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1 Megamix2D; Action; Platformer; Free to PlayMEGAMiX is a rhythm-action-platform game. Move to the beat to clear platforms, fight enemies, and save the world! Did we mention it's free-to-play?2017
2 Heroes of HatAction; PlatformerHeroes of Hat is a multiplayer 3D puzzle platformer where you use the power of hats to traverse levels, solve puzzles, and fight enemy forces. You'll have to tie all of your hat abilities together to make it through levels and conquer what lies at the end. Heroes of Hat became the first student-gene...2012
3 Urban Space SquirrelsPlatformer; 3D; ActionThis is about a superpowered squirrel with bombs in a semiurban setting of puzzles. Somehow space is also involved.2010
4 A Divided LightAction; Platformer; 3DDivided Light is a 3D puzzle-platformer where you use light to change your world. Navigate a deep space landscape using thoughtful combinations of light sources and colors to alter the environment and solve puzzles. FEATURES: Wield light as your tool, removing obstacles and revealing new pathways. ...2015
5 Magnetic by NatureAction; Adventure; PlatformerMagnetic By Nature is a 2D side-scrolling puzzle platform game with magnetism as the main mechanic. It is a reworked version of the Xbox 360 XNA Indie Game Magnetic By Nature: Awakening. The game is set in the ruins of an ancient civilization where a little robot is by itself. One day it discovers t...2013
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