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1 2018MavrickMavrick is a western pinball bullet hell game where with the power of Infinium, the infinite fighting resource, the player rocket punches through baddies around the town of Mavrick. With Mavrick's core mechanic, the rocket punch, the player swipes to zoom around the wild west town of Mavrick and bla...Free to Play; Western; Action; Pinball; CombatAndroid; Google Play
2 2020Personal SpaceThis video game is intended for anyone who has experienced social anxiety, or wants to know what it's like to experience social anxiety. Escape the clutches of friendship and social expectations in this top-down puzzler about living with social anxiety. Go to social gatherings and try to complete yo...Casual; Free to Play; Avoider; Puzzle; SeriousPC; Windows; Mac; Android
3 2015Point And ThinkOur thesis game titled, Point and Think, is an experimental point and click adventure game, where the player progresses through an interactive story, by manipulating NPCs' thoughts--rather than their environment. Team introductions: https://youtu.be/3p5t-K31QJkAdventureAndroid
4 2018The Red MoonThe Red Moon is a digital board game about Town Building, Alliances, and Magic.Board gameAndroid; iOS
5 2019Ride.ShareRide.Share is a mobile, augmented reality game that allows you to become the strategist in controlling your own fleet of cars and running a rideshare company. Your goal is to pick up and drop off as many passengers as possible along numerous drop off points and take control of the city, faster than ...AR; Simulation; CasualiOS; Android
6 2018The Samurai CrusaderThe Samurai Crusader is a twin-stick action RPG set in a procedurally generated fantasy universe. You unlock new weapons and gain favor with four distinct deities to receive new abilities. The game centers around two core areas. The Town: In the town you unlock new weapons, upgrade your character'...Action; Free to PlayAndroid
7 2017ShadowscrapersShadowscrapers is an isometric puzzle game for mobile devices. You play by tapping to guide the character around skyscraper rooftops, and dragging blocks in front of lights to create shadows that are solid and can be used as levers, push blocks, or bridges.PuzzleiOS; Android
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