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1 Weeks, Trisha L. T."I'll always be that awkward one": how mothers and adolescents jointly construct adolescent selves in conversationadolescent development; conversation; Identity; maternal scaffolding; narrative construction2013-05dissertation
2 Story, Trent NathanA comparison of fixation and fractal measures of eye movement when viewing pictures with affective valenceAffect; Eye movement; Fixations; Fractals2016dissertation
3 Peck, Judith R.A multitrait-multimethod investigation of depression and disability in rheumatoid arthritisDepression; Rheumatoid arthritis; disability1988-12thesis
4 Lambson, John B.A Scale of Relative Difficulty of Skills used in Physical Education Activitiesthesis
5 Lambson, John B.A Scale of relative difficulty of skills used in prysical education activitiesthesis
6 Mackaronis, Julia E.A taxometric analysis of pedophiliaLatent structure; Multiphasic sex inventory; Pedophilia; Taxometrics2011-05thesis
7 Franchow, Emilie IreneAccounting for the deleterious effects of naturally occuring affect suppression in the assessment of executive functioning: a proof of concept studyCognitive control; Depletion; Emotion regulation; Neuropsychological testing; Self-regulation; Situational factors2013-08thesis
8 Mackaronis, Julia E.Adolescent sexual offending: assessing sexual interest and exploring treatment trajectories and outcomeAdolescent; Assessment; Offending; Sexual; Treatment2014-05dissertation
9 Kidwell, Mallory C.Affect dysregulation after adversity: psychopysiological correlates of emotional under- and overmodulation in adolescents exposed to trauma2019thesis
10 Birmingham, WendyAmbivalence and cardiovascular function: examining ambulatory blood pressure and marital qualityAmbivalence; Blood pressure; Cardiovascular; Marriage; Relationship quality; Social support2011-08dissertation
11 Brown, Mindy A.An Experimental test of the effects of acute stress and parental bonding history on maternal sensitivity2019thesis
12 Gunn, Heather E.An interpersonal analysis of psychosocial stress and sleepInterpersonal; Presleep arousal; Sleep; Stress2012-12dissertation
13 Reeve, JaneAn investigation into the asocial traits of kindergarten, first, and second grade childrenBehavior disorders in children1930thesis
14 Adamo, ColinAnalysis of Advanced Methodology for the Study of relationship conflict in naturalistic settings2019thesis
15 Liu, Xin-HuaAndrogens regulate cell proliferation of human prostate cancer in culture by up-regulating an autocrine growth loop involving EGF receptor and its ligand TGFalphaEpidermal Growth1992-12dissertation
16 Story, Trent NathanAnxiety, emotional reactivity, and attachment as predictors of embedding dimensionality of affectAffect; Dynamics; Personality2011-08thesis
17 Fagundes, Christopher PAttachment, autonomic functioning, and adolescent lossAdolescence; Attachment; Loss; Psychophysiology2010-08dissertation
18 Turner, Sara L.Attention problems as a predictor of type 1 diabetes adherence and metabolic control across adolescenceadherence; adolescence; attention problems; type 1 diabetes2015thesis
19 Kaufman, Erin A.Biosocial correlates of identity disturbance among suicidal youthBorderline personality disorder; Identity disturbance; Parent-child relations; Psychopathology; Psychophysiological responding; Suicide2014-08thesis
20 Komolova, MariyaBut we still loved each other: preadolescents' and adolescents' individuation and connectedness in the narratives about conflicts with parents and friendsAdolescents; Children; Conflicts; Connectedness; Individuation; Relationships2011-08dissertation
21 Hogan, Jasara N.Cardiovascular activity during routine interactions in romantic relationshipsCouples Interaction; Heart rate variability; Marriage; Psychophysiology2016thesis
22 MacKenzie, Justin JamesCardiovascular reactivity during stressful social interaction in Mexican American women: effects of language and interaction partner ethnicityCardiovascular reactivity; Ethnicity; Interpersonal; Mexican american2012-05dissertation
23 Caska, Catherine MCaregiver burden in spouses of National Guard/Reserve service members deployed during Operations Enduring and Iraqi FreedomVeterans; Post-traumatic stress disorder; Afghan War; Iraq War2009-05-07thesis
24 Rullo, Jordan ElizabethCategory-specificity in sexual arousal/interest as a complex function of sex and sexual orientationGays; Lesbians; Sexual excitement2008-01-30thesis
25 Fagundes, Christopher PChanges in attachment, affect, and cognitionAttachment behavior; Affect (Psychology); Cognition2008-08thesis
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