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1 Phenolic components from the leaves of the Ginkgo tree (Ginkgo biloba L)1968-05ir_uspaceText
2 An experiment in using interactive computer graphics in teaching transient transmission-line theory1970ir_uspaceText
3 A computer graphics method for solving transcendental equations1970ir_uspaceText
4 Control of retinal sensitivity. I. Light and dark adaptation of vertebrate rods and cones1974ir_uspaceText
5 Oscillations in rod and horizontal cell membrane potential: evidence for feed-back to rods in the vertebrate retina1976ir_uspaceText
6 Mathematical description of causative factors and prevention of elevated intraocular pressure after keratoplasty1977-12ir_uspaceText
7 Effects of background illumination on the photoresponses of red and green cones1979ir_uspaceText
8 Signal transmission from red cones to horizontal cells in the turtle retina1979ir_uspaceText
9 Isolation and characterization of cGMP phosphodiesterase from bovine rod outer segments1979ir_uspaceText
10 Characterization of bovine rod outer segment G-protein1982ir_uspaceText
11 Retinal projections in tyrosinase-negative albino cats1982-07ir_uspaceText
12 Neurotransmitter properties of the newborn human retina.1983ir_uspaceText
13 Sedimentation field-flow fractionation: a method for studying particulates in cataractous lens1984ir_uspaceText
14 Inhibitors of metalloendoprotease activity prevent K+-stimulated neurotransmitter release from the retina of Xenopus laevis.1984ir_uspaceText
15 Pseudotumor cerebri and pregnancy.1984-06ir_uspaceText
16 Light-dependent changes in G-protein binding to ROS membranes in intact Bufo retinas1986ir_uspaceText
17 Biochemical characterization of the retinoid isomerase system of the eye1987ir_uspaceText
18 Cranial magnetic resonance imaging in eclampsia.1987-09ir_uspaceText
19 Neural organization of the retina of the turtle Mauremys caspica: a light microscope and Golgi study1988ir_uspaceText
20 CT and hemifacial spasm.1988-07ir_uspaceText
21 Cloning and sequence analysis of the major outer membrane protein genes of two Chlamydia psittaci strains1989ir_uspaceText
22 Signal integration at the pedicle of turtle cone photoreceptors: an anatomical and electrophysiological study1989ir_uspaceText
23 Segregation and overlap of callosal and association neurons in frontal and parietal cortices of primates: a spectral and coherency analysis.1989ir_uspaceText
24 Significance of CT and MR findings in sphenoid sinus disease.1989-05ir_uspaceText
25 Human interstitial retinoid-binding protein. Gene structure and primary structure1989-05-15ir_uspaceText
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