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1 100 electrode intracortical array: structural variability1990ir_uspaceText
2 Advanced demultiplexing system for physiological stimulation1997ir_uspaceText
3 Age-Associated Alterations to Sperm DNA Methylation and Possible Consequences on the Offspring2013-12ir_etdText
4 Analysis of the facilitation of excitatory transmitter release at the crayfish neuromuscular junction1968-08ir_etdText
5 Binding, uptake, and release of L-glutamate and related compounds in the brain : comparisons between DBA and C57 mice.1997-12ir_etdText
6 The Changes in Calcium Ion Activity During Communication, Development, and Normal Function of the Olfactory System2014-05ir_etdText
7 Characterization of the Genetic and Epigenetic Status of Fertile and Fertile Men2011-05ir_etdText
8 Classification of cat ventrolateral spinal axons and their response to an itch-producing stimulus (cowhage).1987-12ir_etdText
9 Coding of position by simultaneously recorded sensory neurones in the cat dorsal root ganglion2004ir_uspaceText
10 Control of retinal sensitivity. I. Light and dark adaptation of vertebrate rods and cones1974ir_uspaceText
11 Cross-species comparison of metabolite profiles in chemosensory epithelia: an indication of metabolite roles in chemosensory cells2008-04ir_uspaceText
12 Does choice moderate the effects of received social support on cardiovascular reactivity?2013-12ir_etdText
13 Effects of background illumination on the photoresponses of red and green cones1979ir_uspaceText
14 Effects of calcium ions on L-type horizontal cells in the isolated turtle retina1990ir_uspaceText
15 Effects of GABA and related drugs on horizontal cells in the isolated turtle retina1990ir_uspaceText
16 Electrophysiological studies of acquired epilepsy after perinatal hypoxia-ischemia2016ir_etdText
17 Encoding mechanisms for sensory neurons studied with a multielectrode array in the cat dorsal root ganglion2004ir_uspaceText
18 Evidence for multiple signaling pathways in single squid olfactory receptor neurons2007-03ir_uspaceText
19 Functional reorganization of primary visual cortex induced by electrical stimulation in the cat.2005ir_uspaceText
20 Gut endoderm is involved in the transfer of left-right asymmetry from the node to the lateral plate mesoderm in the mouse embryo2012-01-01ir_uspaceText
21 Ionic currents in cultures horizontal cells isolated from white bass retinas1990-08ir_etdText
22 Is it not just for me to do what i will with mine own? Redressing the egalitarian's pareto dilemma2014-05ir_htoaText
23 Long-term stimulation and recording with a penetrating microelectrode array in cat sciatic nerve2004ir_uspaceText
24 Membrane resting and action potentials from single myelinated nerve fibers.1950ir_etdText
25 Mobility performance with a pixelized vision system1992ir_uspaceText
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