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1 Interviews on the subject of desert heat and related sound1905-06-22uu_wssSound
2 Centennial Marsh in Idaho spring 2005uu_wssSound
3 Domestic Cat purring 1102022011-02-02uu_wssSound
4 Interview with Kim Middleton on the subject of silent flight in owlsuu_wssSound
5 Interview with Tim Brown on the subject of howler monkey soundsuu_wssSound
6 Strafe 1uu_wssSound
7 Strafe 2uu_wssSound
8 Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve-- Egrets, Gulls, Heron and Cormorants-- at spillway 1102042011-02-04uu_wssSound
9 Ferry boat horn 1101282011-01-28uu_wssSound
10 Puget Sound washing against rocks at Doe Bay on Orcas Island 1101282011-01-28uu_wssSound
11 Red-crowned Parrots 1102032011-02-03uu_wssSound
12 Red-crowned Parrots 1102042011-02-04uu_wssSound
13 Thayer's Gull 0903302009-03-30uu_wssSound
14 White-winged Scoter flock 0903302009-03-30uu_wssSound
15 White-winged Scoter flock gaggling calls 0903302009-03-30uu_wssSound
16 Yellow-headed Parrot 110203 (unfiltered)2011-02-03uu_wssSound
17 Yellow-headed Parrot 110203 (filtered)2011-02-03uu_wssSound
18 Yellow-headed Parrots 1102042011-02-04uu_wssSound
19 Yellow-headed parrots with red-crowned parrots 1102032011-02-03uu_wssSound
20 Eastern Fox Squirrel chuck sounds 110204 (unfiltered)2011-02-04uu_wssSound
21 Yellowstone River at Gardiner Montana 0905272009-05-27uu_wssSound
22 Northwestern Salamander air expulsion sounds 1102082011-02-08uu_wssSound
23 Unidenitified chipmunk chirp 1007292010-07-29uu_wssSound
24 Pacific Chorus Frog monophasic call and bullfrogs 0806292008-06-29uu_wssSound
25 Blacktail Ponds Yellowstone National Park evening 0905272009-05-27uu_wssSound
1 - 25 of 969