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1 Jenkins, Timothy GeraldAge-Associated Alterations to Sperm DNA Methylation and Possible Consequences on the Offspring2013-12dissertation
2 Ouellette, Pauline YvonneAnalysis of the facilitation of excitatory transmitter release at the crayfish neuromuscular junctionCrayfish-Physiology; Neuromuscular transmission1968-08thesis
3 Li, JunBinding, uptake, and release of L-glutamate and related compounds in the brain : comparisons between DBA and C57 mice.Etiology; Pathophysiology1997-12dissertation
4 Irwin, Mavis AmityThe Changes in Calcium Ion Activity During Communication, Development, and Normal Function of the Olfactory System2014-05dissertation
5 Hammond, Saher SueCharacterization of the Genetic and Epigenetic Status of Fertile and Fertile Men2011-05dissertation
6 Wei, Jen YuClassification of cat ventrolateral spinal axons and their response to an itch-producing stimulus (cowhage).Neural Stimulation; Itching; Spinal Nerves; Cats1987-12dissertation
7 Sullivan, Jane MaddenIonic currents in cultures horizontal cells isolated from white bass retinasHorizontal cells; White Bass - Research1990-08dissertation
8 Woodbury, John WalterMembrane resting and action potentials from single myelinated nerve fibers.Nerve Chamber; Microelectrode1950thesis
9 Kraybill, Matthew LMotor programming and the prediction of everyday functioningExecutive functioning; Functional independence; Motor programming2010dissertation
10 Oshiro, Lyndon SatoruNatural resistance mechanisms to neoplastic diseases in mice1963-08thesis
11 Jones, Bryan WilliamNeural retina in photoreceptor degenerationsSynaptic Excitation; Phenotyping2003-12dissertation
12 Wang, Zuo-ZhongNitric oxide mediated neural control of carotid body chemoreceptorsImmunocytochemical; Chemosensory1993-06dissertation
13 Kyle, Campbell VancePotential homolog to the vertebrate pro-opiomelanocortin gene in yeastPhysiology1992-12dissertation
14 Burnham, Jeffrey WentworthProtein kinase C and calcium binding proteins in Balanus photoreceptorsImmunocytochemistry; Phototransduction1995-06dissertation
15 Nabors, Charles JamesReticuloendothelial cell-steroid hormone relationshipsReticuloendothelial System - Physiology; Steroids - Physiology1965-06thesis
16 Christensen, Greg LarenRole of antizyme 3 in spermatogenesis and fertilityGenetics; Etiology2007-05dissertation
17 Zhang, HuiThe Role of PPARγ in Kidney Collecting-Duct2011-08dissertation
18 Wood, Orin LewRubidium and potassium concentrations in human blood and urine1968-08thesis
19 Schmid, Douglas IvinsShigatoxin 1 regulates vasoactive factor production by human glomerular epithelial cellsEscherichia coli infections; Hemolytic-uremic syndrome; Acute renal failure in children - Etiology2000-12dissertation
20 Guiloff, Gloria S.Structural basis for complex visual receptive fields: a study of the turtle inner retinaPhysiology1992-06dissertation
21 Smith, Carlos ShermanSurvival of skin allografts and xenografts in germfree miceSkin-grafting; Mice as laboratory animals1971-08thesis
22 Skolnick, Rita LynetteSympathetic control of intracellular pH in guinea pig ventricular myocytesCell physiology; Catecholamines1994-12dissertation
23 Eram, MojganTaste cell heterogeneity and GABA neurotransmission in facial and vagal nerve innervated taste buds of channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatusCatfish; Lingual Epithelium; Vertebrates2004-08dissertation
24 Morgan, Richard GarrettTelomere Dysfunction: Role in Arterial Aging and Hypertension2013-12dissertation
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