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1 A Record of Experiments upon the Functions of the Cerebral Cortex by Horsley & Schafer -- Illustrations and AnnotationsImage
2 A Record of experiments on the effects of lesion of different regions of the cerebral hemispheres by Ferrier and Yeo -- AnnotationsImage
3 Action sur le coeur de l'excitation faradique d'un lobe anterieur du cerveau, l'un des pneumogastriques etant coupe by Lepine -- AnnotationsImage
4 An Analysis of the Forces Determining the Size of the Pupil by Davangar -- AnnotationsImage
5 Ascending Spinal Pathways of the Pupillo-dilator Fibres by Harper & McSwiney -- Illustrations and AnnotationsImage
6 Beitrag zur Oberflächenstruktur des Pigementepithels der Menschlichen Iris by Dieterich & Franz -- AnnotationsImage
7 Beobachtungen und Analysen Mikrozirkulatorischer Vorgänge am Rattenauge. I. Ueber das Druckabhängige Verhalten der Irisgefässe by Castenholz -- AnnotationsImage
8 Card Tag LegendImage
9 Card Tag LegendImage
10 Clinical Aspects of Cluster Headache by Ekbom -- AnnotationsImage
11 Cluster Headache Associated with Primary Hyperlipidemia by Olesen -- AnnotationsImage
12 Cluster Headache. Nomenclature Regarding Horton's or Histamine Headache by Prusinski -- AnnotationsImage
13 Cluster Headaches by Bickerstaff -- AnnotationsImage
14 Cluster Migraine--An Unrecognized Common Entity by Nelson -- AnnotationsImage
15 Coexistence of Pupillary and Heart Sympathetic Asymmetries in Cluster Headache by Boccuni et al -- AnnotationsImage
16 Comparative and Experimental Studies on the Iris in Primates by Rohen -- AnnotationsImage
17 Der Hund ohne Grosshirn1892Image
18 Der Konstruktive Bau der Regenbogenhaut by Rohen -- AnnotationsImage
19 Diagnostic Importance of Ocular Syndrome due to Disturbance of Sympathetic Innervation by Pavlova-Kaminskaja -- AnnotationsImage
20 Die Funktionelle Gestalt des Auges und Seiner Hilfsorgane by Rohen -- AnnotationsImage
21 Die Pupillenweite beim Uebergang ins Hochgebirge by Wiesinger & Pluss -- Illustrations and AnnotationsImage
22 Effect of Alcohol on Headaches in Chronic Form of Horton's Cephalgia by Klimek -- AnnotationsImage
23 Electrophysiological Investigations of the Pigeon Iris Neuromuscular Junctions by Pilar and Vaughan -- AnnotationsImage
24 Histaminic Cephalgia: Differential Diagnosis and Treatment (1955) by Horton -- AnnotationsImage
25 Horton's Syndrome by Kowa -- AnnotationsImage
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