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1 Age wave is here : the aging of the baby boomers November 20102010-08ir_uspaceText
2 Bereavement stress and coping among older adults: expectations versus the actual experience1992ir_uspaceText
3 Changes in aerobic power, body composition, and exercise adherence in obese, postmenopausal women, 6 months post-exercise training1996ir_uspaceText
4 Dangerous spaces: Using geographic information systems in injury research2007-08ir_uspaceText
5 Effect of exercise and/or fitness education on fitness in older, sedentary, obese women1996ir_uspaceText
6 Effects of widowhood on disabled older women (the women's health and aging study)*2005-01-01ir_uspaceText
7 Exploring the caregiver burden inventory (CBI): further evidence for a multidimensional view of burden1996ir_uspaceText
8 Future directions in adult bereavement research1998ir_uspaceText
9 Identifying elderly with coping difficulties after two years of bereavement1985ir_uspaceText
10 Impact of bereavement on the self-conceptions of older surviving spouses1986ir_uspaceText
11 Improving geriatric drug therapy.1987-10ir_uspaceText
12 Older bereaved spouses' participation in self-help groups1992ir_uspaceText
13 Promoting self-care and daily living skills among older widows and widowers: evidence from the Pathfinders demonstration project2004-09-01ir_uspaceText
14 Sampling, recruitment, and retention in a bereavement intervention study: experiences from the living after loss project2010ir_uspaceText
15 Sleep patterns in older bereaved spouses2003-11-01ir_uspaceText
16 Toward the development of an inventory of daily widowed life (IDWL): guided by the duel process model of coping with bereavement2007-07ir_uspaceText
17 Transitions of care: Optimal communication between hospital and hospice2007ir_uspaceText
18 When the unexpected happens: husbands coping with the deaths of their wives2001ir_uspaceText
1 - 25 of 18