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1 Appendices_Early_Farming_and_Warfare_in_Northwest_Mexico2020-07-06uu_uupmText
2 Transcription factor NFATc1's signaling pathway and role in cardiomyocyte function2020ir_htoaText
3 There's Something About Syria: Using Foreign Military Intervention in the Syrian Civil War to Assess Predictabilityin International Relations2020ir_htoaText
4 Differences Between Mother and Peer Listeners in the Encouragement Of Perspective-Taking2020ir_htoaText
5 Efforts Toward Establishing ML-McAs a Robust Depth Discriminant of Seismic Sources at Local (<150 km) Distances2020ir_htoaText
6 Learning 3D Reconstructions for Geometrically aware Robotic Grasping2020ir_htoaText
7 The Presentation of the Model Minority Myth in the US Education System2020ir_htoaText
8 The Mediating Role of Coping Behaviors in the Realtion Between Partner Relationship Quality and Infant Stress signs2020ir_htoaText
9 Male-Female Dynamics and Women's Power in Marriage: An Analysis of Mariama BA's Une Si Longue Lettre2020ir_htoaText
10 SptlC2 Deletion in Endothelial Cells: Implications for Arterial Function2020ir_htoaText
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