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1 Four Influenza Cases, None SeriousManti Messenger1918-10-18
2 Until the Flu FleesManti Messenger1918-10-18
3 Peak of Flu Not Yet ReachedManti Messenger1918-10-25
4 Uncle Sam's Advice on FluManti Messenger1918-11-01
5 No New "Flu."Manti Messenger1918-11-15
6 Meeting Held to Consider "Flu" Conditions in CityManti Messenger1918-11-29
7 Flu at Park CityManti Messenger1918-11-29
8 Explains How 145th Treats Spanish FluManti Messenger1918-12-06
9 Fearful Toll from FluManti Messenger1918-12-06
10 The "Flu," the Board of Health the PeopleManti Messenger1918-12-06
11 Henry O. Jensen Talks of the "Flu" EastManti Messenger1918-12-13
12 Hawaii Escapes Ravages of 'Flu!Manti Messenger1918-12-20
13 Flu at BoiseManti Messenger1918-12-20
14 Flu Situation Much ImprovedManti Messenger1918-12-20
15 Flu Takes Terrible TollManti Messenger1919-01-10
16 Gowans on Quarantine for FluManti Messenger1919-02-07
17 Local and PersonalManti Messenger1919-03-14
18 Sleeping Sickness Result of FluManti Messenger1919-03-21
19 More FluManti Messenger1919-03-21
20 Grade Schools CloseManti Messenger1919-04-04
21 Monkeys Die of FluManti Messenger1919-04-11
22 Worse than FluManti Messenger1919-09-05
23 Cincinnati Team Has a Big LeadManti Messenger1919-10-10
24 In Quest of Flu GermManti Messenger1919-10-31
25 Influenza No Flu in MantiManti Messenger1920-01-30
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