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1 Active Sperm Separation Technique Using an Inertial Microfluidic Device2017ir_etdText
2 Training a Restricted Boltzmann Machine Using Spatial Markov Random Field Priors on Weights2017ir_etdText
3 Mass Transfer in the Pathogenesis and Treatment of Eosinophilic Esophagitis2017ir_etdText
4 Mitochondrial Pyruvate Metabolism Induces Pseudohypoxia and Mitophagy2017ir_etdText
5 Career Crescendo: A Mixed Methods Study on the Developmental Capacity of Psychological Capital2017ir_etdText
6 Impacts of Topographic Shading on Surface Energy Balance of High Mountain Asia Glaciers2017ir_etdText
7 The War of Words in the War on Cancer: Contemporary Discursive Contestations Around Breast, Bladder, and Skin Cancers2017ir_etdText
8 Bayesian Regression and Longitudinal Modeling of Manifold data: Applications to Time-varying Shape Analysis2017ir_etdText
9 Sex Differences in Spatial Navigation: An Approach to Characterizing How We Wayfind2017ir_etdText
10 IAIMS_and_the_library_at_the_University_of_Utahehsl_hhs
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