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1 InfoFair 1988- Robert A. Greenes, M.D., Ph.D. Lecture: "All is in Windowland: The Promise of Desktop Knowledge"1988
2 InfoFair 1988- Demonstrations and Exhibits: Highlights1988
3 InfoFair 1988- Demonstrations and Exhibits Part 11988
4 InfoFair 1988- Demonstrations and Exhibits Part 21988
5 InfoFair 1989: Eyewitness News Clips, "All the Byte Stuff": Health Sciences Campus Technology Promotional Materials1989
6 InfoFair 1989- Edward A. Fox, Ph.D. Lecture: "Expert-Based Information Retrieval: The CODER Prototype"1989
7 InfoFair 1989- Nicholas J. Belkin, Ph.D. Lecture: "Intelligent Information Retrieval: An Overview"1989
8 InfoFair 1989- Alexa T. McCray, Ph.D. Lecture: "The Unified Medical Language System: Improved Access to Biomedical Information"1989
9 InfoFair 1990- T. Allen Pryor, Ph.D. Lecture: "Knowledge-Based Hospital Information Systems: Beyond Data and Into Quality"1990
10 InfoFair 1990- Gordon Moreshead Lecture: "Hospital Information Systems for the Department of Veterans Affairs"1990
11 InfoFair 1990- Steven M. Witz, Ph.D. Lecture: "Hospital Information Systems and Open Architecture"1990
12 InfoFair 1990- John Morgan, Ph.D. Lecture: "The HELP System"1990
13 InfoFair 1991- Stanley M. Huff, M.D.; Nina E. Dougherty and Bruce E. Bray, M.D.; and W. Clay Epstein Lectures1991
14 InfoFair 1991- Mark S. Tuttle Lecture: "META-1: The World's First Metathesaurus of Biomedicine"1991
15 InfoFair 1995- Michael P. D'Alessandro, M.D. Lecture: "The Virtual Hospital" and Meet the Experts Panel Discussion1995
16 InfoFair 1997- Paul D. Clayton, Ph.D. Lecture: "Confidentiality of Patient Data in the Age of the Internet"1997
17 InfoFair 1998- Meet the Experts Panel Discussion: "Evidence-Based Health Care in Utah"1998
18 InfoFair 1998- Cramer & Bennett Lecture: "Incorporating Evidence-Based Health Care Into Your Clinical Practice"1998
19 InfoFair 1998- Lombardo & McCloskey Lecture: "Keeping Up with the Health Care Literature"1998
20 InfoFair 1998- R. Brian Haynes, M.D., Ph.D. Lecture: "Evidence-Based Health Care: Then and Now ... and Soon"1998
21 InfoFair 1999- Hile and McCloskey Lecture: "Straight From the Headlines: Web Resources for Health Topics in the Popular Media"1999
22 InfoFair 1999- Jackie A. Smith, Ph.D. Lecture: "Computer Initiatives in Patient Education: The Patient Education for U Project"1999
23 InfoFair 2003- Mary M. Case Lecture: "Saving Science, Saving Lives: Why Choices You Make When Publishing Matter"2003
24 InfoFair 2003- Meet the Experts Panel2003
25 InfoFair 2003- Demonstration: "Touch: Patient Simulator"2003
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