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1 Possible North American river otters 090325 (unobserved)2009-09-25Sound
2 Great Horned Owls on Orcas Island Washington (110128) b2011-01-28Sound
3 Mallard flock wings 1101182011-01-18Sound
4 Hairy Woodpecker calls 1101272011-01-27Sound
5 Cactus Wren on windy day 1004082010-04-08Sound
6 Great Horned Owl hoots and screeches Orcas Island Washington 1101282011-01-28Sound
7 Virginia Rail 0806202008-06-20Sound
8 Surf Scoter calls 0903302009-03-30Sound
9 American Crow at Birch Bay State Park 0903302009-03-30Sound
10 Great Horned Owls on Orcas Island Washington (110128) a2011-01-28Sound
11 Great Egret 1102042011-02-04Sound
12 Surf Scoter wing whistles 0903302009-03-30Sound
13 Great Horned Owls on Orcas Island Washington (110128)2011-01-28Sound
14 Northern Red-legged Frog encounter calls 1102012011-02-01Sound
15 Northern Red-legged Frog vocalizations 1102012011-02-01Sound
16 National Park Service audio recording - Everglades National Park - Great Egret2008-08-16Sound
17 Northern Hawk Owl 31999-07-18Sound
18 Northern Hawk Owl 22008-06-13Sound
19 Northern Raccoon snarl 1010082010-10-08Sound
20 American Bison herd Antelope Island 101102 b2010-11-02Sound
21 Cooper's Hawk in Range Creek Canyon, Utah 0907012009-07-01Sound
22 Eared Grebe splash 1011022010-11-02Sound
23 American Bison individuals Antelope Island 1011022010-11-02Sound
24 Savannah Sparrow song in Yellowstone National Park 0905282009-05-28Sound
25 Eared Grebe distant 1011022010-11-02Sound
1 - 25 of 1,667