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1 Jorgensen, Mercedes"Popular" vs. "Award-Winning" literature for childrenAs the field of children's literature has grown and volved over the past several years, an increasing number of awards have emerged to recognize quality children's books. The award lists are developed by committees of adults, but previous research (Lehman, 1991; Nilsen, Peterson & Searfoss, 1980; ...Children - Books and reading; Children's literature - Study and teaching2016-03
2 Kemp, RoseA checklist for outstanding teaching of first grade literacyChildren typically learn to read and write early on in their lives. This is a crucial time for literacy education, generally referred to as the development of early literacy. At this time, "...it is such an important goal [to teach reading] that it is impossible to walk into a firstgrade classroom o...Reading (Primary); First grade (Education)2013-05
3 Twombly, JessicaCollaborative methods of special education and general education teachersA growing number of students with disabilities are being served in general education classrooms. Research has shown that inclusive education programs can be as effective as pullout or self-contained special education units (Fitch, 2003). Research has also shown that co-teaching is an effective servi...Special education; Teaching teams2014-04
4 Ventura, Glenda A. PalominoCultrally Sustaining Pedagogy : Educators' Pedagogical Support for Elementary Undocumented/Mixed Status StudentsEducators should be informed and adapt their practice to meet the needs of the growing diversity in their classrooms; specifically when it comes to working with undocumented students and students in mixed-status families. This study examines the current educational research trends that emphasize the...culturally sustaining pedagogy; teacher education; school climate; immigration; undocumented students2018
5 Maxwell, Netanya EliseDifferentiation in elementary classroomsIn conjunction with the Utah Educational Policy Research center and under the supervision of Dr. Andrea Rorrer, this paper examines the current research surrounding differentiation in public elementary school (K-5) classrooms in the United States. This paper will seek to find a clear, singular defin...Individualized instruction; Mixed ability grouping in education; Education; Elementary2014-04
6 Cook, ElizabethFidelity to the sheltered instruction observation protocol (SIOP): Is it possible?There are many English Language Learners (ELLs) present in today's school system. Many of them are actually native U. S. Citizens. However there is a large gap between the learning of ELLs and their native English speaking peers. There are many programs the at have been suggested and used to make th...Observation (Educational method); Teachers - Training of; English language - Study and teaching - Foreign speakers2016-04
7 Yazzie, RoseHow to effectively align the Utah Effective Teaching Standards with American Indian values : a first step for elementary school teachersMany times we find that American Indian students are disengaged in their K-12 education and classroom practices can conflict with their culture. This disconnect between value structures can make it difficult to navigate the educational pipeline leading to low college enrollment and attrition. This p...American Indian education - Utah2014-04
8 Laubacher, SamanthaInternational Comparisons in Education: the Finnish ModelInternational comparisons in education can be used as a baseline to see how a country is doing in comparison with education systems across countries. Performance analyses are essential when looking to inform or modify existing policies. In this research, I compare the educational system of the Uni...International comparisons - United States; International comparisons - Finland2016-08
9 Eike, Daniel AaronNutritional Assessment of Children Ages 0 - 5 Years in Rural Punjab, IndiaMalnutrition is a major health risk that affects nearly 50% of children in India. The state of Punjab has been termed the "breadbasket" of India because of its massive agricultural production. Despite this, children throughout Punjab still suffer from high rates of malnutrition. The purpose of this ...Nutrition - in infancy & childhood - Punjab2016-12
10 Coronado, Yvette Sonia GonzalezThe pedagogy of sistahood : Living in this skin in the classroomHistorical and contemporary social dynamics have constructed a 'commonsense' of Latina youth as submissive characters to el macho (the male), in addition to portrayals as sexually promiscuous, destined for marriage and pregnancy, quiet, resistant learners, and as lacking in ambition. These deficit m...Hispanic American teenage girls; Social conditions2009
11 Fields, AaliaThe relationship between preschoolers' engagement in book reading and self-regulationChildren's engagement in literacy-related tasks has been identified as a contributor of literacy skills and achievement for elementary age children (Guthrie, Wigfield, & You, 2012). However, literature is limited on the development of reading engagement and its predictors, especially for young presc...Reading (Preschool); Human behavior
12 Badizadegan, ParisaUnderstanding and evaluating effective technology integration in the classroomThe current study analyzed four major research questions: (1) Are the attitudes and beliefs of pre‐service teachers correlated with constructivist/traditionalist approaches to technology integration? (2) Does prior technology usage predict constructivist/traditionalist approaches to technology int...High technology and education2015-04
13 Haacke, Carlie RaeYoung readers' interactions with storybook appsTraditional (print) storybooks have long been the major media where young children are exposed to new concepts and narrative structure, thus developing their comprehension skills. In recent years, these reading materials have evolved dramatically with increasing production and usage of digital story...2018
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