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1 Spanish Influenza Rapidly SpreadingWashington County News1918-10-31
2 Monkeys Die of FluWashington County News1919-04-10
3 Uncle Sam's Advice on FluWashington County News1918-10-17
4 Flu ConditionsWashington County News1918-11-28
5 Soldiers over Peak of "Flu."Washington County News1918-10-24
6 British Official Flu VictimWashington County News1918-10-24
7 Peak of Flu Not Yet ReachedWashington County News1918-10-24
8 Schwab Has the FluWashington County News1918-10-31
9 Flu Situation Serious; Precaution NecessaryWashington County News1920-02-05
10 The Flu SituationWashington County News1920-01-29
11 The "Flu" SituationWashington County News1920-02-19
12 No Flu at EnterpriseWashington County News1920-02-12
13 Flu Condition at Enterprise Said to be ImprovingWashington County News1919-03-13
14 Worse than FluWashington County News1919-09-04
15 Senator Johnson Flu VictimWashington County News1920-02-12
16 Flu About GoneWashington County News1920-02-26
17 Advice to "Flu" ConvalescentsWashington County News1918-12-12
18 Flu's Bad AftermathWashington County News1918-12-12
19 Flu Conditions at Enterprise Are ImprovingWashington County News1919-03-20
20 Flu Situation ImprovedWashington County News1919-03-27
21 The FluWashington County News1919-03-27
22 Flu Prevents W.S.S. MeetingsWashington County News1919-04-10
23 Sleeping Sickness Result of FluWashington County News1919-03-20
24 Fearful Toll from FluWashington County News1918-12-05
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