane section). Three possible alternatives on how this work should be done we...Street maintenance and repair; Motor vehicle driving; Safety measures2008-05
2 Rangasamy, Nithin SrinivasA Fundamental Multiscale Study on Mechanical, Microstructural, and Topographical Characteristics of Machining-Induced Surface Integrity in Ti-6Al-4V Titanium AlloyA fundamental understanding of machining-induced microstructural alterations and their correlation with topographical (surface roughness) and mechanical (microhardness and residual stresses) characteristics of surface integrity will aid in improved process planning for obtaining a desired surface qu...Mechanical engineering; Materials science2017
3 Schow, Ryan ChristopherA Novel Multilevel Safety-Factor Centered Framework for Optimized Utilization of Research ReactorsNuclear research reactors are found throughout the world and have been crucial in the advancement of scientific and engineering discoveries but the majority are approaching operational ages that require a renewed focus on safely maintaining and optimizing their use. A novel multilevel safety-factors...Nuclear engineering; Nuclear physics2017
4 Doran, Michael BryanA Superelastic Helicotome for CapsulorhexisWe design and characterize a novel, single-use device to perform capsulorhexis, a critical step during cataract surgery, during which a 5-mm-diameter incision is made in the anterior lens capsule. This device, the Helicotome, is a hand-held tool based on a superelastic shape-memory-alloy blade to pe...Biomedical engineering; Mechanical engineering; Design2018
5 Pedersen, Justin MichaelA biomechanical analysis of seating stresses based upon wheelchair propulsionThis thesis aims to measure th e difference in sea ted normal and sh e a r stre sse s based upon different types of wheelchair propulsion types. Previous studies have me asured biomechanical influence of wheelchair propulsion a t the u p p e r extremities. This study intends to measure the biomechan...Pressure; Pressure Ulcer Prevention; Shear Stress; Wheelchair Propulsion2013-05
6 Kennedy, James PaulA cellularized biomaterial model of cardiac fibroblasts for evaluation of fibroblast induced changes in stiffnessChronic heart failure (CHF) is a life-altering long-term condition that contributes a substantial burden to our healthcare system. It is caused by a maladaptive remodeling of the heart mediated through fibroblast synthesis, degradation, and modification of extracellular matrix (ECM). It is currently...bioreactor; cardiac fibroblasts; perfusion; scaffold2013-05
7 Goyal, SachinA collective approach to harness idle resources of end nodesWe propose a collective approach for harnessing the idle resources (cpu, storage, and bandwidth) of nodes (e.g., home desktops) distributed across the Internet. Instead of a purely peer-to-peer (P2P) approach, we organize participating nodes to act collectively using collective managers (CMs). Part...Idle resources; End nodes; Collective managers2011-08
8 Aananthakrishnan, SriramA composable static analysis framework for program analysisA major source of complexity in static analysis arises from application developers use of a wide range of programming constructs within a single application. This makes it important to combine multiple analyses that focus on di↵erent classes of programming constructs (e.g., control flow, data flow...Computer Science; Applied Sciences; Compositional Analysis2016
9 Montgomery, Jesse L.A continuous fluorescence assay for polymerase activityLittle is known about the kinetic limitations of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Advancements in chemistry and instrumentation have increased its speed and specificity. Further improvements will be facilitated by a more complete understanding of the rates of the individual reactions that compri...Activity assay; Extension rate; Intercalating dye; Polymerase activity2013-12
10 Nolin, JamesA control system for an active wearable lift assist deviceThe goal of this project was to study a control system and prototype for a wearable lift assist device. The purpose of this device is to support the upper body during torso flexion and extension to reduce the erector spinae muscle activity and decrease back compressive force. It could also be used i...Lifting and carrying -- Equipment and supplies; Lifting and carrying; Lift assist device; Control system2012-05
11 Zhu, JunyiA density functional theory study of dual surfactant effect in enhancing P-type doping in III-V semiconductorsSurfactant effects are usually achieved by the addition of a single surface element. We demonstrate by density functional theory calculations a dual-surfactant effect of Sb and H on enhancing Zn, Mg, Be and Cd incorporation in OMVPE grown GaP thin films. The combined effects of Sb and H lower signif...Materials science2010
12 Goharian, ErfanA framework for water supply system performance assessment to support integrated water resources management and decision making processWater resources are limited and disproportionately distributed in time and place. Moreover, complex interactions among different components of the water system, changes in population and urbanization growth rates, and climate change have increased the uncertainty influencing water resource planning....Decision Support; Hydroinformatics; Integrated Water Resource Management; Stormwater Management; System Analysis; System Performance Assessment2016
13 Wang, ShijingA hybrid non-threaded run-to-run control and incorporation of multiphysics models into semiconductor virtual metrologyIn order to ensure high production yield of semiconductor devices, it is desirable to characterize intermediate progress towards the final product by using metrology tools to acquire relevant measurements after each sequential processing step. The metrology data are commonly used in feedback and fee...non-threaded; process control; R2R controller; run-to-run control; semiconductor manufacturing; virtual metrology2016
