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1 Flu Knocks out the News ForceBox Elder News Journal1918-11-19
2 The Flu AgainBox Elder News Journal1920-01-27
3 Report on Influenza CasesBox Elder News Journal1920-01-30
4 Policy Adopted to Combat FluBox Elder News Journal1920-02-03
5 Influenza May Have Passed the PeakBox Elder News Journal1920-02-10
6 County Agent and Family Have the "Flu"Box Elder News Journal1920-02-10
7 Influenza at Garland and MantuaBox Elder News Journal1920-02-10
8 The Influenza SituationBox Elder News Journal1920-02-13
9 Flu and BasketballBox Elder News Journal1920-02-13
10 Samoa Solves Flu MysteryBox Elder News Journal1920-02-24
11 Influenza SubsidingBox Elder News Journal1920-02-24
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