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1 Fight Waged on Influenza EpidemicVernal Express1919-01-17
2 Sad Death of Young Father, a Giesdorf, at RandlettVernal Express1918-12-06
3 City Council Passes Ordinance Forcing Wearing of a MaskVernal Express1918-11-29
4 A Possible Recurrence of Influenza Predicted during This Fall and WinterVernal Express1919-10-10
5 Possible Recurrence of Influenza Predicted for WinterVernal Express1919-10-03
6 Influenza Can be PreventedVernal Express1918-12-06
7 John Heber Preece, a Young Father Dies as Result of "Flu"Vernal Express1918-12-20
8 Walter Richardson Dies after a Hard Struggle with "Flu"Vernal Express1918-12-06
9 93 Deaths during 1918 in Uintah County; 45 Victims of "Flu"Vernal Express1919-01-17
10 Four Deaths from "Flu" Past Week Throws Pall of Gloom over the CityVernal Express1920-03-05
11 Six Funerals in One Week is the Wreck of the "Flu" ScourgeVernal Express1918-10-25
12 Spanish "Flu" Has Been in Vernal since Last JulyVernal Express1918-10-11
13 Sad Death of Ira Williams; Another Victim of the "Flu"Vernal Express1918-10-25
14 Inopportune Death of Mabel Tyzack; a Victim of the "Flu"Vernal Express1918-11-15
15 Draft Board Office to Remain Closed during "Flu" ReignVernal Express1918-10-25
16 Emergency Hospital for "Flu" Patients is EstablishedVernal Express1918-11-22
17 Hatch J. Murrary, Son of Ann Murray Dies of the "Flu"Vernal Express1918-11-29
18 Sad Death of Hazel Johnson King Caused by the "Flu" PlagueVernal Express1918-11-22
19 Emergency Hospital Now Has 10 Patients; 19 Are DischargedVernal Express1918-12-06
20 The "Flu" Still Rages in Vernal; New Cases Are Reported LightVernal Express1918-11-22
21 George Peters Dies in France; a Victim of "Flu" PlagueVernal Express1918-11-29
22 Sad Death from "Flu" of the Ouray School TeacherVernal Express1918-11-15
23 Lapoint is in the Grip of "Flu" Epidemic; One Death ReportedVernal Express1918-11-22
24 James C. Penfield Dies on Sunday, a Victim of the "Flu"Vernal Express1919-01-10
25 Co. Commissioners Do Good Work in "Flu" CampaignVernal Express1918-12-20
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