14 van den akker, Mary EvelynA macroscopic and microscopic study of radon exposure using geant4 and mcnpx to estimate dose rates and dna damageRadon is considered the second-leading cause of lung cancer after smoking. Epidemiological studies have been conducted in miner cohorts as well as general populations to estimate the risks associated with high and low dose exposures. There are problems with extrapolating risk estimates to low dose e...Dosimetry; Geant4; Radon2015-12
15 Booth, Ross HunterA microfluidic in vitro model of the blood-brain barrierThe blood-brain barrier (BBB) limits entry of most molecules into the brain and complicates the development of brain-targeting compounds, necessitating novel BBB models. This dissertation describes the first microfluidic BBB model allowing the study of BBB properties in relation to various chemical ...Blood-brain barrier; MEMS; Microfluidic2014-12
16 Atluri, PushyamiA molecular dynamics study of effect of polyethylene oxide architecture on self-assembly of carbon nanotubesCarbon nanotubes aggregate strongly to form bundles. One of the ways to control their dispersion is by grafting polymers onto the carbon nanotubes surface. Coarse grained implicit solvent Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations were used to study the influence of poly (ethylene oxide) (PEO) grafted onto...Carbon nanotubes; Molecular dynamics; Self assembly; Simulations2011-08
17 Loizos, KyleA multiscale computational modeling platform for design and analysis of electrical neural stimulationThe goal of this work is to construct a simulation toolset for studying and improving neuroprosthetic devices for restoring neural functionality to patients with neural disorders or diseases. This involves the construction and validation of coupled electromagnetic-neural computational models of reti...Neurosciences2017
18 Eklund, Matthew DericA new thermal hydraulics code coupled to agent for light water reactor analysisA new numerical model for coupling a thermal hydraulics method based on the Drift Flux and Homogeneous Equilibrium Mixture (HEM) models, with a deterministic neutronics code system AGENT (Arbitrary Geometry Neutron Transport), is developed. Named the TH thermal hydraulics code, it is based on the m...AGENT; BWR; Drift flux model; Homogeneous Equilibrium Mixture (HEM) model; Method of Characteristics; PWR2016-05
19 Johnson, Jerod GregA nonlinear/inelastic rooftop tuned mass damper frameReduction of a building's response to earthquake ground motion has been the focal point behind considerable research and structural engineering innovation in recent decades. For many years, engineers have understood that altering a structure's fundamental period offers the greatest opportunity for r...Buckling restrained brace; Dynamic; Inelastic; Nonlinear; Rooftop; Tuned mass damper2012-12
20 Orthner, Michael P.A novel hydrogel based piezoresistive pressure sensor platform for chemical sensingNew hydrogel-based micropressure sensor arrays for use in the fields of chemical sensing, physiological monitoring, and medical diagnostics are developed and demonstrated. This sensor technology provides reliable, linear, and accurate measurements of hydrogel swelling pressures, a function of ambien...Biomedical engineering; Electrical engineering; Materials science2010
21 Kaustaban, VeenaA novel use of sampling pressure from sidestream capnometerAmplitude and shape of the respiratory carbon dioxide (CO2) signal (capnogram) are not always a true reflection of the patient's respiratory status, especially during delivery of supplemental oxygen (O2), and can result in false alarms. The goal of the project was to provide a more reliable source o...2014-12
22 Kingston, MicahA parameter survey of a 2-D homogeneous and heterogeneous simulation of a triga reactor using agent with a reflective and vacuum boundary condition in isotropic scatteringThe University of Utah TRIGA reactor (UUTR) was surveyed and simulated using a deterministic neutron transport code known as Arbitrary Geometry Neutron Transport, or AGENT. The UUTR was simulated using a homogeneous test material as well as a heterogeneous set of much more realistic cross-sections (...TRIGA reactors - University of Utah; Arbitrary Geometry Neutron Transport - Research; Method of characteristics2011-08
23 Sudbury, Daniel ScottA performance evaluation of hot mix asphalt thin lift treatmentsWhen applied at the right time, Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Thin Lift Treatments (TLTs) extend the life of flexible pavements. Correct application depends largely upon pavement condition and rate of deterioration. State Highway Agencies (SHAs) utilize an Open Grade Surface Course (OGSC), Dense Grade Aspha...Asphalt; Cracking; Pavement; Performance; Thermal; Transportation2017
24 Butt, Muhammad FarhanA practical perspective on the benefits of combined traffic assignment and control modelsAs the nation's traffic system becomes more congested for various periods of the day, more research in the area of intelligent transportation systems is needed. Traditional solutions of adding more highways and widening the existing system are not feasible anymore due to rapidly increasing demand an...Dynamic traffic assignment; Joint route choice and controls; Static traffic assignmentl Traffic congestion; Travel models; VISSIM simulatio2012-05
25 Freckleton, K. BeauwenA preliminary analysis of the ability of a potential orthotic device to reduce and mitigate shoe slipThis research explores the potential for an "intelligent" orthotic shoe sole to negate, or minimize, longitudinal slip by momentarily increasing friction force. The conceptual device takes the form of a rubberized shoe sole containing pockets of air that can be released via valves controlled by a mi...Engineering; Robotics2017
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