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1 Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve-- Egrets, Gulls, Heron and Cormorants-- at spillway 1102042011-02-04Sound
2 Ferry boat horn 1101282011-01-28Sound
3 Puget Sound washing against rocks at Doe Bay on Orcas Island 1101282011-01-28Sound
4 Red-crowned Parrots 1102032011-02-03Sound
5 Red-crowned Parrots 1102042011-02-04Sound
6 Thayer's Gull 0903302009-03-30Sound
7 White-winged Scoter flock 0903302009-03-30Sound
8 White-winged Scoter flock gaggling calls 0903302009-03-30Sound
9 Yellow-headed Parrot 110203 (unfiltered)2011-02-03Sound
10 Yellow-headed Parrot 110203 (filtered)2011-02-03Sound
11 Yellow-headed Parrots 1102042011-02-04Sound
12 Yellow-headed parrots with red-crowned parrots 1102032011-02-03Sound
13 Eastern Fox Squirrel chuck sounds 110204 (unfiltered)2011-02-04Sound
14 Yellowstone River at Gardiner Montana 0905272009-05-27Sound
15 Northwestern Salamander air expulsion sounds 1102082011-02-08Sound
16 Unidenitified chipmunk chirp 1007292010-07-29Sound
17 Pacific Chorus Frog monophasic call and bullfrogs 0806292008-06-29Sound
18 Blacktail Ponds Yellowstone National Park evening 0905272009-05-27Sound
19 Northwestern Salamander air expulsion sound 1102082011-02-08Sound
20 Centennial Marsh in Idaho spring 2005Sound
21 Domestic Cat purring 1102022011-02-02Sound
22 Interview with Kim Middleton on the subject of silent flight in owlsSound
23 Interview with Tim Brown on the subject of howler monkey soundsSound
24 Strafe 1Sound
25 Strafe 2Sound
1 - 25 of 969