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1 Mimi LocherThe body in modern architecture: Perceptions, philosophies and design consequences in the work of Le Corbusier and Alvar AaltoThis thesis explores the place of the human body in architectural design during the modern period. A brief history of using the human body as design inspiration is given, which includes a discussion on our tendencies as humans to use anthropomorphism, cognitive patterns, and our body to understand t...Architecture - Human factors2014-05
2 Thompson, Patrick C.Redesigning communities: The case for utopiasThis thesis studies the importance of Utopian city planning in attempting to transform our communities and solve the social issues faced throughout the 19th and 20th Centuries. Idealist city plans originated as a genre of literature dating back to the 16th Century, playing a vital social role throug...Utopias -- United States City planning -- United States2014-05
3 Neofitos, EvangelosSolid timber: emerging construction methods and materialsToday, more than ever, the construction industry, the architecture industry, and our environment is in dire need of renewable materials. Out of the multitude of standardized materials within the building industry, wood is the most sustainable. This research focuses on the evaluation of cross-laminat...Building, Wooden - Design and construction; Laminated wood construction2014-05
4 Millar, ThomasCenter lines, turn lanes and bicycle infrastructure : bikeways in the United States and Salt Lake City's 1700 South corridorContinuous and well-designed bicycle infrastructure plays an essential role in encouraging people to see and use the bicycle as a legitimate form of transportation and not only for recreation. In Salt Lake City, a common roadway striping design end bicycle lanes prematurely, requiring bicyclists to ...Bicycle lanes - Utah - Salt Lake City; Bicycle lanes - United States2013-05
5 Thissen, CaitlinEstablishing sense of place in an urban desert wasteland : reconsidering traditional design materials in contemporary buildingA reconsideration of traditional and sustainable construction materials should not only be encouraged in the contemporary age, but should support the establishment of a more engaging spatial experience, culturally and ecologically. Traditional building and design materials preserve the local charact...Sustainable architecture - Arizona; Building materials - Arizona; Pueblo architecture - Arizona2013-05
6 Crompton, PatrickUrban planning public engagement: the importance of values research in pedagogyThis paper provides a comparison of how public engagement for planners is described in academic literature and how public engagement is accomplished in real world planning projects This is accomplished through an analysis of academic writing on the subject and a selection of modern planning projects...City Planning2016-05
7 Emeney, DrewSensory experience in space: an analysis of phenomenology and wineriesArchitects commonly design spaces for primary human needs based on design necessities, but dwelling is much more than just being sheltered; it is a subjective human experience. What you see, hear, touch, smell, or even taste can create a certain impression of a space. Therefore, the perceptions o...Architecture; Winneries - Designs and plans2016-04
8 Hadfield, NicholasHuman pathways to the Great Salt LakeHow is the Great Salt Lake connected to our sense of place as residents of the Salt Lake Valley? This thesis seeks to explore the Great Salt Lake's spiritual, environmental, and economic importance to past, present, and future inhabitants of the Salt Lake Valley. To do so, the paper explores differ...City planning - Utah; Great Salt Lake (Utah)2016-04
9 Lingenfelter, IsobelDrawing the mapThe act of recognition was painful at many levels of my personhood. If someone has ignored or treated you as if you did not exist, you can understand the pain that is generated by having a lack of recognition. To realize at the eco-psychology conference that I had been r...Bears Ears National Monument (Utah); Inter-Tribal Coalition; Land management and environmental policy - United States2016-05
10 Longino, ErikaField guide for the inquisitive urban ecologistThis thesis consists of an independent mixed-media publication, or zine, which explores five specific case studies that demonstrate urban ecology. These projects exemplify urban ecological thinking and can be used as a field guide to understanding the urban landscape in Salt Lake City, Utah. These ...Urban ecology (Sociology); City planning - Environmental aspects2014-12
11 Suggs, AlexisPassive cooling strategies for buildings in UtahThis thesis explores techniques and strategies that can be used to passively cool buildings in Utah. The first portion contains a breif explannation of what passive cooling is, why Utah was chosen as the focus, a short history of air condition, and why passive cooling is important. The second part o...Air conditioning2016-05
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