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1 "'Desktop Workstations'; InfoFair Views Computer in Field of Health Care." The Salt Lake Tribune, Sunday, April 3, 19881988ehsl_hhsText
2 "A National First: Health Sciences Library InfoFair." Health Sciences Report, Summer 19831983ehsl_hhsText
3 "Chief of National Medicine Library Will Speak at InfoFair Seminar at U." The Daily Utah Chronicle, Thursday, February 21, 19851985ehsl_hhsText
4 "Construction of Medical Library Set." The Daily Utah Chronicle, November 14, 19691969ehsl_hhsText
5 "Doctors Now Linking to Medical Network From Their Desktops." The Deseret News, March 1, 19881988ehsl_hhsText
6 "Fair Integrates Computers, Health Care." The Daily Utah Chronicle, Tuesday, February 24, 19871987ehsl_hhsText
7 "Harvard Doctor To Lecture At U. InfoFair." The Salt Lake Tribune, Thursday, March 31, 19881988ehsl_hhsText
8 "Learn to Obtain Data Via Computer at U. of U.'s InfoFair." The Salt Lake Tribune, Thursday, March 23, 19891989ehsl_hhsText
9 "Library Holds Annual InfoFair: Educates Health Scientists on Information Tech." The Daily Utah Chronicle, March 23, 20012001ehsl_hhsText
10 "Medical Library to Gain Funds." The Daily Utah Chronicle, January 17, 19691969ehsl_hhsText
11 "Meet to Discuss Microcomputers in Medicine" and "InfoFair Will Focus on Microcomputer Role in Health." The Salt Lake Tribune, Sunday, February 5, 19841984ehsl_hhsText
12 "Role of Computers Increases With Medical Specialization." The Salt Lake Tribune, Thursday, February 28, 19851985ehsl_hhsText
13 "Use of Computers to Dominate InfoFair Planned at U. of U." The Salt Lake Tribune, Friday February 22, 19851985ehsl_hhsText
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