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1 Hashimoto, Edward I., M.D.Dr Hashimoto was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1911. Dr Hashimoto received both his A.B. (1930) and M.A. (1937) from the University of Utah. Dr Hashimoto received his M.D. from Harvard University in 1934. Dr Hashimoto returned to the University as a Teaching Fellow in the Anatomy Department and re...
2 Hashimoto, Edward I., M.D.The Ambidextrous Irishman - Dr. Edward Hashimoto - After the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941, reactions to the Japanese in Utah and across the U.S. varied from threats and bewilderment to discrimination and internment. One of the most popular members of the School of Medicine faculty at that time wa...
3 Hashimoto, Edward I., M.D.Edward I. Hashimoto was known for his simultaneous two-handed anatomical renderings and beloved by students and faculty alike for his compassion and wit. Dr. Hashimoto served as Professor of Anatomy from 1935 to 1987. The portrait of Dr Hashimoto was painted by Alvin Gittins in 1976, and is located ...1976
4 Hashimoto, Edward I., M.D. (1979)Dr Hashimoto in cadaver lab with assistant Herbert Juengling.
5 Hashimoto, Edward I., M.D. (1970)Edward I. Hashimoto MD - popular professor of human anatomy from 1935 to 1987; longest-tenured professor in the history of the University of Utah (52 years)
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