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1 21 Influenza Cases Shown in StatementSalt Lake Tribune1919-04-06
2 Influenza is Subsiding, Health Reports IndicateSalt Lake Tribune1918-11-26
3 Health Boards Lift Influenza BanSalt Lake Tribune1918-12-07
4 Influenza Known in Science since 1640Salt Lake Tribune1918-10-16
5 Influenza Rules will be Rigidly EnforcedSalt Lake Tribune1918-12-08
6 Hospital Corps is Fighting InfluenzaSalt Lake Tribune1918-11-21
7 Influenza Epidemic Playing Havoc with all Kinds of SportsSalt Lake Tribune1918-10-20
8 Blue Reports on InfluenzaSalt Lake Tribune1918-09-14
9 Influenza SerumsSalt Lake Tribune1919-09-11
10 Influenza in ParisSalt Lake Tribune1919-11-03
11 Cities Report on Influenza BattleSalt Lake Tribune1918-12-11
12 Influenza has Rapid GrowthSalt Lake Tribune1918-09-21
13 Food for Influenza Victims PrescribedSalt Lake Tribune1918-10-27
14 Eureka Inaugurates Stringent 'Flu' BanSalt Lake Tribune1919-03-28
15 Four Cases of 'Flu' in Report of DaySalt Lake Tribune1919-03-05
16 Ogden has Fifteen "Flu" CasesSalt Lake Tribune1919-03-06
17 Four 'Flu' Cases in Report of DaySalt Lake Tribune1919-03-13
18 27 'Flu' Cases in Day's ReportSalt Lake Tribune1919-04-03
19 8 Cases of 'Flu' in Day's ReportSalt Lake Tribune1919-03-11
20 To Enforce "Flu" RulesSalt Lake Tribune1919-03-19
21 Flu ReappearingSalt Lake Tribune1919-03-20
22 No New ''Flu'' CasesSalt Lake Tribune1919-03-13
23 Day's "Flu" Report Shows Five CasesSalt Lake Tribune1919-03-19
24 'Flu'' Fatal to BoySalt Lake Tribune1919-03-21
25 City Health Report Shows 15 'Flu' CasesSalt Lake Tribune1919-04-10
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