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1 MyD88 play a pivotal role in host defense to lyme disease and relapsing fever Borreliair_etdText
2 Study of the antigenicity and antiseptic properties of chloroform and bromoform substituted products of otho-mata- and parachlorobenzaldenydeparachlorobenzaldenyde1940ir_etdText
3 Effect of testosterone and methy-testosterone on the creatine, creatinine and guanidoacetic acid levels of plasms and urine1948-06ir_etdText
4 Relationship of the spleen to the cellular elements of the blood, and subsequent finding of a leukopenic substance in inflammatory tissue.1950ir_etdText
5 Nutrition of candida albicans, cryptococcus neoforms, and blastomyces dermatitidis1950ir_etdText
6 Study of mouse brain phosphates after infection with Japanese B virus1950ir_etdText
7 Local immunity.1951ir_etdText
8 A correlation of the bacterial flora of the nasopharynx and the urinary tract to "Bacterial Allergy."1951ir_etdText
9 Mechanism of virulence and inhibition of influenza type (A) virus during mouse and egg adaptation.1951ir_etdText
10 Comparison of the biochemical and oxidative reactions of aureomycin-resistant and aureomycin-sensitive strains of micrococcus pyogenes var. aureus1952ir_etdText
11 Study of the mechanism of synthesis of Ethyl Acetate by Hansenula Anomala1952ir_etdText
12 Aspects of the relationship between irradiation injury and mammalian host defenses.1954ir_etdText
13 Experimental studies on bone marrow hypoplasia associated with drug administration1954-06ir_etdText
14 Neurotropic virus growth and nature of effect on host tissue phosphates1955ir_etdText
15 Concentration of acid-fast bacilli with water-insoluble liquids1956-08ir_etdText
16 Feasibility of propagating poliovirus in non-primate tissues1956-08ir_etdText
17 Aspects of the ingestive and cytopeptic action of phagocytes.1957-03ir_etdText
18 Primary interaction of poliovirus with host cells of tissue culture origin1958ir_etdText
19 Phosphatase activity in normal and virus infected tissue culture systems1958-08ir_etdText
20 Chemical, serologic and skin test activities of polysaccharides extracted from Histoplasma capsulatum and Blastomyces dermatitidis1958-08ir_etdText
21 Properdin system in host resistance1959-08ir_etdText
22 Improved method of isolating brucellosis organisms from blood clots utilizing the membrane filter1960-06ir_etdText
23 Experimental tularemia in wild animals.1960-08ir_etdText
24 Penicillin resistant staphylococci inoculum effect1961-03ir_etdText
25 Certain immunological responses of wild rodents and laboratory animals following challenge with Pasteurella tularensis.1961-05ir_etdText
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