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1 Modulation of biogenic amine enzymes1980-06ir_etdText
2 Effects of physiological alterations and pharmacological agents on maximal electroshock seizure pattern and recovery time1955-06ir_etdText
3 Drug modification of chloride transport in the choroid plexus- cerebrospinal fluid system of the rat1986-06ir_etdText
4 Intracellular acid-base metabolism of rat smooth and skeletal muscle1965-08ir_etdText
5 Evaluation of adverse drug reaction reporting systems1984-06ir_etdText
6 A controlled study of the impact of a poison prevention education program on parental awareness and behaviors1981-08ir_etdText
7 Exploratory indicators of drug information needs among elderly spouse caregivers: a community oriented needs assessment1988-06ir_etdText
8 The identification of patient beliefs realtive to durg education needs on a rehabilitation unit1985-06ir_etdText
9 A retrospective review of calcium channel blocker poisonings for the calendar year 19841987-03ir_etdText
10 Regulation of Subcellular MRNA Localization in Striatal Efferent Neuron Subpopulations and Disruption by Methamphetamine2013-05ir_etdText
11 Cocaine-induced hepatotoxicity1979-06ir_etdText
12 Development of a structured selection interview for staff pharmacists1985-06ir_etdText
13 Adaptation of the protein kinase filter paper assay to a 96-well microtiter format.1999-02-01ir_uspaceText
14 Identification of the substrate and pseudosubstrate binding sites of phosphorylase kinase gamma-subunit.1995-03-31ir_uspaceText
15 Effects of deletions in the central helix of calmodulin on enzyme activation and peptide binding.1989-05-15ir_uspaceText
16 Protein synthesis directed by DNA phage messengers.1967-09-01ir_uspaceText
17 Serum and macular responses to antioxidant supplementation verus a carotenoid-rich dietary intervention in the elderly.2006-02-01ir_uspaceText
18 Characterization of the calmodulin-binding and catalytic domains in skeletal muscle myosin light chain kinase.1995-09-15ir_uspaceText
19 Characterization of the regulatory domain of the gamma-subunit of phosphorylase kinase. The two noncontiguous calmodulin-binding subdomains are also autoinhibitory.1995-09-22ir_uspaceText
20 C subunits binding to the protein kinase A RI alpha dimer induce a large conformational change.2004-04-30ir_uspaceText
21 Effects of weak extremely low frequency magnetic fields on calcium/calmodulin interactions.1996-06ir_uspaceText
22 Validity of carbon tetrachloride-induced liver damage and nephrectomy as biological procedures for determining fate and excretion of anticonvulsant drugs.1958ir_etdText
23 The pharmacology of anticonvulsant drug combinations.2008-02-01ir_etdText
24 Localization and characterization of dopamine D-1 receptors in the central nervous system.1986-06ir_etdText
25 Interaction of calcium and local anesthetics with skeletal muscle microsomes1969-08ir_etdText
1 - 25 of 216