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1 Influenza Breaks out in Moab; Schools ClosedGrand Valley Times1918-10-18
2 Influenza Claims Another Soldier of Grand CountyGrand Valley Times1918-11-22
3 Mexican Dies of Influenza at the Branson SawmillGrand Valley Times1919-01-24
4 Local and PersonalGrand Valley Times1918-11-22
5 Flu Epidemic on DeclineGrand Valley Times1918-11-08
6 Flu Situation is Improving SteadilyGrand Valley Times1918-11-15
7 Flu Situation Much ImprovedGrand Valley Times1919-01-17
8 Flu Makes Meeting of Commissioners Most Unique OneGrand Valley Times1919-01-10
9 Flu Hospital Expense Totals Nearly $1,700Grand Valley Times1919-01-31
10 More Flu in Moab; School Monday UnlikelyGrand Valley Times1918-11-29
11 3,000 Navajos Succumb to Flu, Says Indian TraderGrand Valley Times1919-01-03
12 Young Ladies Volunteer to Nurse "Flu" PatientsGrand Valley Times1919-01-03
13 Ute Indians Dying From FluGrand Valley Times1919-01-10
14 Sheep May be Afflicted with "Flu" near Cisco; Disease Fatal to ThemGrand Valley Times1919-03-21
15 Flu Quarantine Ban-Lifted This WeekGrand Valley Times1919-01-31
16 Time Lost during "Flu" Epidemic is Made UpGrand Valley Times1919-04-04
17 Flu Again Appears; Mumps Epidemic AlsoGrand Valley Times1919-03-28
18 Dr. Williams is Belated Flu VictimGrand Valley Times1919-01-31
19 Worse than FluGrand Valley Times1919-09-05
20 Sleeping Sickness Result of FluGrand Valley Times1919-03-21
21 Mexico Hit by "Flu"Grand Valley Times1918-12-27
22 Hawaii Escapes Ravages of 'Flu.'Grand Valley Times1918-12-20
23 More "Flu" at MonticelloGrand Valley Times1918-12-27
24 Soldiers over Peak of "Flu."Grand Valley Times1918-10-25
25 British Official Flu VictimGrand Valley Times1918-10-25
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