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1 Salt Lake City, 1950: Sheet 1641950ir_uspaceImage
2 Salt Lake City, 1950: Sheet 1631950ir_uspaceImage
3 Mineral deposits of the Deep Creek Mountains, Tooele and Juab Counties, Utah: Georeferenced map files1970-08ir_etdImage
4 Alteration and trace elements of volcanics in the San Francisco Mountains: Georeferenced map files1964-06ir_etdImage
5 Petrology and structure of the little willow series, Wasatch Mountains, Utah: Georeferenced map files1962-11ir_etdImage
6 Petrology of Lake Bonneville Gravels Salt Lake County, Utah: Georeferenced map files1963-05ir_etdImage
7 Geology of the Big Piney area, Summit County, Utah: Georeferenced map files1953-06ir_etdImage
8 Geology of the Central and Southern Silver Island Mountains Tooele County, Utah and Elko County, Nevada: Georeferenced map files1961-06ir_etdImage
9 Geology of the Central Mineral Range, Beaver County, Utah: Georeferenced map files1957-08ir_etdImage
10 Geology of the Smith and Morehouse-South Fork Area, Utah: Georeferenced map files1951ir_etdImage
11 Geology and ore deposits of the Lucin Mining District, Box Elder County, Utah and Elko County, Nevada: Georeferenced map files1960-08ir_etdImage
12 Areal geology of the Coalville vicinity, Summit County, Utah: Georeferenced map files1953-06ir_etdImage
13 Stratigraphic analysis of the Mesaverde Group, Uinta Basin, Utah: Georeferenced map files1961-05ir_etdImage
14 Petrogeneis of the Mineral Range Pluton, Southwestern Utah: Georeferenced map files1960-06ir_etdImage
15 Geology of the northern Silver Island Mountains, Box Elder and Tooele Counties, Utah: Georeferenced maps1957-06ir_etdImage
16 Economic geology of the sulphur deposits at Sulphurdale, Utah: Georeferenced map files1960-08ir_etdImage
17 Mount Ogden granite: Georeferenced map files1969-06ir_etdImage
18 Tertiary Salt Lake group in the Great Salt Lake Basin: Georeferenced map files1955-07ir_etdImage
19 Areal geology of the Upton Region, Summit County, Utah: Georeferenced map files1953-06ir_etdImage
20 Subsurface geology of the Mesozoic formations overlying the Uncompahgre Uplift in Grand County, Utah: Georeferenced map files1961-06ir_etdImage
21 Geology of the Keetley-Kamas volcanic area: Georeferenced map files1951ir_etdImage
22 The Thaynes formation of the Moenkopi group, North-Central Utah: Georeferenced map files1969-06ir_etdImage
23 Geology of the Northern Lakeside Mountains and the Grassy Mountains and vicinity, Tooele and Box Elder Counties, Utah: Georeferenced map files1964-06ir_etdImage
24 Geology of the upper Ogden Canyon, Weber County, Utah: Georeferenced map files1960-06ir_etdImage
25 Geologic setting and origin of the Grouse Creek pluton, Box Elder County, Utah: Georeferenced map files1959-06ir_etdImage
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